Songs For The Dead Vol​. ​4

by The Death Of A Modernist

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Hey friends.

This is the fourth release of 'The Death Of A Modernist - Songs For The Dead' mix tape volumes which is dedicated to showcasing 'emotive punk' driven artists.

I would like to send out a big 'thank you' to all the amazing labels, artists and new friends who helped put this mix together. I would also like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to listen to this insane collection of jams.

I hope you all enjoy Songs For The Dead Vol. 4. Please spread the word, download and share this mix tape with all of your friends.

Lastly... if you enjoy any of these artists, please do support them. Any little gesture will go a long way. They are all amazingly talented and deserve your attention.

Stay Punk!



released November 10, 2015

Photography :: Bryn De Kocks


Cover Layout :: Uncharted Maps




all rights reserved


The Death Of A Modernist South Africa

Founded MMXIV.

Underground music source for the kids.


FREE music always. DO NOT PAY if credits run out.

Credits resume again on the 28th of each month.

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Track Name: 1972andesflightdisaster - Despair
Track Name: American Haiku - Where Were You For Snownami '94?

Am I the only one you told about the pages that you folded the edge?
I reread them again.
Is there time to go outside? I just wanna see the sky one more time.
Chemical lines on high.
Because it's in your head, and it's in mine too.
Because this dust does not make sense, the ghost is painted blue.
The white light is nice, living in digital ice crystal caves
They took me away.
As I unfold this page, the way it was arranged was unclear.
Released into the air.
"You are the mittens on my hands,
keeping me warm, but it's hard to write.
Like a refrain, it sings don't speak."
Am I even making sense?
How should I know what happens in my brain,
What makes me this way?
Do we have time to go outside?
Cause when you think about it, we probably should have died.
So remember next time, keep it in mind!
Because it's in my head, and it's in yours to.
Blue ghost don't take offense, He's got it come too.
It's been spitting cosmic speak for about a week on end.
My radios gone dead.
So I fold up this page.
Maybe I was just too afraid of what it could say.
"You are the wind and the scent of leaves,
keeping me up on summer nights."
Track Name: Amesua - Les Petits Cubes

Dalla mia finestra vedo solo il mare e le case che ho costruito.
Mi sono immerso per recuperare tutto ciò che ci resta.
Attraverso l’avorio per sentire quella tua nenia massacrante, il tuo canto funebre.
Non è la tempesta che ora vedi impazzare.
Track Name: An Open Letter - Coma
:: COMA ::

Track Name: Anzio - Things Let Go
Track Name: Archetype - Point Of No Return

Buildings start walking, willing to eat
Fleeing from groundworks
Beating man in the street

After great strife, With knowledge that great
Moment of life Corruption of state

As we feel, here comes the moment
We observe we are falling
Our existence is going
To the point of no return

To explode like infinite stars
Waves of light, streams, solar tsars

To explode like infinite stars
Waves of light, streams, solar tsars
In elysian light they are one
From smallest of blaze to the highest sun

As we feel, here comes the moment
As we feel, here we are falling
Started in alpha
Ended in omega
Our existence is going
To the point of no return

To explode like infinite stars
Waves of light, streams, solar tsars
In elysian light they are one
From living flames to the highest sun
Track Name: Asherah - System Failure

Words fail me. Loss of life. Take what's left. Separate the weak from the herd. Remove the ones deemed unfit. Dig up the roots of the oldest tree. Scorch the remains of the wisest elder. Spare not a single life. The human race has failed. Separate the weak from the herd. Remove the ones deemed unfit. The human race has failed. Put an end to this at last.
Track Name: Bad Hex - Worn Thin
Track Name: Batièn - La Nostra Felicità Non Farà Ricco Nessuno

Il ritrovo è in fondo alla strada, dove inizia il giardino.
Il viaggio sarà diviso in due grandi regioni, l'emozione e l'essere.
Ognuno sarà la guida di sè stesso ma tutti assieme ci vestiremo di foglie e la moneta perderà valore, la nostra felicità non farà ricco nessuno.
E faremo l'amore con tutto l'odio possibile, e si formeranno delle gerarchie benefiche, sentite: avremo tutti un ruolo nella famiglia ma sarà quello che più ci compete. Meritocropoli.
Avremo da piangere più di qualcuno ma nessun funerale verrà celebrato, nessuna lapide, nessuna bara.
Scriviamo in terra che tramanda storia, la nostra storia non la trovi sui libri, piuttosto vieni a toccare le pietre, e vieni a vivere.
Track Name: Blind Girls - Foot In The Way
Track Name: Blissed Out - Forgive Me

I hate the fucking way that you look at me, I thought I told you before but you just can't see I've got no answers left for you.

And I'm broken, and I can't speak. I'm running out of time till I'm in your sheets. At this point I can't lie anymore, everything I've done you will deplore.
Track Name: Boneflower - I'll Be The Bones, You'll Be The Soul

I’ll be the bones, you’ll be the soul. I’m afraid that we might soon get lost. A lamp in our hand, we’ll share the eyes to run from the darkness around. Why did we trust the golden pieces in the path? The walls are deaf and so are the crows that sing over us and impatiently wait for our flesh.

Run! Foe! Hide! Into the light with you by my side. We’re getting closer.

Your absence hurts from that night on. No need to say I have no need to see because I feel the same way I remember all the nights before and that place only we knew how to reach. Time to realise things are eternal while lasting, for you never think it can be the last day, and regret turns into unrepairable disaster.

Run! Foe! Hide! Into the light with you by my side. We’re getting closer.
Track Name: Bordello - Depressed When Puked
Track Name: Bordo - Vestiti

Giorni ad aspettare un tuo ritorno.
Le tue gambe non riescono a sostenere le tue anche o forse cammini solo con troppo peso sulle spalle, ricordo soltanto una cerata gialla correre su due trampoli
Per aspettare un tuo ritorno, ho messo lo stesso vestito di sempre.
Per concordare che alla fine, si rimane sempre nello stesso punto.
Track Name: CADY - I Hope You Get To Enjoy Half An Hour In Heaven Before The Devil Knows You're There

Lights are a illuminating but sometimes things are better off left untouched
So you're reaching around in the dark
When I first met you, you left me speechless so when you left not only was I sleepless
But cavities were left rotting in my mouth like cancer

(A lamp turned too high, might shatter it's glass

please just glow sometimes)

You weigh me down.
Track Name: The Cage You Call A Chest - Down With The Cisness

I don't belong in this carceral prison
Trapping me in a cage of flesh
Wanting to change into someone new and someone whole
I feel incomplete
Dysphoria and dissociation
Blurring the lines of identity

Is this really my body?

