Songs For The Dead Vol​. ​3

by The Death Of A Modernist

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Hey friends.

This is the third release of 'The Death Of A Modernist - Songs For The Dead' mix tape volumes which is dedicated to showcasing 'emotive punk' driven artists.

I would like to send out a big 'thank you' to all the amazing labels & artists who agreed to participate in this project and to each of you for taking the time to listen.

I hope you all enjoy Songs For The Dead Vol. 3. Please spread the word, download and share this mix tape with all your friends.

Lastly... if you enjoy any of these artists, please do support them. Any little gesture will go a long way. They are all amazingly talented and deserve your attention.

Stay Punk!



released April 28, 2015

Photography :: Bryn De Kocks


Cover Layout :: Uncharted Maps




all rights reserved


The Death Of A Modernist South Africa

Founded MMXIV.

Underground music source for the kids.


FREE music always. DO NOT PAY if credits run out.

Credits resume again on the 28th of each month.

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Track Name: Akallabêth - Elanor
Track Name: algae bloom - Bed Springs

I have found my eyes in the ceiling again, with only all that I've already said left to say. Aware only of the weight of this silence. I thought I was trying; please say you saw me try. Not just a static crackle when my mouth bleeds. I want to feel the pressure of my bed springs, I want the things I used to run from to catch me. Tighten up my limbs until my blood screams like yesterday in the boughs; the sun bathing in the leaves, your feet trailing when we had to leave.
Track Name: All My Wishes Were Thrown Down a Well and Should Die There - Family Reunion

The Terror in her eyes
When the shots were fired
He'd be damned
If they weren't buried together
A family reunion
Unexpected and dreaded
Black suits and dresses
A preacher and flowers
Murder suicide
Didn't want her to leave his side
Divorce papers and caution tape
Two families torn
For what he couldn't take
A broken heart
A broken home
At the hands of animal
He couldn't control
Two teachers found
In their house
Lying together
Without a sound
Track Name: American Memories - Above, Below

I'm coming back home
you can break my backbone
and pull out my ribcage
to show me my lungs
and how black i've let them become
from smoking these cigarettes
i tried to forget the feeling
of the fear in my stomach
but it stands tall
it comes with every breath.

and i hate the way
that i was ever born
wish i never
wish i never was

i'm still sleeping off these memories of you
wiping down the walls of this fucking bedroom
burnt down like the candlesticks from last year
i still honestly hate myself

i'm haunted by my own ghost

it's the color of your painted lips
thats running down my fucking fingertips

and i'm scared of where i'll go when i die

when i die
Track Name: Apparently We Fly - BedSharks
Track Name: Arboles en Llamas - Salsipuedes

Cuanto mas me alejo mas me pierdo, espero que vuelva la calma y que quede el silencio
mi interior es un bosque inmenso, debajo en las hojas escondo mis sentimientos
si miras dentro en mis ojos sabrás que no miento
no encuentro palabras para describir lo que siento.
La conciencia y el silencio obnubilan mis sentidos y mis palabras, Salsipuedes.
Track Name: Asherah - Clarity

The sun doesn't shine as brightly as it once did but now I see a clearer picture. One that I never thought I would see. One of a new hope. My eyes are open wide and now I see a new horizon. Many miles of uncertainty lead me to brilliant clarity. And I hope I stay the course. I hope I find all the answers to the questions that consume. The tossing, the turning. The sweating, the panic. You are gone, along with the things that keep me up at night.
Track Name: Ask For Answers - Speak
:: SPEAK ::

"Swift of time,
no more to thrive "

Closing I'm No more,
All is lost But I can gain.
I'm in a mute place,
covering up my bloodstains.

It's my way..

I don't care where I'm from,
i'm just laughing to myself.
to Speak for myself.
I'll prepare myself.

Answer me
what is my question!
Listen to me! I'm only human!
There's No hope only for you!
But, mine is always in me!

