The Dissonant Choir Vol. 2

by The Death Of A Modernist

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Hey friends.

This is the second release of 'The Death Of A Modernist - Dissonant Choir' mix tape volumes which is dedicated to showcasing chaotic, noisy and dissonant driven artists.

I would like to send a big 'thank you' to all the amazing artists and labels who agreed to participate in this project. I'm seriously blown away by all the interest and talent received. I also want to thank the followers of my blog for all the support. You guys rule so much!!

I hope you all enjoy The Dissonant Choir Vol. 2. Please spread the word, download and share this mix tape with all your friends.

Lastly... if you enjoy any of these artists, please do support them. Any little gesture will go a long way. They are all amazingly talented and deserve your attention.

Stay Rad.



released November 10, 2014

Cover Artwork :: Uncharted Maps




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The Death Of A Modernist South Africa

Founded MMXIV.

Underground music source for the kids.


FREE music always. DO NOT PAY if credits run out.

Credits resume again on the 28th of each month.

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Track Name: Accident Prone - Death Rattle
write me off this whole fucking game is sick
you all know the devil he's a mutual friend
and he's got what you need to meet your ends

'cause when the price of life is so low don't seem no thing to sell your soul
that's just the way it is and that's everything that we've ever known
they'll put your mind to the grind and they'll work your fingers to the bone
do you really believe that do you think that they're on your side
when you know it's our blind minds that allow their kind to continue to thrive
they've got no value for life
it's time, open up your eyes and realize we've been left behind

and nobody fucking cares when everyday brings a new way to waste our time

"reality" TV "in touch" magazines you've got to be fucking kidding me
distribute dissolution on every page
you're so goddamn desperate just to relate
hypnotized by the mainstream
please tell me more about all your bling
they've got you subdued you're living in a dream
oh what i'd do to give you a fucking taste of reality

heart-felt rebel don't let them sound your death rattle

the futures not what it seems watch as ignorance reigns and dividing lines define everything and i've done some thinking to myself and I realize that life is compromise 'cause you got to play the game to beat it.
Track Name: ADED - Bottom Feeding Frenzy
Part mind part Truth distorted
Creation on abstract foundations
Of Man and Man
Managing themselves
Tearing, Bones and Nerves

Quick to turn on the hand that doesn't feel
For rats are only tame in prosperity
I'll run faster than lightning can catch me
The golden-dressed field can't be worn no more
And I'll feed, I'll feed on your dreams

Those severed heads
Can't roll forever
And I want to feel the red tide again
In its Feeding Frenzy
As I will turn again on you
Who stood apart
Knitting Fields of Gold

I Broke the Crown, I was given a Flag to bear
Made by a thousand fingers
This march
Bearing arms, weary and fatigued

I will reorganize the world on principles of material Enlightment
That's how it is meant to be
Concentrate more and more
In empty dorms
Where they'll go feed the Machine
Living broken on the Machine x2
Track Name: The Apparatus - The Roots From Which We Hang Ourselves
This was a total destruction of human nature
Everything has a root
Everything has a stem that it grows from
Why are we so afraid of what we truly are
We must aspire to greatness,
I can no longer take this
I can no longer take this disgusting world we live in
We need to transcend to a primal state of mental plain
We shouldn't burn this bridge until we've crossed it
Revenge is a dish, bitter and cold
You will taste my revenge as this story unfolds
I will drag you down to your final resting place
among the roots and hardened soil beneath our feet
I will drag you down
Cause my anger pales in comparison to your treachery
I will drag you down
Track Name: As We Draw - Losing Ground
The further I walk, the more exhausted I get. It's leading me nowhere, it’s a waste of time. There's no way out, this can't be the end. I'm dying here in this desert. Death can't be the end but maybe our last option. It has to stop. It's my last option so please end me now. Cause when all hope is dead, everything’s torn to shreds, I wanna be dead too. Cause I drowned passion in the pain and lost myself inside the shame. I gave my friends up for sadness, and lost my love in my bitterness. I'm losing hope, I'm losing time, I'm losing faith, I'm losing ground.
Track Name: Blind Tiger - Bandit Fear
Bring your frail heart to my hands.
I am the one with the plan.
Won't you trust me with the knife?
Won't you trust me with your life?

Bring it here!

Lay down here, show me what you know.

Bring your frail heart to my hands.
I am the one with the plan.
Won't you trust me with the knife?
Won't you trust me with your life?

Don't be afraid to be true.
Don't be afraid to be you.

