Violence Vol. 2

by The Death Of A Modernist

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Hey friends.

This is the second release of 'The Death Of A Modernist - Violence' mix tape volumes which is dedicated to showcasing 'aggressive hardcore punk' driven artists.

I just want to say a massive thank you to all the amazing artists who agreed to participate in this project and to all the followers of my blog. You guys rule.

I hope you all enjoy Violence Vol. 2. Please spread the word, download and share this mix tape with all your friends.

Lastly... if you enjoy any of these artists, please do support them. Any little gesture will go a long way. They are all amazingly talented and deserve your attention.

Stay Rad.



released July 28, 2014

Cover Artwork :: Uncharted Maps




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The Death Of A Modernist South Africa

Founded MMXIV.

Underground music source for the kids.


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Credits resume again on the 28th of each month.

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Track Name: The Afternoon Gentlemen - Mind On The Grind
Wake up sick, thirsty and cold,
Feel old but won’t make old bones.

Sands of time grind slow and fine,
Boredom bites we mark our time,
Worn out shells with faces grey,
Bodies starting to decay.
Some time soon we’ll rue the day,
Groundhog life, just one escape –
One thing keeps us going on...
Drown your mind until it's gone.

First thirst grows,
Then you lose your self control,
Afflicted, addicted,
Unclear thoughts,
All you crave is more and more,
Reckless in excess and fucked...
Beaten brains, filthy stains,
Collapsed veins, no more pain.

Drink long and deep,
This moment cannot last for long
This poisoned chalice
Kills the body salves the soul.

Hopelessly finite,
Last pennies spent,
Nowt left to burn,
Soon sober lament,
All renounce it,
Sickness repent,
Mind on the grind,
Tomorrow again.
Track Name: ANF - Shit For Breakfast
Every morning I hope you choke
While you’re eating your hate for breakfast

Your hate is fucking shit!

Screaming about hate but only thing
I can hear is fucking shit

Your hate is fucking shit!

Thinking you’re a rebel
Serving and protecting
What you claim to hate!
Track Name: Anti-Diktatur - Bastardos
Aquí vienen los punkis de Bogotá
A criticar esta música "europea"
Diciendo que somos ricos de mierda
¡Por no seguir tocando agua panela!

Bastardos del Dei-bid
Herederos de la guerra
Inspirados por el demonio
Y por múltiples borracheras

Mísero podrido, vamos a comenzar
¡El maldito punk no nació acá!
Ricos son los que gobiernan
¡Los que se ríen de sus estúpidas quejas!

Bastardos del Dei-bid
Herederos de la guerra
Inspirados por el demonio
Y por múltiples borracheras
Track Name: Black Mask. - Profound Illusion
You led us here down the path of woe.
Heads out bowed in shame.
Ghosts as real as the night.
Forever cold, forever nothing.

There is no coming home.
I am one with the void.
Profound illusion forever eternal.
Face the fire.

Carved from earth, my life is finally my own.
I took my last breath but I'm still alive

There is no coming home.
I am one with the void.
Profound illusion forever eternal.
Face the fire.
Track Name: Bleach Bath - Herbicide
spitting up bile
stumbling down a dirt road
screaming for the pain to stop
stuck in death or destitute
nursing on mothers poisoned milk
all alone
surrounded by familiar corpses
"to spare you is not profit,
to destroy you is no loss"
each limb each face
each pulse each name
children to blame
Track Name: Brigada King Kong - Juventud Natas Kaupa
Sin control por la ciudad
solo quieren patinar
las ruedas sobre el cemento
ya las puedes escuchar

No trates de detenerlos
porque no lo lograras!
Ellos vienen preparados
todo lo van a arrasar!