I don't care where I'm from,
i'm just laughing to myself.
to Speak for myself.
I'll prepare myself
Track Name: Autumn Diet Plans - Solutions To Problems You've Never Had
Track Name: Avitacion 101 - Disonar

A veces creo
que a ese monstruo
al que le tengo miedo
me vencio
el agotamiento psiquico
al que estamos sometidos
nos castiga día a día
en pequeñas constantes
de la vida cotidiana
y cuando empieza a brotar la miseria
empiezas a buscar culpables

Brota mi ignorancia
mis carencias, mi represión

Y otra vez caigo
en el vacío oscuro
lugar en donde me quieren
ignorante, machista, sumiso, violento
Track Name: Bastian - Nei Nostri Sbiaditi Ricordi

Ripenso a tutti i tuoi sorrisi lontani
rivedo tutto il tempo vissuto insieme
non sento più
quello che hai detto
è andato perduto
nei nostri sbiaditi ricordi
Track Name: Batièn - Voglionounnomevoglionome

M: Hai visto l'ultimo post di nostro figlio? Pare che abbia problemi con la ragazzina
P: Si ma quanto è triste amore che per sapere di lui debba accendere il computer?
M: Non più triste del fatto che abbiamo un figlio coglione, nato dalla tv con un tubo catodico diritto in faccia. Obesa è la sua mente, ed io son stanca.
P: Ti ricordi, io a vent'anni? Ci camminavo sopra la testa delle persone, non come lui che sta seduto e basta.
M: Difatti ti ho visto la sopra e da la sopra non sono scesa più

A questo punto i due si guardano, l'intesa è massima: lui prende in mano la lama, lei prende in mano la sua di mano.
Meglio una gabbia alla colpa?
Track Name: Best Friends - All That's Left

This all too familiar feeling of Summer returns, longing not for the suns embrace but the warmth found in your company.
They say a little patience goes a long way, it's not time that I fear but this arms length that I keep between us.
I guess it's the fear of rejection that causes detachment to come so easily. Maybe that's why I don't sleep much, because in the dark all that's left is me.
Track Name: BURAN - Нас Нет
:: Нас Нет / WE DON'T EXIST ::
Track Name: Cabrera - Fantasmi Nel Frigorifero

Io ho lasciato per te sul frigorifero
un biglietto che non leggerai
era importante sai
ma è come se tu non fossi più qui con me.
Senza te i miei fantasmi mi inseguono
senza te non trovo più la strada di casa.
Track Name: Calvaire - My Majestic Tragedy

"It began with a ringing on my phone, & it shook me.
I woke up in a cold sweat, much like days gone past.
Who could it be? What would it mean?
Apprehensive thoughts, it kept lingering.
'Someone had died' they said, & it was tragic.
A recurring disease, came back to haunt him.
To my chagrin, my neck stiffened up.
My body, heavy but lifeless.
I couldn't move my limbs, as I reached out in vexation.
This whole story, reminds me
Of a tragedy, How I should've foreseen.
About a man who lived to tell a tale.
Of how he drank from a poisonous well.
About a man, who drank from a poisonous well"

She came back & brought promise
"when you look at me, I know.
you're everything that I want."
She spoke of a second chance
Let's start over, let me introduce myself
Create new memories & relearn what we already know
The past was non-existent. This is your second chance
The anchor was released. The shackles, it broke free
It was us. Five years that seemed like an eternity
More so for me

I love us. Rekindled, I told her
"& if I see you fall, I'll turn the World on its side, so it catches you."
We held hands, the grip so tight, I could not die
Not even the promise of death from wars
Could destroy what was 'everlasting'
One day I woke up feeling strange, floating
The grip had faltered & it fades
Why would she let go, it was a promise until our deathbed

The gentle rain now pours & the wind blows in the wrong direction
I remember that blissful touch from your hands, but I immediately stop & wept
For 125 Days, I drank from the well, the same one in which I fell
We made a pact worthy of wolves
They sneak behind each other's backs, thinking we're fools

You've ripped my heart out all those years
& now you came back just to break me again
I say "that it's not okay for you to walk into my life & pretend to care, then leave me as if... It was nothing, we were nothing. I was nothing."