Don't you be afraid to be true, don't you be afraid!
Track Name: Captain Roselyn - Heartmatter
I cannot keep this light contained
It’s shining through the way I live

Once I was blinded,
now I see you

The more I change
the more I see

the veil is tearing
Obstructions falling

Your heart revealed
Changing from

See again
You made me see again
I can but bow

See again
You made me see again
I can but bow
to my knees

See again
You made me see again
I can but bow

In reverence
In adoration

See again
You made me see again
I can but bow
Track Name: Caravan - Young And Forgotten: I. The Wailing II. The End
I. The Wailing

I’m fading away
Blinded by fears, finally dissolving
No man will ever understand my fate for I am young and forgotten

II. The End

My body falls down
Choking in my last tears
Reliving these nightmares, again and again
I see myself burning and rotting
Leaving this world, forever and ever
Young and forgotten

I’ve faded away
From this worthless place
From this bloody life
From this endless hell
Now I’m nothing
Track Name: Cave Moth - Despised : Device
It was never enough
Pounding my chest
Spilling my guts
Lips loosed on heavens above
Making sound investments in silver tipped tongues
Here's to calling all of my bluffs
my love was lust
my blood was dust
my distrust was simply a subtle injustice of a grudge
Give them the Gospel written in riddles
Sell me scriptures of a cyclical ascent

All the wasteful wagers of saviors and the painful labors of saints
All the straining for fabled favor in the wake of an unshaken faith
Using all the words in the slow burning world we screamed our cheap beliefs
confusing our hurtful search for purpose with a reason to lose sleep
Savages and scavengers with nowhere left to run
With their baggage packed like passengers
Waiting for the Sun.
Track Name: The Central - Blackened
Life is well, promise me to hold it in
when it tears you appart, laugh when it is
too much to hold
words won't speak for you
Track Name: Code Blue Coma - Honestly, I Will Lie Again
pinpoints penetrate paper skin
I am my own master, nothing can break me
reach for my open hand
it’s a safe haven,
poisoned promises penetrate the traumatized
again and again, a thousand times
bloodshot eyes
blurry sight
one last time
pale with fright
this doesn’t feel alright
caught in illusions
a stranger to light
sedated, alone, paralyzed
Track Name: CONTWIG - With The Target Of My Knife
It's a dead end, there is no way out. Walking on this street, my blood runs cold. My mind keeps telling me that I can't step back. I stand still, muscles tensed, fists clenched. The die is cast, my choice is made. No matter how, I have already disappointed everyone. It's a dead end, there is no way out. I know I'm verging on insanity, but I keep asking myself: « Will there be enough blood shed? »
Track Name: create​.​use​.​shatter - Wolves And Vultures
We glide on vultures wings
Watching all and everything
Bodies pile up, the meal is served
While guilt depredates our body strength

The cold heart has forsaken to feel alive

I tried feeding you lies
Hoping you laughed again
I remember you with different eyes
Tears were lost in haystacks of smiles

Come on, come on, come on,
I will give you what you need
But not what you deserve
Come on, come on, come on,
Let me feed you lies now
So that you may smile again

I saved you a memory here, deep down in the coil of my gut
A piece of you staying the same
Because it is a part of me
You may go insane, trying to brake
The coldest of hearts
Track Name: Death By Nature - Water In The Lungs
Cancer tears me apart

Shades are raised

All those nights spent drinking
Smoking, burning my own self
Orders nothing for me
An eternal sunshine

The shades are faded

An anthem to decline

Scars consuming my flesh
I'm drowning
It's my body's revenge
God has left

Death is coming straight at me
I'm not waiting for it anymore
Will she love me?

Glimpsing at my daughter's face
For the last time
Glimpsing at my daughter's face
And she will forever smiles
Track Name: Death Hoax - Deadend
I won't allow this place to get over me, to be part of this
you won't find god here

now there's no escape
your end is fucking here
no one can save you here

this world is crashing down,
no one will be saved
this world is crashing down,
no one will be saved
this world is crashing down,
no one will be saved
this world is crashing down,
no one will be saved

no one
will be saved
no one

this world is crashing down,
no one will be saved
this world is crashing down,
no one will be saved
this world is crashing down,
no one will be saved
this world is crashing down,
no one will be saved

you won't find god
you won't find peace here
Track Name: Disabler - Tamas
Prayers answered
winter came
no need to waste the day
it hides from me
Another cigarette
I don't deserve this breath
to keep singing off key
in between coughing fits
review the failed attempts
shallow cuts, low doses
that for the back pages
of a story I'm tired of telling
Chase the past through these halls
sweating through my clothes
in this stagnant north end home
no love to hold
return what I've been loaned
restless blood and anxious bones
swallowed by the fold
no longer alone
let it all fade away
Track Name: Disinterest - Lapse
Spill out the ashes
Rebottle the remnants