Solo quedan dos opciones
patinar o patinar
vamos ya decide rapido
las calles esperando estan.
Track Name: CAGE Grind Noir - Vampire's Kiss
You could say I had a difficult day yesterday. Misfiled! How could somebody misfile
something so important. The work just never goes away. Its too late, too late, its
all too late. I'M A VAMPIRE. Kill me, I know I am. I'M A VAMPIRE. What a beautiful
name to go with such a forgettable face
Track Name: Chulo - El Desparche Es Una Jaula
Otra vez estoy acá/ No quiero estar acá/ Sin nada por hacer/ Malgastada/ Una rutina/ Es mi vida/ ¡Puto desparche de la mierda!
Track Name: Collision - Satanic Surgery
Putting on the sterile gloves
Just to piss the Christians off
I got approval from above

Sex change operation
New creation

Lucifer has sent me
He says that you need surgery
I’ve got the perfect remedy

Genital Hospital
All new physical
You’re still bangable

Reshape! Miracles don’t come cheap
Bloodbath! Behold my masterpiece

Satanic surgery!
Satanic surgery
Track Name: Council of Rats - Burning Love
Burning love wearing thin
We all choose when to begin
When to forget
Who to condemn
Who will be next
When to regret

I have no hope
I have no

Burning love wearing thin
We all loose could you believe
The broken heart is giving up
Is caving in is crashing down

Just like our confidence facing a 90mph full stop

Burning love wearing thin
We all choose when to begin
A song to cheer
A hand to fear
And open letters
For you to hear

Coming up from the urban wrecks
All our failing aspirations sing

This is only damaged tissue
These are only open wounds
Track Name: HARM DONE - Let Down
Blaming them for what they say
Insulting them for their actions
Blaming them for who they are
Insulting them for their actions

Don't take pride in it
You're the one to blame here
'Cause you're just the same

I won't let you fucking talk
Do as I say, not as I do

You're not just a sheep
You're the biggest prick
Track Name: Hello Bastards - Environmental Holocaust
Decimating all natural resources
The pillage of this planet
We are facing an environmental holocaust!

We are facing an environmental holocaust
Wiping out forests, contaminating the whole earth

There is no end
For our brainless greed!

There is no end
For our brainless greed!
Track Name: Lamplighter - Arcadian Waters
Parasitic, hungering, plaguing me, forcing me to mold, Forced to grow, force ld to live, forced to die, Fade into nothing
Pray for Something
the faces of empty lives led astray They say we are Below the rest, We are born to fail
the existing, by definition
We're born, we're scorned
we walk the path of the damned.
Track Name: Let It Die - Boredom/Inertia
Still life
Progress halts
Frozen time
Failing man

Still life
Progress halts
Frozen time
Failing man

This is the standard we've set
This state, such bliss
No longer negatives
This law, all we know


No grave

The belief that we're immortal only brings us closer to death
No grave

The belief that we're immortal only brings us closer to death

The slow collapse of our conscience brings forth the fallacy of freedom
Track Name: Los de Afuera - Huir
Ya no quiero estar acá,
quiero huir de este lugar,
quiero irme ya

Me oprimen, me reprimen
me obligan a rezar,
quiero irme ya

Deseo poder escapar,
mis cadenas destrozar,
incendiar todo el lugar
y encontrar la libertad

Ya no quiero estar acá,
quiero huir de este lugar,
quiero irme ya
Track Name: Odioso Dios - Oda Al Alcohol
alcohol que alivia el dolor
en todo momento
como cuando nos enredamos
y nos caemos
menos mal que estamos ebrios
sino estariamos
Track Name: Osvaldo Laport - Machocore
Cantan en ingles intentando rozar la fama
Se sacan muchas fotos poniendo caras malas
se visten con ropas que solo sigan su moda
mucho metal en su música no me produce nada

Pose pose pose, es lo unico que tenes
ese hardcore metalico trucho se repite una y otra vez

Te sentis muy hardcore pero olvidas la ideología,
nada de hazlo tu mismo queres tu ghetto fascista
llegar al estrellato imitando a biohazard
lo nuestro es hardcore con pasión, hardcore de pico y pala

en tus poses sos cabrón, pero en tu mente no tenes nada
sos un conejo creyendote león, y de leon solo tenes la jaula
te haces el sufrido, sos un facho recentido,
pura pose es lo que sos en tu mente no tenes nada.

que macho sos...que macho sos....que macho sos...
Track Name: Purge. - Martyr
what’s it like to be stuck with a needle
or wet your finger in a still warm wound?
you'd wrap your head around a .357
to entertain the thought of being alive.
another fucking coward.
Track Name: Pushed Away - Slam This
Turn the light off
Late at night I go.
My spray can is my gun.
these walls are where I write my message.
i see, the canvas is my world.
spreading my message of what's inside.
Track Name: Ravage Ritual - Fortress
Through the walls
Of the fortress of my heart
Into my deepest fears
Into my heart unspoken