I only need me to validate my identity
Frequently changing and teaching myself how to accept me
False binaries cage me

And I'm still learning
Track Name: Cassus - Bubblegum Baby

“Perfection” is our formaldehyde – “staying young” our denial of mortality: preserving image as static currency.
Fetishisation of youth/”beauty” is no fluke, but a Fantasy Trap: the reflexive attempt of a foredoomed system to delay its collapse.

Ensnared, we wallow in imagined stasis:
Obsessed with preserving life, we forget to ever live it,
Perfectly functional objects for a purely functional world.

Flesh withers inside a candy casing.
Ignored time disappears in the blink of an eye.

Having invested all in the superficial, there is no energy left for the internal –image becomes our only purpose.
Track Name: Celestica - Mercury Blood

there's no warmth left in my skin
but i don't mind it
it makes me feel alive
but it makes him want to leave

i'll never learn to love my imperfections
but i guess i don't deserve to
they make me human
but that's not what he wants me to be

afraid to leave but afraid to stay
between intimacy and guilt
replace my blood with mercury
and dance with me until i dissolve

afraid to feel but afraid to let go
of self-contempt and judging eyes
fill my blood with silver and gold
and dance with me until i lose my worth

is this really worth it?
let me waste away
without his thoughts
in the back of my head

am i really worth this?
the love we used to know is gone
but i've said enough

i swear there's nothing wrong with us
we're all equal under this star filled sky
if you can't stand it, cremate me
and spread me by the skyline's light

love me
like you used to
you stopped caring

keep it
to yourself
while i try
to forget about it

damage me // can't face the ether alone
wound me // can't face the ether alone
wither with me // can't face the ether alone
my worth is lost
was it really worth this?

the love we used to know is gone
i can't face the ether alone.
Track Name: Characters - Losing
:: LOSING ::

faker, i never believed one lie you said
you suck, but not compared to this piece of shit
complicated reasons not to exist
so pick one and stick with it

consciousness bleeds from a hole in the side of my head
frustration seeps from wounds that i've left
shrouding my body with pain, a sensation i've never known
this is the end of me, fuck it, i'm alone
Track Name: Clearview - The Next Two Years

I still think about sitting on our bench but mostly about how I smiled when you laughed
I've been counting down
from the summer and the spring when I felt alive or at least alright
trying to get you out

Laying in bed at 1 am trying to get some sleep
But you're in my head you're always in my head

Holding on to hope for two years
Really took it's toll on me

Now I can't trust myself with anything anymore

I can't trust myself anymore

It always adds up to you stuck in my head
Track Name: Cold Holding - Lose Hope

my life started with everything falling apart
this time last year, and i've been thinking ever since:
how you believe in anything is staggering -
you say your prayers to a god out there, but they're just inside your head.
if it's for comfort on your death bed, then i get it.
i understand the comfort in the thought, but then i get to thinking and i can't.
if it's for comfort on your death bed - forget it.
the only comfort there is that it's ending.
Track Name: Coma Regalia - Expire
:: EXPIRE ::
Track Name: Croak - No Reflection
Track Name: Cry, The Monarch - Winter
:: WINTER ::

winter isn't as cold as the year before
i no longer want to go another day
i dwell in solitude
but i have made it my home
and its not so bad anymore
Track Name: Cupido - Castles
Track Name: Cyclamen - Nos Flammes S'eteignent
Track Name: De Nada - I Was Saying Boo-urns

In this moment I am found
I am safe and sound
In this moment I am free from this pain inside me
I embrace this feeling

Walk out the door
Toss the key
It is dead to us
We will never cross these streets again
Just one more toke

One more bump
One more hit
Then I can be rid of it

I embrace
Less of a man, more of a creature
I bide my time down here in Hell
Because its so warm
It picks me up and keeps me
From this pain that you serve out to me
Track Name: Debris Hill - Inertia
Track Name: Déformer - Catastrophic
Track Name: Demain dès l'aube - IV Us
:: IV US ::

From the strength of your fists
To my tiny pretty lips
Show me your love
Stronger than ever

Crawling along the bridge
We talk in silence
Waiting for the time to teach us
How to walk again

Open up your eyes in a cradle of pain
Where fairies are told to wrap us in chains
To perfume our rooms with iron and shame
It's not our fault, yet it's our fight

I have called upon thee
From the abyss of this fragile realm
Mother I beg your pardon
Mother I bear the burden

They were monsters entering our dreams
No one could hear through our screams
Too blind to read anything from our tears
So get it. When I say I'm not going home
Our fight

No one gave us a name
Lost in the quiet of dawn
Your broken heart ; My favorite shelter
Track Name: Detweiler - A Cappella

I am nothing that I wanted to be
Don't know the words that I wanted to say
Maybe I'd be better off if I just said nothing
Fucking, feeling, always eating away
You just might be everything that I need
But who says that I can't deal with this on my own

(Our empty husk of a relationship has been ashed)
It's less about
Where I am
And more about
Where I'll be

It's this god damn indecision again
I could stay here but you won't understand
If I try to explain that it's just circumstance

So I'll sit here by myself and I'll think about all of the things that make me who I am
and I'll list every one, make sure to remember the cold nights I spent waiting up for an answer
The cause of all this constant pacing and cursing, why do I always feel so fucking empty
Track Name: Dhole - Dasein
:: DASEIN ::

Gettato nel mondo usurato dai volti
affranti dipinti nei giorni
che passano senza mai un senso distratti
dall'angoscia dispersi nella retorica
e capire anche oggi chi è la persona che sono
ciò che son diventato o possa mai diventare
senza il dubbio di perdere tutto ciò che ho creato
come posso come posso pensarmi nel tempo
se fino adesso ho vissuto senza vivere mai per davvero
e guardandomi indietro ho lasciato sfuggire quello che conta.
Track Name: Diploid - Home Sweet Home
Track Name: Drenches - lifeofagoodfornothing Part II

You should know that I'm afraid to defy any explanation in this absurdity called life. Words fail me. What are we capable of? Loathing myself into the ground, buried deep in thoughts to never be found fine. Dragging you down to see where I'm locked in. So what am I supposed to do, exist on the best terms I can? So far it never taught me anything. I'm deathward torn, trying to reach for life. I try, I try. But what's content, with a certainty in death. Embed me into worlds mess. Caught in absurdity. Living coincidence. What else can I say when words are in vain. Or am I just thinking too much about things that no one would dare to waste a thought on? As I always do. As I fucking always do. I am unspoken and I could never ask you to put up with me. A fucking need for relief, pathetic living without an answer to me. Is it true what you say? »It comes with age. There's no right way.« But does it help? So quiet, so persistent – I guess I've already made a choice.
Track Name: Drowning Lesson - Ghost Garden
Track Name: Eaglehaslanded - Mora Samo Da Se Umre