The slow death of dreams
And the loss of memories

Unable to repaint the picture
Recapture the hue

Hands reach for the rope
One final time
Unable to kill
What was never alive
Track Name: Docilemire - Quiddity Of Forever Snow
Cherish your world,
Did you give thanks today?
Tomorrow’s gone,
Irrational thoughts bring forth demise,
Still we pretend,
The case unreal,
Mistakes are made to fall in line,
A blizzard blankets the sky,
The cross we bear,
A prelude to an ender’s world,
Consume the warmth of life,
Darkness eats us alive,
Blight… enter frost,
Frozen… withered crops,
Tribes… humanity’s lost,
Final… no civility,
What… have we become?
Monsters… we already were,
We’re rats… master collectors,
Fight… to defend our cache,
Kill… all trespassers,
Roads… of desolation,
Heal the deepened wounds,
Of forever snow,
Find that it’s too late,
It’s too far gone,
See the icy blue,
Higher… higher,
Life for a chosen few,
Life for a chosen few,
Life for a chosen few,
Life for a chosen few,
Frozen world,
Frozen world,
Frozen world,
Frozen world
Track Name: Dull Boy - So Say We All
For some, in darkness,
the idea of God is a guiding light,
a beacon to reflect upon
for strength to choose between wrong and right.

And in the name of tradition
we pass down a faith that is not innate,
to pay respect to our families,
cultivating youths to which we can relate.

Your faith may atrophy/
shadows cast upon all you see.
Should that spire come crashing down,
don't close your eyes;
you are not alone
I am godless.

Let us pray
for strength
to believe in ourselves
and achieve greatness
through determination,
to not be driven
by the fear of sin
or ostracism;

Your light is within
Track Name: EXITS - Autophobia
Subconsciously angry,
Age and circles failed
Like starving dogs.
Independently I found my way to the rocks.
Incidentally born accident prone,
Prone to buying in for more than its worth,
For believing in safe-guards.
Look at this view from here
I can see all the way down.
Look at this view from here
I can fall all the way down.
Don’t give it a name.
Streaks of shame on the pavement from where my heel’s pealed open.
Pain familiar to that of a fiend, how did I end up on this life I lead?
I think I’m prone to buying in for more than its worth.
Track Name: Failgiver - Tithe
Deceiver, you won't deceive me anymore.
Forgive me mother, but I just can't bow my head anymore.
Believers, you've left me out to dry.
Your ignorance has opened up my eyes.
They've always taught me to embrace love.
Swallow your words.
Swallow your tongue

We're so much better.
We should know better than this by now.

Your broken compass can only take you so far.
You're no better than the ones that you judge.

We are all the same, the darkest blood coursing through our veins
We are all the same, selfishness rotting our brains

You steal from the rich, turn your backs on the poor.
Force feed them your lies, so that they'll come back for more.

Practice what you preach or don't speak at all
Track Name: FAUS - (F)ranklin (P)olio (R)oosevelt
Who’s to say the architect accepted imperfection?
Smile for the, smile for the mirror.
Who’s to say the architect was right?
Dead men are better left in their books.
Skeptics predetermined.
Liars are too fragile.
The bones of holy wars -
too broken to swallow.
So I would assume much like my abandonment that
holiness can’t touch me
when spitting back its verses.
Smoke the lungs with a distraction
to roll back into an empty head.
Lo and behold:
Hell made me her saint.
The lovers would stop making love.
Aroused by the thought that they might die alone.
Our bones are ignored by only a clock.
We are unidentified by all but our teeth.
Smothered in the lines that make for an easy transition.
But no more equipped to speak.
And I don’t have the eyes to swallow.
Or the tongues to think more than once.
Beg for truth.
Like lighting a candle in hell.
Remorse is a long shot for a holy man.
The crisis cannot be adverted.
Your insolence is shit
and heaven cannot be judged.
The angels in the rafters
are better suited for the schizos.
Qualities more shallow than cleavage.
Hitting every branch on the way down.
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
Faith is rewarded with a 7th symphony.
Where was predetermination in the Garden of Eden?
I can’t feed the
rats inside my
with the termites
rotting the wood of the chapel.
God won’t stand down.
And if this seems like a Neverland.
It very much isn’t.
If you’ve been praying for the eternal,
you’re not looking in the right place.
What can you build out of nothing that you might wish to outlive?
And I’m staring into the face of the abyss.
I hear not an echo in reply.
But as fair as it may seem to fear death, it's as shameful as fearing the nothing that replies.
I know not of the other side.
My will is impermanent.
I left the hands of the divine,
I couldn’t bear to wear the rings of my only sorrow.
If I could die content today,
tomorrow’s hardly new but I’m once again afraid.
Her beauty is unbearable,
drives us to despair,
offering to us for a minute
the glimpse of an eternity
that we should like to stretch out over the whole of time.
Appease me in my reckoning.
Light the strings up to the guilty hands of judgement.
If I’m taking after heaven,
I’m as lonely as the muse that sits behind the throne.
Track Name: GOT A WOLF - Vultures
misinformation, hunger for distorted truth, abused privilege in point of view
eruptions of panic and fear, tightening ropes of allegiance
is there any antidote for poisoned quills? any cure for all broken ears?
mirror reflecting a lie, screenshots of the world I deny!