I suited up, all black & combed my hair. Perfect in every strand
To pay my last respects for somebody who had died drinking from the poisonous well
I took a glance, & fall back onto my chair
Oh what a dismal tragedy this is
For I am that man, who had died a majestic death
For I am that man. It was me
Track Name: Careless - Pale As China

keep seeing skeletons reappear under my bed
with these curtains still opened
i keep walking down the same dead end
and i'm tired of trying i'm tired of keeping this at bay
my conscience lacks i'm still missing your touch your smile, your warmth
i keep repeating myself
i keep losing track of every teardrop

but the windows are never closed
i am freezing to death by keeping you away
"leave me, leave me, don't stay here too long"
i beg you please, i beg you don't leave

i have lost myself, i think I'm lost in you
and the ceiling leaks with tears it is drowning me
and all those empty shells on the walls start to talk again
nothing makes sense not even my own image
i'm needless to say, I haven't got a moment's rest
and can you remember those pictures i sent
with that friend beside me, who died some days ago
you knew i was in pain, you knew i needed you

you left me with nothing, you left me to die
and those holes inside me, you made them even wider
and that coat you left still smells of you leaving
can't you remember those nights spent in the parking lot
those nights coming home drunk as never before
when you cried yourself to sleep i was there holding your hair
when the morning sun was smiling you were wide awake
now i'm in the rain and listening to your name
Track Name: Carson Wells - Palmistry

Fatigue led failure,
Excuses laboured,
Time spent toiling,
An old soul,
Broken, alone.

Words upon breaths now commemorated.
At first a pause, then realise.
The price you could have paid.
Your innocence continues pleading.

Not for value, or the sudden ending,
That eternity couldn’t bring cessation,
Privy to the palms of your hands,
Into darkness, to grant you the rest

He fell away from home,
Into anonymity,
While his love lies laboured in remand,
A fog of insecurity,
Is cast over the lost,
Courage erodes from stone to sand.
Track Name: Cavalcades - Orchard Street

I’ve been pushing up the ground under which I’ve been sleeping. I’ve been coughing up insides I no longer feel are needed. There’s a chorus ringing out in my skull, I feel my bones shake as I lay down to cut out. I feel my nerves work, I feel synapses shutting off. I see the lines blur and I still can’t tell if I’ve had enough.
We never want to see the way the sky changes as the daylight fades. We are fear incarnate, we are dear to the homes we’ve forgotten.
I look around, I see the smoke and the mist and the trees. I feel my stomach jolt, this is the only way that I remember anything. Committed down to a note internally. I am a worn out of piece of cloth that you cling onto for comfort. I only hope that you can sever me for the sake of your sanity. Just let it be, don’t believe in me.
I hear your voice shake, I see distrust in your eyes. I know you want to let it go, but you can’t.
Track Name: Ceilings - Chest
:: CHEST ::

i buried everything in my heart in the back garden
so that when you chew right into my veins i have nothing left to give

i fill the hole in my chest to replace what i had
but nothing new grows in my remains

nothing that is left can make this body grow
nothing that is left inside me can stop me feeling this alone

can't you see im trying to move on from all of this
but you always come back to dig it up again
Track Name: Chaviré - Du Cœur À l'Ouvrage

C’est toujours des sourires,
C’est toujours la même rengaine,
C’est toujours un plaisir,
Pour toujours plus de peine.

Et les lendemains qui chantent au diapason,
Tuons tous les princes, sans exception.

On pourra toujours dire que ça va et sourire.
Track Name: Cioran - L’appèl Du Vide

Ho visto uno spazio aprirsi tra le cose da dire
Distesa di ghiaccio
Che non puoi più riempire
Con miseria e passato.
Qui solo sussurra il cieco mostro:
“l’oltre sfiorato è un’urna gettata nel baratro”

Non esiste una volontà più forte
e la legge ne è al di sotto.
Il tuo respiro sulla mia pelle
è il centro e il suicidio dell’Europa.
Ritorno alla culla d’ansia per distruggerla.
Se è questo il solo suolo concesso,
brindiamo cianuro alle nubi e alla luna alone.
Ingoiamo l’universo con la colpa eterna nel ventre.
E Il grande dubbio scende,brucia ed esplode.
Le nostre viscere addobbano i monumenti alla vita ferma.
Decesso per affondamento delle strutture del galleggiamento.
Padova mi sta chiamando,poi non dice niente.