Zasto se bojis da kazes ne
Zasto se bojis crnih dana
Zatvorenih ociju hodamo u nedogled
Mi smo njihova zivina
Oni nasa crna sudbina
Cetiri zida protiv tebe
Mora samo da se umre
Track Name: Earth Moves - Sillion

i didn't want to see it or feel it
but i did and every inch engulfed my mind
defined the line, devoured the instinct
keeping the cower, sealing the imprint
held me

imagine being stuck in the hold of a void
and ghosts of the past whisper any which way down your neck
each word a reminder that you were a reason
for somebodies suffering once of a time

is it a problem to care too much?
to wish for something beautiful?
to wash out every voice that hurts

and stop the rain from drowning me
you were watching, you were wanting
the world has teeth sharper than mine
you were watching
Track Name: Egarra - Genosha
Track Name: Eilean Mòr - Компас
:: Компас ::

Пусть нет тебя давно
И дни мои безлики
В моей груди есть сад
Где белые гвоздики

В безвременьи цветут
Не зная горечь лет
Но не уронят семя
На мелочность планет

Где я молил богов
Дать памяти моей
Недолговечность снов
И бег календарей

Но небу безразличны
Надежды и мечты
Его ответ привычный
Не рушит тишины

Застряла между ребер
Одна из тех ночей
Нет времени прекрасней
И ноши тяжелей
Track Name: Endut! Hoch Hech! - Sleepwalker
Track Name: escapism - You Are In A Pretty Good Shape For The Shape You Are In

from among all of the feelings
that i've been introduced to,
hate appears to be the most perfect
it always has a deep source
it always has a reason
it being born, lives, evolves
and finally finds its release
"From the deepest desires
often comes the deadliest hate"
Track Name: Facility - Like A Roof That Raised Four Families

.S.W: Forefathers, oh our forefathers. There’s no one to blame for the history that we’ve made. Our criminal ways and the concrete decay. We are all filled with hate. No love, no turning back. Certain to antiquity that our fathers are opposed to changes.
TC: What’s the good life? a vague expression of wants and needs. is it a lust for liberty or the search for personal achievement ?
Track Name: Familiar Theme - Me (Now)
:: ME (NOW)

I've been hoping for a moment away from this snow
And I can feel the heat creeping in from the south
But I know that running for days
Couldn't keep me from feeling
This terrible way

And though it seems that I've been waiting for warm air
I've been finding it harder to breath.
Now I've caught myself watching wildflowers boom.


I'm afraid I'll die having never had a moment where I felt okay
And it feels like all my life I've just been waiting for another someday
I am lost cause I've been holding back since I was young
And I still can't find a to get a bit of truth to roll off my tongue

If my heart stops, would I even feel it go?
Or would I have some time to appreciate its echos?
Or if I fell back and let nature have its way
Would I find my worries to be wasted on things
That all turned out okay?
Track Name: FERNS. - Portraits
Track Name: Folgore - Ferocia
Track Name: Foxes - Post Utopia
Track Name: Foxmoulder - Needless​/​Anxious

Shake the bough,
Set me free.
Shake the bough,
Carve the truth
Straight into me.
This silence,
Burned into my chest,
How it comforted you
How it destroyed all of me.
Have we reached the age,
Where we're more than just scars?
Another kiss, long forgotten.
So is this your home you fight for? Or just another place to hide?
Track Name: Futbolín - Exes & Fingers

Condemn this walk to be the most
embarassing moment of my life.
(Nanana nanana nanana) What are we doing now?
Do you remember
how much love you putted in your own lies?

When the winter comes
and cold cuts my hands
my middle finger is always high.

Betray the emotions.
That's right.

Grab me,
delete me,
déshabillé me.

When the winter comes
and cold cuts my hands
my middle finger is always high.
When the winter comes
and cold cuts my hands
my middle finger is anyway
high in the sky!
Track Name: Gas Up Yr Hearse! - Monogamy In A Mausoleum
Track Name: glare - Obituary

its the right decision
just follow my lead!"
so please tell me what to do
because i have no clue
speak it loud and make it right
i find nothing in sight
i keep the flowers
i burn it inside
it's just the same as you
covered in blue
this is me speaking
above your lingering death
this is me standing
above the remaining ashes

i own the decision
i'm pulling the trigger
Track Name: Heart On My Sleeve - A Tale Of Two Hearts

I left the door unlocked. Still I find the you in me. But where am I?
When I left I kept on walking. Giving me room to breathe.

Remember/Forget. Hold me/ Let go. Stay here. I can´t, I won´t

The void you left within me. Fills all the space in me.

Forget/ Remember. Let go/ Hold me. Move on. I can´t, I won´t

I lost myself in you. I found myself in us and together we were lost in each other. I found myself in you. I lost myself in us. We found comfort in each other.

Don´t let go. Please let go.

At first I was terrified of the things I couldn't see. Couldn't grasp what was happening, that you opened up to me

Don´t let go.

The fear of getting too close forced me away. Embracing you took everything I could give. It took everything I wanted to be, so I ran.

Please let go.

Remember/Forget. Hold me/ Let go. Stay here. I can´t, I won´t. Forget/Remember. Let go/ Hold me. Move on/ Stay here. I can´t, I won´t

It wasn't supposed to be this way. I wasn't supposed to feel this way.
Was it supposed to be this way? Was I supposed to feel this way? Were we supposed to end like this? Either way, this is where we part.
Track Name: heiße - Winter Lung
Track Name: Hérésie - Comme Un Pigeon

Comme un pigeon sur un fil
À la merci des intempéries
La tête semble inexistante
Les bourrasques de l'existence
Font des trainées sur les murs
Une tache d'encre sans fond
Des âmes errantes dans les méandres
Une image en noir et blanc, comme une photo d'antan
Et les souvenirs qui s'estompent lentement
Comme un pigeon sur un fil
La tête semble inexistante
Blotti, protégé, à l'abri des intempéries,
À l'abri des bourrasques de l'existence
Track Name: hex - Neighbors With Mary Fallin (But Not In A My Trailer Is On Her Lawn Kind Of Way) (White People In Headdresses)

Close your eyes, think of everyone you've passed at the school, at the church. How many of them are/were? Murderers. Liars. Thieves. Me.... politics preached to people in pews, demanding their deity sharpens their views. We live for death, romanticized in the news. We live for death.
Track Name: Hexzlahr - Die Welt Am Draht
Track Name: Home Burial - Home Burial

When Death was calling my name
I stepped out of line
I was put in my place
Now I know where I stand because

I'm all alone, this feeling is killing me
I don't want to die, I just want to feel again

I am the Earth, I am the Ocean
If you feel my hands, they'll hurt from the motion
If this is Death, it beats like a broken drum
Now I am free, and I know where I stand because
I'm all alone
Track Name: Honest Living - Been Blue

Resting in the hands of our home
Kept company by the words of my own
I wish to see you well
You remembered, I can tell
Of loss and tragedy
Hope in adversity
I've seen you so lost
Had you survived the winter
You might have felt the sun