in the name of careless comfort we’ve built fastfoods of knowledge
we’ve learned to accept answers and never ask questions
so easy to be blind, it’s so easy if you won’t see
so easy to ignore false sound of melodies you like to hear

you’re drinking from glass made of shards of lucrative truth
but the only truth you’ll find in this wine is the profit of its seller
how easily you forgot that truth is something to fight for
how easily you forgot that every coin has two sides

just because you listen it doesn’t mean you hear
just because you believe it doesn’t mean it’s real
you are feeding all these vultures, they will never overdose
your life is just a cheap thrill full of empty words
full of empty words!
Track Name: Hot Basic - Basic Bitch
I am fucked
I was never ready to become what I live now
is this living or lying? am I smiling or crying?
I am the embodiment of this planet.
living through you, an extension of my subconscious, feelings - of grandeur
were we destined to all be one? if so, then why does my part feel so insignificant?
I am boring and lifeless,and I am shining and always
like I always have been and I always will be like you always were, and we'll always be
I am you and you become me.
I am history incarnate | I am all and nothing and constantly changing
I am the bile in the stomach | I am the hands that craft
we all grew and are growing | I can see us crumble
we are the wind and we are all so inappropriate
From the moment I started making memories, I was taught to fear the creator of all things. Constantly judged for all my actions, while ethically immoral paradigms were taught to me... to be unchangeable truth. Hate twisted around by tongues of preachers siphoned into my minds voice. I was taught to judge quickly and blindly listen to the orders of my peers. Question nothing... Prove you're worthy... And put your money in the basket. Convert the sinners. Convert the sinners, and do not fall for their tricks.for They will try and broaden your vision, but God needs you to keep looking at this hand. While his other hand steals you of your human instinct... To have empathy for others and seek unknown wisdom. The spirit that binds us... Our psychic connection to each other that shapes what we have become and are becoming... That is God. We are God experiencing ourselves through each other.
Track Name: Humans Etcetera - Mosquito Bite
The beginning,
candle burning
deep in the red woods
starts a fire as a stray leaf dives
off the branch of a nearby tree
and nestles by the light.

that's how you start a fire...
that's how you start a fire...

...a fire burns a leaf as leaps from a tree so dry
it burns into the night
and we nestle by the light

The campers all driving home,
none the least bit suspicious,
they rest the weary heads on a window
as the driver day dreams about
materialistic things, errands, and bills and shit.
She lives in the night!

she says goodbye,
and scratches at a mosquito bite.
Track Name: IORI - A Bed; A Casket
I like to think
That I'm filled with hate
We've become cold and selfish
It's time you hear me
Why can't someone take this away from me
You cant fix me
Don't waste your time on me
I don't I don't I don't I don't need your help
What makes you think that I would want to wake up
I just want to say fuck it
Let me rot
In my fucking mind
This weighs me down
I've fallen short again
of what they said
I can't help
that this drills through the back of my head
Why is it aways me
I've lost the affection of the ones I love
I ripped the pride out of the ones who can save me
Bitter and broken
I am left for dead
Please forget me
I never wanted this for myself
I am my own worst enemy
Choices have brought me here
Tell me why am I here
Track Name: Irk - Care Taker
Care taker.

Can you smell the carrion? Can you taste the salty earth?
Is there sadness in your house? Are you running late for work?
Are you serious?

Are you sure you're alive? Are you sure you're not dead?
Is there sadness in your face? Is there sickness in your head?
Are you serious? Are you serious?

Care taker. No.

God is a loving God and is alwaysNo.
Open your eyes and open your heart andNo.

Disengagement from the herd circumvents your every word.
Drips like honey from your chin, keeps all your babies looking thin.

Care taker.

Care taker.

I've got money. I've got bread and honey.
My devices. I've got herbs and spices.
In my shadow. I've got guns and ammo .
I've got money. I've got bread and honey.
Track Name: Lesser Animal - Survivor's Guilt
there's no difference
in pulling the wings
off flies or angels
but the weight off your shoulders
drags me down

i'll be next
Track Name: Life In Peril - Demise
destroy the foundation, and the building will fall
pull your guns out, we are going straight to war

every day i wake up with the same dream
same goal, to see you fucking bleed pig
every day i hope to see the curtains fall
and crush you under the weight of it all

and i'm not affraid of failure
we can do this over and over again

through the eye of the storm
through the eye of the needle
let's go

destroy the foundation, and the building will fall
pull your guns out, we are going straight to war

and i'm not affraid of failure
we can do this over and over again

and sooner or later
the tables will turn
and sooner or later
the masks will fall
and crush you under the weight of it all
Track Name: Marathon - Years Wasted
You took a part of me.
A part I didn't know existed.
Talk shit behind my back.
Turned all our friends against me. Why?