I’ve seen a space opening between the things to say
an expanse of ice
That you can’t fill anymore
with past and misery.
Here ALONE? the blind monster whispers :
“The grazed beyond is an urn thrown in the chasm”

There’s no stronger Will,
and the law’s below it.
Your breath upon my skin
is the centre and the suicide of Europe
I return to the cradle of anxiety to destroy it.
If this is the only soil granted,
We toast with cyanide to the clouds and to the moon halo.
We swallow the universe
with the eternal guilt in the womb.
And the great doubt goes down,burns and explodes.
Our entrails adorn the monuments to the still life.
Death for sinking of the floating structures.
Padua is calling and it says nothing
Track Name: Circle Takes the Square - Singing Vengeance Into Being

I'll depart, when the lights overhead have all but one burnt out,
In a slow procession dragging every shadow, every doubt.
What pioneers precede me? Cloven footprints left behind
On a land base cut so clear, white trails blazed across the skies.
Some spin wild in praise, most just need to save ourselves:
A people out of time, who have lost the will to HOWL...

From four legs
Withhold the rest begged of weary eyes.
What rot-refusing cemetery
Pines for all our kind?

Teach me to scream
In volatile whispers,
Teach me to wake inside your dream and stay forever.
I could wage your wars,
I could cast your spells,
I could preach your meaning.
Teach me the notes to sing
Your vengeance into being...

From two wings
On high
Patterned flight ignites an ink-blot sky.
What fearful blackened symmetry
Reflects our soul's design?

This is no place for the noble or young
Born with the taste of blood on our tongues
With a hatchet buried deep
(Under Lapsing Time)

Illumination lost its bearing.
Eliminated light:
Left her bereaved.
Kaleidoscopic grief
Tightening its noose.
Now decoherent speech
Is all that rings as true.
Force your words through the gale
Of circling fan blades,
Just to hear another voice...

God awful proof
Crying out

Poisoned heart still beating
Short of breath
Love lies bleeding

Cauldron over-boiling
Vine of souls
Serpent uncoiling


Trapped and tamed in this
Thinning wilderness,
Just skin and bone,
We dared
To let the demons in.

Motion sickness setting in,
Crystal waters darkening,
Hair raised on our necks...

We drew
Our breath
Out of the thick air

Wandering kiss
Seething abyss
Exiled arts
Tear us apart

So long, eternal youth-
Bare feet and empty hands,
I'm off to find the Truth
In this pathless land.

To command
My nightmare
"Speak your name"

(in vain)

Regards, untimely death-
The urge to understand,
Merely a lapsing crest
Bound for the sand.

If I should stray
And disappear
I fear what quantum scaffolding would be revealed
And If only I knew
At creations end the fog would lift and clear
Silent Sovereignty Surfacing

Wounded heart stops beating
Between lives
Patterns repeating

In verses
To sing
The Seeds Of Rebirth
In chorus
To sing
sing of hope

Upwind, a budding Spring

Galaxies of light
Tattered edges overlap

Downstream, the Nettle's sting

Winding down
Vortices of time
Tired movements come to pass

In violent symphonies,
Let us sing it into being.

The ancient corridors
Are closing
Our hexagonal hives
The antique pathways
Our holographic lives
Enfolding on themselves

Shudder in the quake
Of pending Eschatons
Hatchet buried deep
With a paradise we lost
Drafting my swan song
Track Name: Coldsore - Rainy
:: RAINY ::

An old woman I saw the other day We only just met she was
lying there not afraid just waiting for her death She said come
to me son and pulled me on her bed For once now listen
carefully to this old trash was what she said to me Life is like
walking in the rain You can hide without getting anywhere Or
just get wet along the way Those were the last words she
had to say She laid down her head with a big smile on her
face Not regretting one moment of those eightieseven years
Track Name: Coma Regalia - Amnesty
Track Name: Containment - May My Home Be My Gallows

Your not alone.
Your not alone.
Your alive in this moment of sickness.
We walk through a snow filled landscape followed by wolves.
Waiting, always waiting.
Until we find that final resting place.

Those Your, should be you're, sorry I didn't proof read them....
Track Name: CROWN - The Root Of My Confusion
Track Name: Crows-An-Wra - Ataraxia