Resting in the hands of our home
Kept company by the words of my own
I thought I'd see you well
I've forgotten how it felt
Never you let you see
What you really meant to me
I've seen you self loathe
Had you survived the winter
You might have felt the sun
Track Name: Iceberg - Autunno

Forse ci farà bene cambiare aria per un po' lasciare stare / e non pensare alla fine alla stagione che verrà lasciarci andare / non aspettarci di più / con lo stesso sguardo di un equilibrista che ondeggia / con le mani in tasca a duemila metri d'altezza, io non avrei altro dio / è questo che senti di notte o è solo la sete / è questo che senti di notte mentre conti le crepe / che sono fiumi in piena, sono le strade fatte ogni sera / come da bambini guardi fuori e ti chiedi quando si arriverà / quello buono dei film mi ricorda un po' te / non dirmi che tutto ci piove addosso questo non è il momento per l'autunno
Track Name: IWAKURA - Bitter Hands
Track Name: Kaji - Lesion Season
Track Name: Korben Dallas - Qu'Elle Nous Sépare
Track Name: Kurdaitcha - Stripped Of Feather
Track Name: Kuronuma - Mothra
:: MOTHRA ::
Track Name: La Petite Mort / Little Death - Fogged Windows
Track Name: Laika - King Of The Three Foot Isle
Track Name: Lesserman - Pop Hate
:: POP HATE ::

You thoughtless,
who ride the waves
of popular decent,
who coast along
on not only
common joy
but hate,
who repackage
and deliver
single serving pop-sentiment
and think you have contributed to
public dialogue,
carelessly ascending to heights,
obscuring the sight
of that great public eye.

Invest in your hate,
make a threat of it.
Devour known wisdom
of enemies.
Strengthen your jaw.
Grind your teeth-
grind madness
into meaning.
Invert arguments.
Flay all fallacies.

A crowd may applaud
when you crucify a straw man,
nailing inflammatory psalms
into apparently weak palms,
but it has no worth.
There in is no meaning
of value in it.
You raise it up
for credit,
but this is not flesh
nor processor of blood.
There is no argument
no illuminant,
only lime light.

No argument.
No illuminant.
Only lime light.

As you gnaw away
full of impotent ambition,
in time,
all will see
your shallowness.
You will become
an amusement,
another distraction



Track Name: letters to catalonia - I
:: I ::
Track Name: Life In Vacuum - Black Snow

Day and night we are standing side by side
You and I we are fighting for their might

Another sunrise and we are still alive, so wake up
Lets watch the black snow fall from the sky
And think of places we set on fire

After the sunset they'll come after us falling down from the sky
These dangly limbs will never hold arms again
And we'll remember the places we set on fire

Day and night we are standing side by side
You and I we are fighting for their might
Track Name: LIONS - Heinäkuu, Kolme Vuotta Sitten

Ajettin läpi nuoren päivän
mietin niitä sanoja
joita en koskaan kuitenkaan sano
Aamu poltti kasteen pois
Olen niin kyllästynyt menettämään
jotain sellaista kuin sinä

Ja nyt sä olet nopea hymy mun asunnon edessä
ja aamuöiset hyvästit

Väritön aamu vei ajatukset pois
Kävelin kotiin vältellen kaikkea
En tahdo herätä sateen ääniin
En tahdo herätä ilman sinua

Ja nyt sä olet nopea hymy mun asunnon edessä
suudelma jäätyneellä kadulla
narisevat lattialaudat
Ja nyt sä olet nopea hymy mun asunnon edessä
suudelma jäätyneellä kadulla
ja aamuöiset hyvästit

Vielä palaat takaisin
kuin minä sinut halusin

-July, three years ago-
We were driving through the young day
I was thinking about all those words
that I know I'll never say
Early light evaporated the morning dew
I'm so tired of losing
something like you

And now you're the flash of a smile in front of my apartment
and goodbyes in the small hours of the night

A colourless morning took away the thoughts
I walked back home, avoiding everything
I don't want to wake up to the sound of the rain
I don't want to wake up without you

And now you're the flash of a smile in front of my apartment
a kiss on the frozen street
the sound of creaking floorboards
And now you're the flash of a smile in front of my apartment
and goodbyes in the small hours of the night

You will return one day
and be like I wanted you to be
Track Name: LORA - Голод
:: Голод ::
Track Name: Lost Limbs - Fit To Burst

Consider this advice
Consider this a warning
Consider this your fault

I'm hopelessly unable to consider anyone but myself;
Anxious, selfish and trivial thoughts, my stomach twists and turns in knots

Battles lost are better buried.
Pride is a sin, that too often is carried.
Many fall upon their pride:
Washed away by the changing tide.

Silver tongues often speak falsely; golden promises are revealed to be costly.
Severed ties, and bridges burned from prior lessons we never learned.

Responsibilities long neglected
Open wounds left unattended
I am fit to burst.

Words and deeds are misinterpreted
Spite and fear dressed, shaped and edited
I am fit for lies.

Potential killed by lack of effort
Purpose lacking, direction absent
I am fit for nothing.
Track Name: Luciente - Das Unertraegliche

die klage hat keine zeit zur ruhe
der schrei der stimme verhallt
nur das seufzen unserer schritte
auf unwegbaren pfad
welt - steh still
dass du hörest unsere klage
katastrophe - töse nicht
bis ans ende unserer tage

das unerträgliche ist, dass nichts unerträglich ist
Track Name: Lypurá - Light
:: LIGHT ::

I need myself to be the strength of widows
I need myself to be as fearless as intruders
I need reason and patience
I need to be the owner of hearts who lost true love
I need to know that you and I will both stay together
until the last light swallows us whole
swallows you and me
if you are still believing in our dreams
let me be sure that I am not being erased
loneliness caused by despondency and vice versa
loneliness caused by despondency and vice versa
Track Name: Mahlstrom - Gegen Jede Richtung

Keine Richtung heißt auch keine Reue
Bitte schau mir ins Gesicht
Alle Leben mit Abstand und von sich selbst befreit
Niemand hört dich klagen / doch du scheust den Blick

Der richtige Ton / das feste Geld / du hast keine Probleme / und ein gutes Leben
Der richtige Ton / das feste Geld / du hast keine Probleme / so fällt das Leben leichter

Keine Richtung heißt auch keine Reue
ob ich das hinnehmen will wird nicht gefragt
Keine Richtung heißt auch keine Reue
und ob ich das hinnehmen kann wird nie gefragt

Hinter deinem Spiegelbild wartet harter Beton
und beim Aufschlag hält dir sicher niemand deine Hand
Hinter deinem Spiegelbild warten harte Worte
und du führst den Faustschlag mit deiner eigenen Hand
Hinter deinem Spiegelbild wartet ein fremdes Gesicht
und du fragst dich was trotz Harmonie so bitter schmeckt

diesem Aufschlag hält deine schöne Welt nicht mehr stand

sie stehen neben dem Feuer / weil sonst nichts brennt
sie bleiben neben dem Feuer / weil Beton nicht brennt
sie stehen dem Feuer / weil sonst nichts brennt
sie bleiben neben dem Feuer / weil sich Furcht um sie drängt

Also stelle ich mich in das Feuer / damit etwas brennt
ich stelle mich in das Feuer / weil in mir nichts brennt
also stelle ich mich in das Feuer / damit es jemand erkennt
ich stelle mich das Feuer / weil in mir nichts brennt
Track Name: math jokes - ...And Now We Leave The Friends We Don't Deserve

Last 4th of July,
We lay side-by-side,
In some orchard under the night sky.
Such pretty colors,
Oh magic things rain down on us,
Through scary trees.