At least I know you can never be trusted.
At least I know who you really are.

You made me feel so empty.
Drained all the life from me.
Stole so much precious time.
How can I ever repay you now?

I want those three years back.

But I'll never get them.
Track Name: Mary Todd - Voluntary Human Extinction
It's no shame
I can find nothing


Nothing to love
More than my



Our homicidal procreation
Projects a subtle violence
In the air animals consume

(Dine you maggots!)

A contagion without repair
A manufactured aura of decay

Chapters of living
Death (Live!) created
(Long!) In (Die!) advance (Out!)
Track Name: meek is murder - Our Hope / Our Home
oh to placate
alone not erased
all this for the price of love
our past is now our best
our home is all that’s left
our hope our home
tailored, lovesick
impossible hemlines through the heart
failure of sick fantasy comforts
here we are oh no i don’t think so
our hope our home
living and breathing and being a ghost of our home
Track Name: Mongrels - Slack Jawed
I'm doing the best I can to avoid your eyes
Cuz I know if you catch mine
You'll catch the truth
It's not that I don't care
It's that I got bored
With the day in, day out routine

Bored stiff
Dull moments
Too blank
Can't bear it

Bored stiff
Dull moments
Too blank
Can't bear it

Day in, day out
Day in, day out routine
Track Name: New Vegas - Self Destruction
I've built this home
Laid this foundation down
On unstable soils
Six feet beneath the ground
I Can't help but smile now
As my face hits the ground
Filled with courage now
My eyes are falling out

I hit the bottle
To ease my stress
This bottle comes
With constant unrest
It fights my fears
But keeps me awake
It keeps me awake
Through the night

Why me?

My life hits the ground

I see the picture a beautiful structure my life laid out in maps of blue an white ill give my final plight the plight for my life ill paint the picture a bottled sacrifice

It's too late
Too late for me
It's too late
Too late for me

I've built this picture perfect creation
From An image in my head destroyed it slowly with pills and bottled sins
Ill end my life
A self sacrifice

If this
Keeps on
It won't
Ill be
Dead soon

If this
Keeps on
It won't
Ill be
Dead soon
Track Name: The Nietzsche - Maykovsky
Дай исцелую твою лысеющую голову
лохмотьями губ моих в пятнах чужих позолот.
Дымом волос над пожарами глаз из олова
дай обовью я впалые груди болот.
Ты! Нас — двое,
ораненных, загнанных ланями,
вздыбилось ржанье оседланных смертью коней.
Дым из-за дома догонит нас длинными дланями,
мутью озлобив глаза догнивающих в ливнях огней.
Сестра моя!
В богадельнях идущих веков,
может быть, мать мне сыщется;
бросил я ей окровавленный песнями рог.
Квакая, скачет по полю
канава, зеленая сыщица,
нас заневолить
веревками грязных дорог.
Track Name: No Web - Warm/Wind
How did I escape
How did I get through the gate
Was it open? It could
There's no crack in the wood

You held it with love
The knights came marching in
Fair lady don't give in
Fair lady don't give in

I think a lot about before
I think a lot about your soul
I hope it finds peace and home
A warm wind around your cold

Sometimes my mind isn't mine
'Cause you still have
Half of my heart
You did not from the start
Track Name: Polyphony - Hunted By Photon Lasers
Oh the sound of the waves
Pounds my ears s'I start to shake and sway
And all of these years, I've harbored my fears
And so my words catch in my throat
I've no retort for all those gleeful jeers

That said, I'm fucked in the head
Wounded and wrecked, I prowl the deck
My composure fixed, undaunted
Though I'm truly often haunted
Harrowed by my hopes and dreams
My muted muse whispers a scream

I am lost I can not feel my breath in my chest

Always dreaming, never doing
Seldom working, rarely trying
Thoughts of effort, my endevor
Yet my dreams I ne'er engender

My lost muse in me is shaking
My life's works in me are waiting
T'someday find themselves created
Though their birth is long belated

I bite my once golden tongue
So swallowing my songs unsung
For fear my peers will me deride
Einfach my words withdraw and hide

With each footfall
Echoing off the ship's steel walls

I am deaf to
My anguished muse's muffled calls

Though I'm desperate
To hear it's voice ring out once more

But my regrets
Bury it like a thousand stones

Ever seeking, never finding
Where in me my muse is hiding

I am lost I can not feel my breath
Inside my swollen aching chest

As the sound of the waves
Pulls me along I wonder
If the world forgives my blunders
Though their countless as the stars
And fill the gap 'tween Earth and Mars