Are you listening? I mean with the noise of the everything else its sometimes hard to tell! Can you feel it? that numbing feeling in your hands hasnt spread to everyone else yet. We must not be afraid to regret, to feel unstable and unsure. We must not be afraid to regret, to feel unstable. you have tried Behaving yourself. how is it that you cant feel what you own? how is it lying in a bed by yourself? Ride through these flood waters I’ve heard the tide’s high tonight. past the shore to the door of a house i once knew have you tried Behaving yourself? how is it that you can’t feel what you own? how is it lying in a bed by yourself? how is it sat in a room all alone? The point is if you aren't afraid your future is unset, your future is undirected. entirely different from your daily mess. Having regrets is the only sign that you’ve done anything interesting with your life. Because people are dying for something else. and some of us are ready to live for it. Are you listening? i mean with the noise of the everything else its sometimes hard to tell can you feel it? that numbing feeling in your hands, hasn’t spread to everyone else yet. We must not be afraid to regret to feel unstable and unsure. we must not be afraid to live our own dreams We must not be afraid to regret to feel unstable and unsure. we must not be afraid to live our own dreams. we must consider the life of everything around us. open your mind and unleash yourself! Are you listening? i mean with the noise of the everything else it’s sometimes hard to tell. can you feel it? that numbing feeling in your hands hasn’t spread to everyone else yet.
Track Name: Daniel Sadcliffe - Vyvanse Shakes

You're next to me but you seem so far away.
You're leaving but you seem so far away
Am I not good enough? (x4)
These pills make me shake
These pills keep me awake
You make me shake, you give me a reason to stay awake.
Am I not good enough? (x1000)
Track Name: Dasiden - No Digital

No quiero volverme una máquina. Un robot, un androide.
No quiero volverme una máquina que explique teorías de la vida.

Contar los ceros y empezar de nuevo.

No quiero volverme una máquina. Un robot, un androide.
No quiero volverme una máquina. Aunque mi carne se arrastre y mi humanidad termine devastada.
Track Name: The Daydream Fit - Passing

The feedback in my ears
Is the sirens of an ambulance passing by
Still on this side of the cemetery fence, when will I die?
On a train, sunshine in my eyes
Trees without leaves, a cold wind blows
In a city where nobody cares, nobody knows
Me at all

Everyday I leave my house with static in my head
I wake up tired, wiped out I find my bed
Love keeps me awake
You know how I feel
With that look on my face
You’re the sound waves in my ears,
The feedback singing around
The calming sound of an ambulance.

It hurts my ears
It will save me
Get me out of here
please safe me
Don’t let me disappear
you don't have to save me
Just be with me

I want you to save me
You don’t have to save me
Track Name: Disdain - In Ordinary

In Ordinary. That 14 celcius stick to my skin. My body shakin' and my eyes opened. The light across through the window. To this glooming room. See the dead body on dirty mirror.

You know it's the sweetest thing that hurts. When you're running from the lure of destruction. This justice can no longer be enforced. I know I live in the cruel world.

Strangled my neck when the misfortune comes. I'm home, I was still at fuckin' home. A hundred of bird are nothing. If there's no one chirpin' on the branch of tree.

You strengthen me, makes everything possible. In ordinary.
Something that I faced in the past, regret me on the present.
Congratulation, I'm home.

when I come, you're just sleeping with those smiling face, without any problems and weight. There is a problem solved in your hand and you choose your own path.

When I home, people talk to me, people talk to us. What we spend in our life. The person at the graveyard in the middle of the night. Is not me, people talk to us, what we ever do in our lives.

It's like all of beautiful things just happened. The sparkle in the bilion of beach sand drag me eyes to see into it. But damn, it's 2.45 am.
I must put out the bonfire and continue my dream comes true.
Track Name: Döda Löv - En Kvarlämnad Doft Av Ditt Hår

Tomma ord väller ut
ut mellan ensamma läppar
till kliniska väggar
Nekar all beröring
tuggar min ångest med ömmande käkar
men den går ej att svälja

Min bröstkorg är ett trasigt stängsel
en tappad verklighetsförankring
liggandes på botten av en feberdröm

En tankegångs förfall
som dränkt i sjukdom
jag rör mig långsamt genom rädslans taggtråd

En kvarlämnad doft av ditt hår
en metafor för ett tappat hjärta
Som ett bortglömt fotografi av hur allting en gång var
Track Name: Ennui - Ambizione

In fondo avrò solo fiato spezzato.

Con la bocca arsa dal sale non naufrago più, galleggio lontano dall'isola dove sereno riposavo, rincasavo. Non ho nessuna fretta di smettere di soffrire, la mia ambizione inizia qui.

Dopo una vita passata ad osservare pianure aride di sterpaglie, con la polvere negli occhi la sabbia asciuga il sapore dei baci che non torneranno. Resto ad appassire, non ho nessuna fretta di smettere di soffrire, la mia ambizione finisce qui. Se volgi il tuo sguardo i miei occhi son già su di te.