Now I can't go anywhere,
I can't do anything,
Can't hang with anyone.

All I needed was a fucking friend,
I'll say it over, and over again,
All I needed was a fucking friend.

How can you ask, "why?"
How can you say, "why?"
This next handful,
Helps me forget,
That my best friend died.

Laying wake,
In your bed again,
It's 3AM.

This house sounds like smoke,
I've got nothing to smoke,
But I'm not done yet.

Hula hooping in cemeteries,
And eating our breakfast in libraries,
Sounded like so much fun when we where younger,
Now that we're old and dumb we waste away,
But that's okay as long as we waste together.

It's my party and I'll wear what I want to,
Dance how I want to,
Fuck who I want to,
It's my party.
Track Name: Mavro Gala - καθρέφτης
:: καθρέφτης - Mirror ::

Watching myself in the mirror
realising what I have lost

Ghosts of past haunting you

Οταν μία μέρα και εγώ
καθίκι μίζερο καταντήσω
αυτή να είναι η τιμωρία μου
Αυτές οι νότες αυτές οι μνήμες
τα μάτια όσων κάποτε άκουσαν
αυτά που εγώ είχα να πω
Track Name: Melmåc - Grey
:: GREY ::
Track Name: The Menagerie - Ditch Lines

Watching as you walked out on me, images you burned in my memory. I try to wash them out with fake happiness; I want to say I’m okay, but I’m far from okay. I watch the world around me wondering if I’ll ever find my place. I’ve become everything I hate; the burden of the world. I’ll choke - I’ll wash away all the fake tears you shed for me. My love is shining through a cracked heart. You’re not worth it. Do you remember everything you told me underneath that star filled sky when you were looking in my eyes? Because it seems no matter how hard I try, I cant forget what you told me that night. I still feel you in my chest with every mistake I make, telling me that I’ll be okay. I’m not okay.
Track Name: The Meridian Guide - The Death Of Distance

Maybe the point is
That I am defined
By what I am not
The answer maybe
Is that there is no
Question able
To be asked
To be asked

The cold was cursing
The heat for which it hungered
Passages of inward, groping fear
Passages of sick tread hopeless guises
Staying unwell
And unfed
And not near

I see that freight cars still run
I can see that there is more to this than fun
I can't see through your social eyes
Just like fruit darkest bruises on the inside
Intimate things that I whisper now
I can't see you through the filters now
Smoking on the same you cast over yourself
And you wonder why it's so cold in hell
And you wonder why it's so cold in hell
And you wonder why it's so cold in hell
And you wonder
Track Name: More Lemonade - Of Fathers, Brothers And Other Family Stuff

I’ve got a tape I wanna play
it’s full of fathers and their sons,
we should listen to this tape
just to know we’re not the same anymore.

I’ve got a tape I never played
it’s full of brothers and their sons,
we gotta listen to this tape
now we are growing old.

And I fall like I never did before
and everything will crash down
around me if you keep falling with me.

We’ll let someone read our dreams
and if you don’t like him we will choose someone else.

I’ve got a tape I wanna play
it’s full of brothers and their sons,
we should listen to this tape
now we are growing old.

And I fall like I never did before
and everything will crash down
around me if you keep falling with me.

We’ll let someone read our dreams
and if you don’t like him we will choose someone else.
Track Name: Morla - Schmerztablette
Track Name: moshina - поздно смотреть назад
:: поздно смотреть назад ::

невыносимо ощущать себя никем
среди отбросов и пустоты чужих шагов
спросить кого то - кому всё это и зачем?
не получив в ответ понятных тебе слов
а врямя уходит, оно никого не останется ждать
оно не увидит, момент когда ты упадёшь
так трудно поверить, что заново всё не начать
и ты не поверишь
и ты никогда не поймёшь

зачем ты хочешь убежать
стирая убовь превращаясь в порох
найти себя и потерять
среди дворов окраин и районов
зачем продал свою мечту
забрав в замен листы цветной бумаги
ловить пытаясь на лету
остатки правды и былой отваги

поздно смотреть назад
Track Name: Moth Priest - An End
:: AN END ::

Billions of tiny lighthouses
Illuminate the night sky
As the husk of a man
Inches from eternity
Summons a final wish
To be amongst these beacons in the dark
Even if only for a moment
For there is beauty beyond compare,
A respite from the regret that plagues his mind,
Amidst the stars.
In the infinite dark
An end.
Track Name: мятеж - Awake/End
Track Name: Muerto Rico - Go Lioness
Track Name: Nikola Tesla - Ojo Avizor
Track Name: Nionde Plågan - Revolt
:: REVOLT ::
Track Name: No Real Pioneers - Clouds Below

And before the night
I will be gone,
Before the lights are lit
Will not exist.

Destination lost,
No road ahead,
No bridge to cross,
But I'll find my way.

I will see the peak
And I will climb
Above the clouds
In no man's land

Now I feel cold and empty.
I still hear them shouting
At my face: who are you?

I am lost, I am gone,
I am someone else.
You should not fear me,
I will go my way.

I will stay away,
I will find the trail.

Today I will reach the peak,
Today I will reach the peak.

Today I will reach the peak,
Today I will climb to the top,
Today I will watch the clouds below,
Today I will become one.

And before the night
I will be gone,
Before the lights are lit
Will not exist.

Destination lost,
No road ahead,
No bridge to cross,
But I'll find my way

And after the night,
And after the lights
I won't come back
Track Name: Noël - Positano

veramente non credevo d'aver lasciato così tante cose nello zaino di scuola / rimasto chiuso per troppo tempo / non c'ho più tempo per sentire i tuoi lamenti / neanche fossi un cane bastonato
Track Name: Noyé - La Teoria Degli Angoli

Situazioni formano angoli, visioni incidenti.
Personalità dalla svariate forme, maschere viventi.
Passando per occhi altruisti, nascono;
perdendo quel tale fascino, mutano;
sfociando nella banalità, cadono;
e infine come ogni cosa, muoiono.
Ora dimmi, a chi credo?
Ora ricordami, chi ero?