It's the sound that my voice makes meekly
It's the sound as my hand shakes
As my words begin to trickle through

Where are you, oh my muse?
I hear it
It's the sound of a ship as it shipwrecks

Nowhere to dock, all hope is lost, nothing by rocks, nothing

Hear you, feel you

The vacuum of space extends embrace
Mem'ries unfold, of me take hold
Trapped in their midst my words are mist
As nonsense sits on my lips

Oh the thought, of creating naught, so sickens me
It's enough to blanch my skin
Coward I am find shaking my hands
Just knowing that I may become nothing in life
Wakes me, and shakes me, oh I have so much life to live

All at once the world erupts
My fears collapse at last
Oh silent night, restore my mind
Let stars align, just right
Let them shine, cast down their light

I can see, I can breathe
I can think, I can feel
My regrets, myriad
And wicked, flee my brest
My craven eyes are at last cast aside

Where to go?, What to do?
My thoughts race, as I face
Fate's warm open embrace
Now I hear my muse near
Its voice rings sch?n und clear

I finally find some closure
Knowing my pain is over
I now realize my words I held inside

My chest is breaking
Lungs on ribs are raking

Voices, our voices
Sing now as one
My words, are our words

It took too long for me to find them, divine them

I rejoice, I crumble
I shake and sway
No longer wallow

I've lived too much my life 'ther languid, or anguished
Yet now I find at last such feelings extinguished
I shake no more

I want to hold onto you my muse
You're the sound of the ship as it shipwrecks

Standing on rocks, gath'ring my thoughts, regretting naught
Track Name: Run The Wire - The Eyes
Indefinite aspirations
Continuous with our attempts
(So safely)
Steady align with the strife
(Hesitant to continue on)
with this internal conflict

What an exertion to fulfill the cure
Of my own selfishness
(I'm off)
I've had urge to abdicate
(A lonely fortune)

And I've seen such difference
from a healthy link to it
(Strenuous ties)
As it comes to mind
Whens nobility frowned upon?

I pity one who has yet taken the chance
to salvage what's left of this
Strenuous ties
As I come into this with an open mind
And a fucking memory that you left with me

Vexed with a point, to endure.
with intuition
For the only thing i could ask for
Not disconnection
But I have not asked for anything more
Probable fortune.
Now i demand nothing at all

What an exertion to fulfill the cure
Of my own selflessness
(I'm off)
I've had urge to abdicate
(A lonely fortune)

I feel no need to bring
Such difference
In this strenuous tie
As I come into this
With an open mind
There's only one memory
At a point where I'll leave you

The eyes don't see the truth
I will reap what I have seen although I haven't seen it at all
Track Name: Scranton - Guns, Bombs, And Daggers!
We were supposed to be friends.
This back and forth; it never ends.
This distance that expands the more time we seem to spend
Fixing things we always knew were broken anyway.
Forever never trusting, I don't believe a word you say.

Guns, bombs, and daggers on every slur that staggers
Out of your posh, arrogant mouth.
Guns, bombs, and daggers on every slur that staggers
Oh how you swear to god on all of your swagger!
Guns, bombs, and daggers!
Guns, bombs, and daggers!
The battle has tattered the fabric of our loyalty.

To hell with every promise!
To hell with every comment!
The biggest mistake was thinking that you were honest.
Oh, how I wish you were dead!
Oh, how I wish you were dead!
We were better off never being friends!

I'll tell you time and time again...
I'll tell you time and time again...

Stop painting pictures of doom and gloom my friend,
Or else it's going to be to the gallows with you!

To the gallows with you!
To the gallows with you!

And I will watch you hang by the neck!

How could you betray me; turn your back on what was blood!
I spilled my fucking heart out, I'm all used up!
Pray for your insolence, you worthless disease!
You won't forget the day you turned from me!

Hung by the neck for your mal intentions and your disrespect!
Hung by the neck for your mal intentions and your disrespect!
Track Name: Seizures - It Looked Like A Fire
AM's white bird peering in as I sleep. Beckoning strange company. The blue mist subsides. Helplessly supine. Expressionless eyes. Overwhelming. Fear stricken, completely paralyzed. Why was I chosen for this? Approaching entities. A conscious surgery. Extractions of the seed. At a loss for words for this disturbing reality. What things will be bred, what lies will be spread? Grey exploitation by will or by force. They won't believe this. Skeptics will dismiss me. I am perpetually scarred. Implanters from beyond the stars. Fly home Zeta Reticuliers.
Track Name: Sixteen Cell - Chelsea Skies
I feel an earthworms wriggles in my skull
They move around in slime of my nerve tissue
They says it's warm and cosily
I hear my tissues griped by worms

My flesh looks like cemetery ground
It's painful euphoria
I want to lauth out loud looking up to the sky

Slime and pieces of tissue are steaming out of my eyes
But I don't care this shit
I like this feeling more and more
My eyes doesn't see what realy goes on
(Chelsea skies)
It sees just blue sky and clouds frighteninghly bright
(Chelsea skies)
I look at my scary skies
and smile...

