Verses Vol. 1

by The Death Of A Modernist

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Whats up friends.

This is the twenty eighth release from 'The Death Of A Modernist' and the first of the 'Verses' volumes which is dedicated to showcasing 'hip-hop' and 'rap' infused artists.

I would like to give a very big 'thank you' to all the artists who agreed to participate in this project and to each of you for taking the time to listen.

I hope you all enjoy listening to Verses Vol. 1. Please spread the word, download and share this mix tape with all of your friends.

Lastly... if you enjoy any of these artists, please do support them. Any little gesture will go a long way. They are all amazingly talented and deserve your attention.




released January 28, 2016

Cover Artwork :: Uncharted Maps




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The Death Of A Modernist South Africa

Founded MMXIV.

Underground music source for the kids.


FREE music always. DO NOT PAY if credits run out.

Credits resume again on the 28th of each month.

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Track Name: Billy Woods - The Big Nothing
Track Name: Bloodmoney and Morbidly-O-Beats - Self Destruction (ft. Bloodmoney & Blu)
Track Name: BRZOWSKI - The Ghost of Route 44

Verse 1

And there is a portion of person, that never goes away
they are kept in sinews imprinted in memorials to consolidate
Turn a blinder eye, because it’s all in your mind
Not one carbonari survives on a long enough timeline
I said to no soul but self rolling down post-turnpike pavement
was late winter, last leaves fallen, no food for wooly aphids
Converse with myself often when driving missionary in the nighttime
To keep company with thoughts aloud, turn on a dime where black ice lives

After we came to the conclusion tomorrow would be a sufferbus exhibit
Then was a faint flutter far left in misty peripheral vision
swerve right to avoid what was perceived as collision
but no bucks or does, raccoons or…. neglected children
Steady the wheel, steady the nerves, take another swill
And I will, hit the high beams and wipers imbibing my fill
It’s surreal, I thought I saw a familiar shape at that last intersection
It looked familiar, but not familiar, this was in fact my perfect reflection


I'm the ginger-ish ghost hitchhiking route 44
thumbing a lift up and down a curs-ed road
I’m that famous apparition haunting Rte. 44
Pull over man, give me a lift, I’m headed home

I’m the red flannel ghost hitchhiking route 44
thumbing a lift up and down a curs-ed road
I’m that famous apparition haunting Rte. 44
Pull over man, give me a lift, I’m headed home

Verse 2:

Necro luminescence, and I squinted confronted by deadlights
Trilobite wishes, reaction time, just trying to survive
By now I was nervous, putting the pedal down and processing
Was that a drifter, an animal, or an unwelcome hallucination
Shook the drugs off, peel that haze with louder music and u-turn singalong
magnetized, I needed a second-look at doppelganger vagabond
And so I sped back into the freezing fog wanting to feed my eyes
Exhilarated, but self-assured this was chemicals+imagination, right?

I turned up David Allan Coe, singing a song for older crows
No bag limit, I jumped bail and borrowed car to hit a pig-roast
Now wishing salted baths weren’t drafted as easily as keystones
Freetown state forest plinking beer bottles ricocheted off janky fence-posts
Suppose i could recall a sordid tale for every single night
til I forgot it all seeing myself off-white beyond blown stoplight
And as gas mashed all that I was came flooding back, deep exhale
And The last thing that went through my mind after the dash was the... guard rail


I'm the ginger-ish ghost hitchhiking route 44
thumbing a lift up and down a curs-ed road
I’m that famous apparition haunting Rte. 44
Pull over man, give me a lift, I’m headed home

I’m the red flannel ghost hitchhiking route 44
thumbing a lift up and down a curs-ed road
I’m that famous apparition haunting Rte. 44
Pull over man, give me a lift, I’m headed home
Track Name: Carl Kavorkian - Carpe Jugulum
Track Name: Ceiling Demons - Even If
:: EVEN IF ::

Even if I don't see you I still feel you,
Through the doom & gloom of a lonely evening,
Brought on by self isolation, this is my final confession,
That leads to redemption,
Set by impressions from certain songs, like hymns,
Marley spoke about freedom,
So won't you help to sing,
It's all I ever had in the beginning.
Even if I pissed into the abyss,
The love I shared would fade away & break to bits
But so will all of this.
Sad times pass just like happiness.
Even if I don't say that I love you,
You better believe that this is true.
I may never see you again
But one day we shall meet beyond the moon...

The sands of time spill through our lives,
We close our eyes. We say goodbye.
You have your own hand to hold, explore this world.
Tear drops fall.
What’s it all for? Is this the poison of is this the cure?
Endure as much as you can until you can no longer stand.
Love, it’s unplanned. Whatever happened?
Confront or get caught killing the man.
Demons demand. Do we understand?
Blood on our hands, love in the sand.
Exist past the distance that we imprisoned
And please dream with conviction.
I would fly to the other side just to be by your side,
And I would fly to the other side even if my love had died,
And we will thrive through these dual sides,
But you cannot avoid, creation destroyed,
Truth is we’re all going to die.
Track Name: Cornelius The Third - Time of Dying
Track Name: Darko The Super - Jack's Raging Bile Duct