Situations are shaping edges, incidence views,
behaviours of miscellaneous figures, living masks.
Passing through unselfish eyes they come in to the world
losing their own charm, they change
flowing into irrelevances, they fall down
and just like everything all in all they die.
Tell me now, who do I believe in?
Now remind me, who I was?
Track Name: ourfathers - XI
:: XI ::
Track Name: Penelope - I'd Like You Better If You Were Two Pigs
Track Name: Plague Walker - Creciendo
Track Name: Pluum - You're Waving At Me

I don't understand every movement of your feet. You keep dancing in the water down the street. You are blue. Slow and cruel. It’s not necessary. My tears turn blue and thats all you do. Turn in circles around me. I’m swollen, unhealthy. And I don’t think I can do this anymore. The sky is clear, but it’s still rainy. I’m a burden, honestly. You’re waving at me, you’re waving in blue. I don't see you, all I see is blue. I’m a burden, honestly. You’re waving at me. You’re waving in blue.
Track Name: Portraiture - Forgiveness Song

You switched my bed with words left open to interpretation
You cut me open just to see how it tasted
You were the brightest colors and the darkest corners
You taught me all about the sun and then you rained
Nothing but rain

I thought I needed you to heal me
I couldn't stop the fucking bleeding

I found the answer
Found it buried in the problem
These puzzles always seemed
Too big for me to solve them
I guess I just get tripped
Naïvety, nostalgia
Just two more kids forever sulking in the amber
In the amber

Who are you?
I just wanna know

Bigger teeth than heart can handle
Just pups in great white clothes
Short words of violent rapture
Stronger than ever known
you can't define yourself by
Another's flaws
We are such different people
I don't hate you anymore

And I screamed (Bury me! Bury me!)
In my sleep (Or what seemed like sleep)
Left those dreams (Oh, just leave everything)
Six feet deep
Track Name: Potence - La Machine Dure
Track Name: Quieter - We Only Fell In Love To Fall Apart

I'm convinced I found the cure to all of this hopelessness
In a broken bed, in a cluttered head.
Il find it on my own
I'm on my own

I cant keep from falling asleep, you got the best of me
(I swear that i'll sleep through the day as you walk through the city with the weight that you buried)

I'm young enough to hop, but old enough to know il never change.
Il always be this way.
And as you move on and move out Il sit here on my own again.
I'm on my own again.

All of this was a waste of time, well never be fine
I'm a waste of time
Don't waste your time

(Someone said that you gotta make a change, but pennies worth of broken dreams are all I ever seem to find. Maybe one day Il add them up and find that I had more than I had ever had to start.)
Track Name: RAMI - Gita
:: GITA ::

In settimana facciamo una gita, prenditi un giorno libero e scegli un lago, nei tuoi pensieri la fine, ma hai detto “vediamo”, sei riuscita a dire soltanto "vediamo".
Nella mia testa, a te sulla porta, ho chiesto: “resta”, ma ti ho sentita dire soltanto “vediamo”, come i genitori coi bambini per farli star zitti.
Ed è curioso che proprio tu me l’abbia fatto notare quando a dirti “vediamo” ero stato io.
Sono in piedi di fronte al lago, ma non vedo il tuo riflesso, e adesso che sei lontana potrò finalmente gridarti che non mi serve il tuo permesso per restare zitto.
Track Name: Raum Kingdom - Lost In The Hunt

Slipping through..My grip like sand..
In the hunt I'm losing you..Trailing,
A wounded and frightened soul..Failing,
A crack in the sky for you..Dislocate,
Are these visions false or true..Clouded,
Walk onto this barren land,
Bury him where you stand.
This heart...It beats for you,
This blood...Flows for you,
These lungs...Breath for you,
This blood...Turns for you.
No more...Fighting myself...No more.
Strike me down my savior set me free.
Try to claw back the memories,
Serve your sentence with dignity,
Hunter inside me unseeing,
Rise from the shadows and taste the scent,
Hearts of light..Souls of night,
Hearts of night..Souls of light.
Track Name: Regarde - Brighter Aim

Hold on another night
we keep on trying

to live for a brighter aim again
to disclose who we are
life keep running on and on
it won’t come back

Many years are running so far away
this life keep floating
Another night a new tomorrow, tomorrow

Hold on another night
we keep on trying

still trying to leave some regrets,
moving on
too blind to see the future
we’re looking through the past

Many years are running so far away
this life keep floating
Another night a new tomorrow, tomorrow

still trying to leave bad things behind
we’re gonna live tonight
Track Name: Reigning Champion - Teenage Cancer

The dream bores as dried bloom breaks under my feet
Aging with all its self-sufficiency leaves my head vacuous and avoids the answers that don’t exist
Every seat is sold out and I stay in the aisle staring at the empty stage
Come back to my jaded fire last dying spark
And fill me with the strength of all armies
Come and set me free
And fill me with the strength of all armies
Catching fascinating thoughts
My palms explode and lose grip
And i refuse to move on
Track Name: Rend - If I Had Known

I held the antidote in the palm of my hand. Everything was better whenever you were near, but still I questioned and let my mind begin to roam. The beginning of the end, I should have fucking known. There are so many people who I should apologize to but none so much as you so here it is, a jumbled mess of words and rhymes that serves no purpose, a living testament to your fucked up life.

Bottles have piled up, I'd rather my mind was numb then capable of feeling love and I know it's not worth saying 'sorry' again.
Track Name: Rochester City Police Department - As Darkness Washes Over Strathallen Park
Track Name: role - Even I,Even You
Track Name: Ruin's Everything - Eventually

I needed you to make it, but the river took you in and you're gone.
Your body couldn't take it, given no choice you passed on.
Does God really have a plan?
Do our loved ones truly live on?
Please tell me they do

My father told me on that day my birth was his fondest memory.
A few words brought the world to me knees
As I prayed to God to have mercy for my father's sake.
God I need to know, is my father home?

They're telling me to take my life.
They're saying this will make things right.
Dear God, please open your gates before demons take my faith.
They're saying I'm to blame: my father's death's on me.
My God, am I insane?
My God, am I insane?
Please open your gates before they take my faith.

It's too much for me now,
I've struggled for so long.
Please send your angels down,
I know they'll keep me strong.
Dear Father, are you there?
'Cause I've gotten so scared.
There's evil in me now, haunting me, tearing me down.

Life's not as hard as it could be,
I'll see you eventually.
I'll get by 'cause you taught me
I'll see you again
I'll make sure you're proud of me
I can feel your spirit watching
You will always be a part of me
You'll see me again.
Track Name: rûth - Retaliation

Time has no end. Beginning. Purpose. Help me now. & if you were to strike fear down upon us all, then we will do the same to you. Strike now; in numbers we'll revolt, in numbers we'll react to the inhumanity. Fight them! Fight them! Retaliate! Retaliate!