For the dark of my soul
Will never be in light
Please dig

Through the walls
Of the fortress of my heart
To truly know me
To truly love

For the dark of my soul
Will never be in light

If there’s a light that could live in here
Please find me and let it in
When you find me let the light in
Track Name: Reasonist - Empty​-​Handed
Constantly betraying us
We pay in our youth,
trusting in getting disbursed a future

But in the end we stand alone and empty-handed
Faced with the ruins of our ideals
Track Name: Scream Puff - Hatemonger
return to your heathen womb
let the flames begin to soothe
your excommunication tomb
six feet under brush and bloom

gaze upon his kingdom
purgatory outside
systematic purging
vomit in the pulpit

ill picket your grave with blank signs and silence
the world is no longer a victim to your verbal violence

fvck westboro baptist church and you
now who is the victim its u
alone in the gutter
stupid møtherfvcker
rot in fvcking hell
Track Name: Seventh Circle - Blind Slaves
Doomed to enslavement.
Victims of our time.
We all serve no purpose.
We all live a lie.

Condemned since birth.
To follow not to lead.
You're actions don't matter.
Cause they control your deeds.

Take a look at the world outside.
we're all puppets. We're all fucking blind.
Track Name: SICKMARK - Poisoned Love
what means love to you - getting married - fail - with the blessing of god - and the approval of the state - is your love that weak - don't talk about romance in this act of red tape
Track Name: Skingraft - Executed
Frozen bones, Broken Soul
Growing glaciers in my veins,
Icepicks in my fucking brains,
Winter's gripping my sanity,
Bathe in the misanthropy,
They will choke on their words,
Slinging stones to kill the birds,
Their frost-bit wings cease to fly,
Broken limbs; forced decline,
Broken bones, frozen soul
Born dead
Track Name: Slowly We Rot - Solitary Realm
Faith isn't fed by trust, it's the hope for humanity to be human and that's why you always lost. Everyone has a prosthetic face, it's only waiting.

Your blood starts to boil, your guts start to melt.
As the feeling to be alone compels you.

The solitude can bring no harm, cause everyone dies alone.
Track Name: Starved Out - MDM
Capitalist! Take your selfish dreams and go
Or meet your end, face down in the snow

Total control
Violent upheaval
You paid for this
And got what you deserved

Sexist! Spineless worthless child
Community picks up your slack
As the world continues to grow
In spite of you
The world continues to grow
In spite of you
The world continues to grow
The masters of science will change your mind!

Rotten world
Spoiled outlook
Chained to the gutter, breathing in fumes
Troglodyte, primate
Vicious, unkind
Now I seethe your hatred,
Up to the gills.
The sewer is my home.
Chained to the gutter, breathing in fumes
Track Name: TEEF - Quiet Life
Tired, so tired, of being strong. Don't want this anymore. It’s all too much, I want a quiet life. Don't deserve this pressure, so self centred. Is this true? I only care about myself. Why can’t I see? Tell me I’m wrong. I fucked up, so I can hate myself. I fucked up, just so I can feel. Want to hate myself, I want to hate myself. It consumes my chest, my heart and my head.
Track Name: Teething - We Were Friends
Oh, new smartphone? Very nice
Oh, wait, but I don't give a shit

'Cause we are having dinner,
We are having beer
We are having dinner
Stupid and rude

Oh, new smartphone? Very nice
Next time, I will grab a kitchen knife and stab your neck
Track Name: TORSO - Machine
I never said I could take so much pressure
cannot work for all your greed
a trophy to show while I bleed
I'm not a cog in your machine
Track Name: War Wolf - Legalized Love
Crushing the ways of the old, leaving them out in the cold. Their arrogance taking its toll, re-claiming the rights to my soul. No tolerance. No way! It’s criminal, your hate. Spat on in so many ways, taken shit from the start of my days. Finally rising above, finally legalized love. The downfall of bigotry. Common sense sets us free. Thriving on the stupid, filling them with lies. Evil people do this, to conquer and divide. Freedom. Love. Freedom. Love.