Your most amazing rhyme couldn’t tell me nothing
Whole nations have died inside my belly button
That’s just me stunting
Why they fronting on me
God put me in the river I’m gonna let them see
Who’s the realest in the game?
Filled with all this pain
They put me down but I still remain
Chained to the ways I’m a slave to my brain
Waves of the sea
Play me the beat
Make it all up
Raking em in
Save me a cup of all the sin
Busted my fin
You suckers are dim
I seen the light but I shut my eyes
Through the puppet skies
I emerge
I am a verb, I am a species of habit
You’ll never see me in action

Dazed go bye
Wait in the rye
Waves in the sky
Too late for mine

They treat me like shit
I smashed my head with a brick
I’ll take this .38 put it to my dirty face
Another murder case
Hurdy Gurdy Man
Keep the words in his hand
Fate written on his knuckles
As he writes the beat chuckles
Riding with no seat buckle
Flying out the window
While you were in that limo
I was in the cop car
Heaven’s close and hell is not far
I ain’t gonna die like a rockstar
I’m Neil Perry
I barely feel

Don’t push me cos I’m close to the red
I’m trying to get out of bed

Broke my spine on her mind
I’m hanging from the vine
I’m landing in the sea
Toothache of the century
What will you face eventually
I pray for me to be with you
I’m sleeping in the goo

Dazed go bye
Wait in the rye
Waves in the sky
Too late for mine
Track Name: Dinosaur Burps - Doomlurker
Track Name: D R O N E S - I Am Not A Plane

I am not alone
I can feel the wind
I listen to it sing
Underneath my wing,
Shadows cast and scattered nice
I am a creature of the sky
so I never learned to crawl
But I will see it all
Until I lay my head to rest.
Until the day I go to sleep
With poisoned arrows in my teeth
I will crash into the sea
I will drown in gasoline
but I am not a plane.
I am not a plane.
A little out of control…
I am not a plane

I have lost my bearings.
Get me a mechanic.
Please nobody panic.
Take me to the ATM
I’m a friend of logic
Trapped in mathematics
Laughing like a lunatic
I am not an atom bomb
I’m not from around here
But it doesn’t matter
I obey the protocol
I am not a laboratory
I am planting roses in the spring

Polite society has got a smile for every front page
It’s been awhile since I slept in on Sundays
I got this information tucked away in my briefcase
I know my ordinance better than I know my father’s face
I’ve always dreamed about getting paid to play video games
These days I’m living the dream and I’m dreaming about my next pay raise
I dream about a swimming pool, perched between two birch trees
I dream about many things, I’m fascinated by currency

This electrical output kind of reminds me of that clockwork
I got my protocol. No politics. No job search.
And I know we’re a little bit out of control.
We’ll kill anything that moves from our hot air balloons.
We recover moon rock.
We have beautiful tin foil hats.
Track Name: E. Grizzly - The Wake Up
Track Name: ialive - Samurai Blues
Track Name: Impervious Machine - Get Your Headphones Wet
Track Name: jamesreindeer - الدير
:: THE MONASTERY (الدير) ::
Track Name: JE double F - Song For The Sleep Deprived
Track Name: Lamon Manuel and Analog(ue) Tape Dispenser - Paper Cups (ft. Collasoul Structure / Annie Burns)
Track Name: Liminal MC - Beast's Name


the beat's name, the beasts name isn't what matters
its not what shatters, this beast's existence
just need distance, just need resistance
the beat's name, the beast's name isn't what matters
its not what shatters, don't need a detective
detail irrespective, just need perspective

the beasts name, the beasts name's unknown
I'm able to tame, to tame, although
where it came, where it came from not shown
no fame or name, of origin or home
searchin alone, probing the known, unturning stones
locate the abode, the resting zone
where it starts its roam to venture into me the mystery is not the priority
lost cause liable to bother me make mockery so now I just leave it
coz my sanity I wanna keep it, make peace with it,
despite the puzzle of its past and my deep dark fantasies cast
coz the way to get the questions asked will blasts the benefit of the task
had to learn the lesson of acceptance
the sobering scent of its essence allows me to be present
disarm the weapons of a personal penance
free from a self given sentence
got the choice to construct anything, from the remnants
but I'm still reluctant to hear a positive message

the beat's name, the beasts name isnt what matters
its not what shatters, this beast's existence
just need distance, just need resistence
the beat's name, the beast's name isnt what matters
its not what shatters, dont need a detective
detail irrespective, just need perspective
the beasts name the beast name has grown
I'm able to tame, to tame it less though
I'm almost done with the original so
maybe I'm a bit further on
its long past where I was at least
now to face this switch of theme, another twist in this mystery
feel like a tormented director that can only switch to another scene
always ending to begin again, and never finished
and so death become just another tragic image
with no point to wish it
on yourself or other actor on lifes stage
infinite regression of flaws
endless trap doors to a non existent core
does that even explain?
this current state of pain
terrified by what looks like eternity stretched before me
by how it looks like its purposefully meant to lure me
into a fat trap to store me, the outline of which draws me perfectly
all you'd have to do is chase and trace this to understand what I can't express verbally
Track Name: Mass Hollow - I Hope Everything Is OK
Track Name: Mr Phormula - Dyna sut da ni'n byw (ft. Dybl L / E​-​Ratik)
Track Name: NOISE LOCK - Paranoid
Track Name: Raymond Strife - Mission Statement
Track Name: Sleep Beggar - Coloured In Demons
Track Name: Snailmate - Suture Self
Track Name: Static Brothers - Prodigal Apex Predator
Track Name: Stillborn Identity - How We Cope (ft. and prod by Joey Smooth)
Track Name: Wade Wilson - Forest Fires