- S
Track Name: Saudade - Footsteps
Track Name: Scared of Everything - Space Pilot 3000
:: SPACE PILOT 3000 ::

Dark dry humour has always been to my taste
My worst nightmares instantly transformed into a coldly delivered punchline
Followed by a moments silence while I contemplate the subject matter
Followed by roaring laughter, absolving me of fear

Yes I am scared

I am haunted by a wide range of fears
From rational worries about my future, to the outright ridiculous
There are no monsters under my bed
And supervillains will not harm me through my TV screen
Drag me back to reality

I am scared of everything

Constantly tricked by my fragile mind
I’m sweating, I’m shaking; nothing is fine
Track Name: Shirokuma - Empty Squares And Thinner Lines
Track Name: Sleeper Wave - Quill And Dagger
Track Name: Solanas - Bury Me
:: BURY ME ::

I’ve burnt out my soul
Thinking ‘bout silencing everything
I’ve never felt so cold
So I’m burning down everything inside of me
I’ve stared at the sun
Hoping to blind myself with the light
I’ll drink myself to sleep
Trying to disappear from my own mind

Because I know
that sometimes you just want to let me go
And I know
That we can never do this forever

Six months numb to life
I can’t remember when I felt alive
And lie awake at night
Wishing for an end to it

So to my scattered body go,
My soul and face left in the ground,
To find the world I wish I knew
And the life I left behind
I’ll leave your distant body there,
Your perfect place so far away,
To keep you from the world I know
And the life I think is mine

I don’t
Know who
I am
These days
I don’t
Know what
I can

Bury Me
Track Name: Subjects/Rulers - Of Milk And Wine
Track Name: Synecdoche - Passenger Without A Ticket

I can feel minutes bending and twisting me. I can feel you breathing silently beside me. In and out of lucid dreaming. I'm overwhelmed with this feeling. I could wait for you.
Track Name: teːrs - Lost Thoughts Cleared Minds

I lost my thought because of you.
Back down to earth, teared out, what’s new

One single word and two more seconds, inability to breathe
Familiarity of patterns. familiar feeling of unease

How many years, too many tries, what does it take us to increase
Wish I could say I didn’t know about anxiety to please

So who has to learn from failure
Who doubts, who pays, who quits, who speaks
Even though there’re parts I choose- decision’s still not up to me

The more I try to disembark
The more I learn about expense
Blowbacks to bear if I refuse – up to this point with empty hands

So I abandon hopes and habits
shadows interfere my claims
There are threats in every gesture, well-intentioned, all the worse

If I could find a way to dump your world possessing all my mind
Still I knew that there is no chance to take my body out of sight

Choose or decide
My body, my mind

trying to keep out every word between the lines
trying not to catch – what is greeted with your smiles

Choose or decide
My body, my mind

For all we felt and couldn’t say
We kept its heart to tough it out right to the end

Choose or decide
My body, my mind
Track Name: Tempest - Deprivation
Track Name: Tengil - A Box
:: A BOX ::

I wrote a poem
You'll get to hear it in the end
Because it gives to put your soul into print
before reality tags along
and casually
snaps it's wings of

Hold your head in the sky
with the firm belief
that you're not gonna fall
but it always finds a way
to take you down
To a place for us all
right next to each other

And there the streets are all
as clear as your thoughts
petty and self centered
But streamlined
as they should be

And even now with eyes begging
"get me out of here"
you insist this just what you wanted

you still look to the sky but with
longing, pride and nothing else
and as it whispers to about the little things
the realization enfolds you

everything you did ever
really love
You abandoned
long ago

But at least you've been given
Someone, someone
to die next to


Fredag kväll
efter 5 dagar, 7 dagar, 28 dagar
Du ser så trött ut
Men det gör du ju alltid nuförtiden

Du frågar mig hur barnen mår, hur jag mår
Jag mår bra,
och vad bryr jag mig om barnen? dom var ju din idé
Älskade du
Jag skojar bara

Jag är så glad
Att vi lyckats bygga allt det här åt dom
Att dom går en ljus framtid till mötes
Genom oss och allt det vackra vi har fått
bara för att vi kunde ta oss hit

Till en plats som ger oss obeskrivligt mycket
och kräver så lite tillbaka
Som låter dig växa så så att du blir
precis som du ska

jag är glad att våra barn har skydd från regnet
under locket
till ett hus med fyra väggar
Att dom har skugga från solen
Så länge dom väljer att stanna där
Jag är så glad att vi får leva ett liv fullt av trygghet
Jämte varandra

Och barnen
om dom bara gör sitt bästa
kan dom bli vad som helst
ekonomer, jurister, astronauter
Jag är så lycklig för det

Och lika evigt tacksam är jag också för att du visade mig vägen
till att lyckas bli den personen som får din kärlek idag
för utan din och alla dom andras hjälp hade jag varit en helt annan människa
Inte din i dina stunder av svaghet
Och det är ömsesidigt, antar jag

Och visst, det har varit svårt ibland
men det är bra nu, det ser jag på dig
Så bra att vi lärde oss att lägga förband på varandras sår
för finns det något barn som inte önskar att deras föräldrar är tillsammans för evigt?

Men det finns en sak jag hade velat berätta för dig
fyra ord bara egentligen
Men det är alltid så svårt att hitta chansen att säga det
Oroa dig nu inte för det, det är bara en liten sak jag funderat på

Ibland känns det så osannolikt
Ibland känns det för bra för att vara sant
Hur kan det här vara verklighet? Hur kan det vara sanning?
När jag lev i en saga med rim och på vers.

Och när jag störtade ner mot marken, stod du där, mellan den och mitt fall
Du fångade upp mig, delade med dig av en varmare plats för bortgång
här i lådan tar du hand om mig, tröstar när tiden rinner ut ur varje nytt sår
Tillsammans till sist med din kärlek, det enda jag någonsin önskat.
Track Name: Terzij de Horde - A Marriage Of Flesh And Air

A conjured creation in knots and bones
in a pounding of fragments, a rupture of stones
As in death we dance, we crawl through this
As in death we dance, we stumble amiss

Jilt and jitter to an ending of worlds
where our hearts will either break or bronze
Dervish twirling to horizons uncared
in dances ferocia anima downstared

Wingless and withered but raging alive
The dueling dischord just magnifies
The rhythms of rendering rhymes
with which we vengeful gods destroy the hive

Celebrate the marriage of flesh and air

Faceted eyes see all but none
Guided by the grasp of drones
A crawling chaos , follow the horde
Carry the void toward its throne

Throw away the anchors, the steadfast, the light
and tell of that which you see in the dark
A shared immersion in blood and cadence
A syncopic structure of stabbing sparks

Come dance in the flames of a world to reveal
Come dance in the fire of a world brought to heel