My face looks like Chelsea smile
But I want it
I need it
Chelsea skies

My lips covered with bleeding tears
My worms stiks ot of it sometimes
I look at my scary skies and smile
My face looks like Chelsea smile
Track Name: Sofy Major - Comment
Those damn pigs
hanging in the street.
Surrounding my sole licence to kill.

I got high collapse
and I've never been too far now.

He says to take it easy.

Never again, never again,
you stupid pigs.
Never again, never again,
see what you have done.

Never again, never again,
you stupid pigs.
Never again, never again,
meet your enemy.

I'd rather get jailed by my own,
surrending myself to my own law.
Taking that shovel and digging my grave on my own.
Track Name: Sound The Ruin - Song
Darkness closing in on me
A lighthouse clothed in shadows
A compass with no dial, no stars pointing me
Lost at sea, brokeness is all I see.
I’m torn up inside, the world has lost it's light
A tired record playing on repeat
Something isn’t right, (something isn’t right)
If you writhe in pain
(The world’s not as it should be)
You are not alone, you are not alone
We’re all trying to sing, but we’ve lost the tune
It’s a tired old song, teach us something new
we will sing a new song
we will see a new song
Theres a factory in all our hearts, and the fires burn us clean (burning)
We feed them with pain, and are confused at soot billowing
We’ve lost that the burning is what keeps it beating (keep beating)
Let us tell a new tale, one of hope
Gears grinding, the refiners fire bring us to life
We burn together, (we are not alone)
The fires burning, (give us hope)
Everything in us breaking,
Everything in us alive
The alchemist working,
Guiding us home
Making soot to gold
Brokeness, brings us together
Restoration makes us alive
As we sing a new song
A new world is beginning
Pass the torch
Light the beacons,
Refiners fire guides you home
Track Name: Steaksauce Mustache - Ghosts Gone Wild
Excuse me sir but did you see which way that harlot ran off to with my heart?
I have to find her and take back what is rightfully mine, otherwise what good is art?
Hollow chest. Barren canvas. Emptiness.
Where? Where is your heart? What is love?
Swarm of bees inside my eyes. All I see is shades of blind.
Fire ants burning the trees. Maze of pipes drinking the seas.
We are all consuming.
Swarm of bees inside my eyes. All I see is shades of blind.
Fire ants burning the trees. Maze of pipes drinking the seas.
The all consuming beast.
Are you really so blind to see that you’re in pain? Are you really so deaf to hear your agony?
I must be crazy, to think that I’m insane. But if I’m not crazy, then please just let me try to explain...
Why are you here?
Why do we all feel alone in a crowded room?
And why do we fear our name carved on a tomb?
Why do we say I love you, when we don’t even love ourselves?
So I’ll ask again, why are you still here? Why are you still here?
Who you think you are, and who you really are, they are distant strangers passing by on a dark winter’s night, avoiding each other’s eyes, for fear of seeing something that they do not like, that we do not like.
Pick yourself up and run, no more looking back.
The only way to go is up for the man at the bottom of the bottle.
Mercy never runs dry, but don’t drink yourself to death.
Track Name: STUNTMAN - The Patriot, The Elite, The Icon
You suffer, you forget, destroy your hope
Your error, your mistake, fracture your hope
To see what you really are
A ghost of the split open wounds
Living through the eyes of torture
A sadistic bone crushes hatred
Your tombs fall from deception and greed
To have and to hold the bad becomes the good
Worship frozen dead image
Cold moon rising
The elite is crushing hatred with hate
Forming empire of darkness and violence
God of disease for the masses
You suffer, you forget, destroy your hope
Your error, your mistake, fracture your hope
To see what you really are
To see you are really enslaved
Track Name: Terry Bill - Brachelis
Track Name: Throwers - Void
A day during wintertime that I will never forget
A journey filled with expectation.
I was filled with expectation.
Damn shake it leaves me staggering.