Whirling and weakened but wasted no more
This flame rekindles the embers of a once before
A cessation of life extinguished by a forging flood
A time anon, born from the ashes of brine and blood

Come dance in the flames of a world to reveal
Come dance in the fire of a world brought to heel

Ripping the fabric in strands tied to naught
To bear the raging worlds within
Through the ruined gasp that surrounds
a seething silence forced to whims,
the impulse of passion, impetus’ charm
this is a vowel of encompassing harm
of cathartic deliverance through purging blaze,
through shedding the shells of this suffocate haze

Jilt and jitter to a beginning of worlds
where our hearts will either break or bronze
Track Name: Thisismenotthinkingofyou - Silence On Medicinal Street

Track Name: Tristan Tzara - Schizophrenia

I went away to see an old friend of mine / His sister came over she was out of her mind / She said Jesus had a twin who knew nothing about sin / She was laughing like crazy at the trouble I'm in / Her light eyes were dancing she is insane / Her brother says she's just a bitch with a golden chain / She keeps coming closer saying "I can feel it in my bones - Schizophrenia is taking me home."

My future is static
It's already had it
I could tuck you in
and we can talk about it

I had a dream
and it split the scene
but I got a hunch
It's coming back to me
Track Name: Tröpical Ice Land - Dark Souls
Track Name: The Truth About Dreaming - Song 1
:: SONG 1 ::
Track Name: The Ultimate Screamo Band - Repenser

Regarde autour de moi
Ce monde est pourri
Tous ces gens qui dépensent
Eh bien! ils n’ont rien compris

Il faut se lever
Il faut tout cesser
Il faut tout changer
Tout recommencer

Regarde autour de toi
Ce monde n’est plus sain
Dans un siècle ou deux
Nous ne pourrons plus chanter

Regarde autour de toi
Ce monde n’est plus sain
Dans un siècle ou deux
Nous ne pourrons plus crier

Il faut se grouiller
Et tout repenser
Track Name: uragano - Inferno

Le delusioni sono all’ordine del giorno
fiamme dell’inferno che divampano intorno a te
i tuoi disegni sono distrazioni dalla realtà di sogni distanti
guardare dalla finestra i tetti, circondano lo spazio intorno a noi
l’inferno è l’abitudine in fiamme annegare
Track Name: Uwaga - Sermons

Usuriers du p’tit peuple,
pendant des siècles entiers,
vous avez asséché la vie de vos fidèles.

Par vos sermons, à la tribune,
pourvoyeurs de bonne morale.

Toujours plus de raccourcis,
en guise de vérité,
semeurs de discorde en habits de lumière.

Par vos sermons, à la tribune,
pourvoyeurs de bonne morale.

De guerre sainte en terre sainte,
on a pu justifier en y croyant,
tout et n’importe quoi :
le pillage, ou le viol, à l’abri d’une foi aveugle.

Par vos sermons à la tribune,
pourvoyeurs de bonne morale, semeurs de discorde en habits de lumière.



Usurers of the little people,
for centuries
you dried up the life of your faithful.

By your sermons at the tribune,
providers of good morality.

Always more shortcuts ,
as truth ,
sowers of discord in garments of Light.

By your sermons at the tribune,
providers of good morality.

From the Holy war to the Holy Land ,
we could justify, by believing in it ,
anything and everything:
looting, raping, safe and sound behind a blind faith.

By your sermons at the tribune,
providers of good morality,
sowers of discord in garments of Light.
Track Name: Vampires - Two
:: TWO ::

three one seven one two zero
i can't help but find this fissure (propofol, etomidate, lidocane, exacerbate)
absently he makes inscisions (propofol, etomidate, lidocane, exacerbate)

you're bleeding now, selfish wound
remove debris, sterilize, suture
"the little scissors i am holding are
a dazzling synthesis of sun and star"

nothing is worse than
nothing is worse than
nothing is worse than anything
our arrival is contingent upon our failure

see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, feel no evil

thirteen hundred years i waited
unconscious but with marks profound
intravenously it sits
a penchant had for solar withdrawal
thirteen hundred years i waited
unconscious but with marks profound
intravenously sits undetected
a penchant had for solar withdrawal

(Serum potassium level of 3 milliequivalents per liter.
Electrolyte imbalances increase operative risk.
The normal potassium level is 3.5 to 5.0 milliequivalents per liter.
A low serum potassium level puts the patient at risk for cardiac dysrhythmias.)
Track Name: VILMA - Lidia
:: LIDIA ::

I tuoi occhi: spiagge gremite di turisti luminescenti / i miei occhi: appartamenti deserti di metà Luglio / c'è qualcosa che non si riesce mai a dire / ogni volta che qualcosa ti spacca a metà.
Track Name: WAITC - Empty Mailbox
Track Name: Watcher - Chandler Pt. II
Track Name: Whane - Come Piccoli Bagliori Intermittenti, Nel Nulla
Track Name: What of Us - Recognize

force fed to live the words of my fathers lies
but i gotta decide, will i recognize
privileged lives that take hold from birth til death
but i'm trying my best, to fully recognize
and apply awareness of how my skin gives sigh
brutality wears a badge and says "i had to shoot"
rewarded by a foul system that says "we were justified".
still, skin gives sigh
Track Name: Whenidespair - A House Where We're Always Together In

How this come true
Hears a cry in my head
Let it be faded
Let it be in our mind

Miss that all things
Remember it together
We have fun together
Always forever
House that we always in there

With your my friend
With your my friend

Are you with me ?

Its just like forever
Its just like forever

Lightness time i spent in there

There just have a hapiness less of sadness
24 hours remember that



Now its lost
Now its gone

That house will always in our heart

We promise together
Track Name: The World At A Glance - Urgency Terminal

Breathe it in, such heavy air
Trace back the steps that led you here
Love and shame, or fear and doubt?
This grave for suns bends time without a home

Unaffirmed of any worth, I carve into my skin those seven words; their voice unfound. My voice unfound.

"I'm all alone, it's just so cold"
Track Name: The World That Summer - The Standard Gravity Of Impending Doom
Track Name: wormwood - Alone
:: ALONE ::
Track Name: Zavis Kalandra - Rilke
:: RILKE ::

“You are so young, you have not even begun, and I would like to beg you, as well as I can, to have patience with everything that is unsolved in your heart and to cherish the questions themselves, like closed rooms and like books written in a very strange tongue.” **

So with this in mind I look to the new year with hopeful eyes.

I’m gonna make it out of this mess alive.
//have patience//
I’m gonna make it out of this mess alive
//cherish the questions//
I’m gonna make it out of this mess alive.
//like closed rooms//
I’m gonna make it out of this mess alive
//like books written in a strange tongue//

Why shouldn’t this one be my year?

**FROM Rainer Maria Rilke’s 4th LETTER TO A YOUNG POET