The years have made it blurry.
Ordinary days are behemoths and I’m their meal.
Violence and abuse as a defense

Beautiful memory, where have you gone?
You got stuck in the past

Pictures that express passion turn into hollow phrases.
All that remains is despair

Stay together?
Never stay together!
This is the end of a season.
Four years. Never be forgotten

Four years. Not More.
Track Name: Triumph Over Shipwreck - F.U.N; Fast, Ugly, Nasty.
The constant struggle of forcing myself to breathe in the fresh air
Still I'm choking/Still I'm choking/Still I'm choking
I'll dry swallow the worst/I'll dry swallow the world
Bitter pills make for bitter people
Digest the worst/people won't dissolve
When I stop breathing/Hopefully the world will stop spinning
I've yet to find something new here/I've yet to find something worth while
I would destroy the ones I love/So that I have nothing left
I'll destroy the ones I love so that I have nothing left To lose
When you reach. When you reach this point there's no there's no turning back
Give up Give up
I've yet to find something here
I've yet to find something worth while
Never any remorse/No forgiveness needed
Now I must ask myself Before anyone else
Is it worth it? Is it worth it? Is it worth it?
If so who was to blame? If so am I the one to blame.
Track Name: Tromblon - Sachant Que La Douleur Et L'abnégation Sincère De Soi Procurent Une Avancée Spirituelle Rapide
Considère un instant la triste mine de nos lignes,
De nos silhouettes en bois de saule taillées à la serpe.
Tout ce temps passé,
A nager, dans la craie,
Sous ces oliviers, qui sentent l'échafaud,
La gorge nouée, dans un étau,

Le souffle coupé par la baïonnette Gilette.
Un galon d'or porté à la casquette,
Comme un trophée qui sent l'essence de fosse,
Le passeur reste synonyme de charogne,
Lorsqu'on est de la race des déshérités.
La plume s'élève et s'abat comme marteau,
Arquebuse silencieuse qui transperce les agglos,
Des sillons creusés à même la face,
Sous les fracture cutanées les passions s'effacent.

Danse comme le globe du bilboquet du diable,
À se jeter, se rejeter dans la mêlée.
Quitte à supporter le burin des trépanés,
Mieux vaut passer commande au comptoir Lazare.
On peut bien aboyer à s'en décrocher la mâchoire,
Le grand rouleau n'en finira jamais de distribuer,
Des éclats d'injustice à trancher la jugulaire,
Nos vieux os finiront en poussière.

On crève d’espérer jour après jour,
On crève d’espérer cousine morphine,
On crève d’espérer le repas des vautours,
On crève, on crève, on crève...
Track Name: UDARNIK - Flipside
Hello you, consciousness Do you know where you are, we are and will go, will be? Where is the ‘I’ and where does it leave the ‘we’? In fact they are all Downtown, conscious of it self and its otherness. But...whatside? Upside, downside, slipside, flipside. Turningpoint of the colorful show of the sensuous light and the night like void. We’re all just here Downtown. Faced by another, out of itself, two fold significance. The otherness of itself, individuals submerged in the immediacy of Life. It holds the bondsman in bondage, chained in a struggle to the death. We’re all Downtown, outside, inside, backside, frontside Whatside? Flipside!
Track Name: The Unnecessary Gunpoint Lecture - Eat Your Broken Thumbs
Track Name: wolves - Writing Changes Pt. 2
Beleive everything I have to say
but the lasting impressions would make
a deafening noise, you will feel all the pain
from the words that will come out my head

This is a war of words

The words you've said have left scars on my head
and as I fight for dear life all alone
but my words have built my own fort to escape
the fires of my burning heart

this is what I've been told
this is me letting go

Dear ma'am, the thing I see
are those blaming fingers pointing back at me

this is our fight,
this is a war
this is the time
for the war of words My escape is today
I wont surrender to your words
I wont give in flames
I'm writing all the changes

My escape is today
this war has just begun
and these scars prove my fate
its not my funeral

My escape is today
please remember my face
and with these hands I would take
what is rightfuly mine

My escape is today
this is my swan song
my words killed your faith
its not my funeral
Track Name: Zazarka - Cup of Hastur
I drank from the sacred goblet
It didn't let me think
When I wanted to spit it up
It was too late, I'd become the drink

When I slept that night I awoke
In another world and time
And I keep going back there night after night
I cannot escape

Knife eyes instead of teeth now
Crooked pawns become the King
I dream of drinking from the cup
That became my everything

I believe my thirst is eternal now
When I lay awake in a pool of drought
I drank the waters of the Lake Hali
And now I am washed out of thought

If you thought reading from the Book was bad
Try drinking the forbidden wine
I washed up on the shores of Carcosa
I cannot find my way back

Knife eyes instead of teeth now
Crooked pawns become the King
I dream of drinking from the cup
That became my everything

Knife eyes instead of teeth now
Crooked pawns become the King
I dream of drinking from the cup
That became my everything

I saw the sign
Emblazoned on the side
But I did not take the hint

I saw the sign
Emblazoned on the side
But I did not take the hint

I saw the sign
Emblazoned on the side
But I did not take the hint

Knife eyes instead of teeth now
Crooked pawns become the King
I dream of drinking from the cup
That became my everything

Knife eyes instead of teeth now
Crooked pawns become the King
I dream of drinking from the cup
That became my everything