Il bosco immobile davanti a me, lei corre e urta le fronde che mi tagliano il viso, è così graziosa. Oggi la mia ambizione finisce dove sei tu.

Ti servirà una montagna dove passare la vita, lascia sia io a costruirla per te. Oggi la mia ambizione finisce con te.
Track Name: Ephemera - Stormen / We´ll Find Comfort In The Waves

Jag skriker i natten
(I scream into the night)
och bara tystnaden svarar
(Only silence replies)
Stirrar ut i det tomma
(Stare into emptiness)
och mina tankar de ekar
(My thoughts echo in my mind)

Let's elope

Musiken den tystnar
(The music turns into silence)
Färgerna bleknar
(The colors fade)
Alla smaker försvinner
(All the flavors vanish)
Var är vi på väg
(Where are we heading)

We´ll find comfort in the waves

Floating in suspended grief
Like a vassal of your soul, never to be annexed
Some claim I drag my feet in apathy
Yet somehow, still, they can smell you on me

Jag sitter fast
(I am stuck)
Medans världen rör sig
(While the world keeps moving)
Bara du får mig känna att
(Only you make me feel like)
Jag spelar huvudrollen i mitt liv
(I play the leading role in my life)

A staccato, broken vocal chord
A mouth and gut co-op, lungs with water filled
Each day is a failure to induratize
Your lingering knows no boundaries

Släpp taget om mitt hjärta
(Let go of my heart)
Eller ta mig i din famn
(Or take me in your arms)
Du var vågen som höll om mig genom stormen
(You were the wave that embraced me through the storm)
Allting annat brann
(Everything else burned)

Du var musiken, du var färger, du var smaker
(You were music, you were color, you were flavors)
Allt det där försvann
(All that disappeared)
Bara kaos, fast i stormen, inget fyrtorn
(Only chaos, stuck in the storm, no lighthouse)
Som leder mig i hamn
(To lead me to the shore)

And I further drift each day
Forever gone
No star can lead the way

Distinctly drawn
Truce without benefit
I'm no one's pawn
But how I wish to be

Another one
Keeping apathy in check
I'm spent and done
This ship is soon to wreck

A simpleton
Passed on by Charybdis
For oblivion
My personal Lethe
Come hither, my very own lithium

You say you wanted more, so I meet you at the shore
No regrets, don't hesitate, we´ll find comfort in the waves
Feel the deep, drink it in, forgetfulness is what it brings
No regrets, let's elope

You say you wanted more, so I meet you at the shore
No regrets dont hesitate, we´ll find comfort in the waves
So we´re signing up to fill our lungs, we´ll find comfort in the waves
Track Name: Eros + Massacre - Past Ignorance​/​Future Standards Pt 2

My demons are all around me.
My mind is the deepest desert.
Sinking is the new way out.
Punish my body in the sea.

Drugs are velvet on my skin.
Track Name: Eyelet - Browbeaten

A voice so low the house hums in agreement
But it’s not a voice
Not a voice of reason
A quartet of the pine, the glass, the brick, the spine
Almost tangible words and nearly tangible phrases lead way
to invisible scrapes and slowly healing abrasions
we’re all choosing and loosing, we’re all cruising for a bruising
we’re all cruising for a bruising, we’ve all chosen and lost
There is nothing in this box
Just a head we’re trapped in
Can you hear it?
Can you feel it cracking?
Track Name: Foxtails - Every Window In Alcatraz Has A View Of San Francisco

now the wind can tear me to shreds / and my bones turn to dust / why should i keep standing if i don't even have a spine / and my bones turn to
well i suppose that this is how it goes / honey you should know that i don't let these things go / and to keep me here is to kill off your air and your lungs will be mine as our tracheae entwine / thought you knew sometime ago that this never was a joke / i tend to lack vision even amongst the stars
why can't someone look in my eyes / without tearing them apart / slow regressions from now to then / slow progressions from if to when
i am both terrified of everything i am and everything i will never be
i'll stay up til sunlight screams for me to go to fucking sleep / i guess you suit me well / you suit me well / you suit me well
my condolences for never forgetting your name it's stitched in my brain so that i always feel the pain
cascades of puke and blood / fell down the drain / wax and wane / wax and wane / along with past daydreams of the sun's embrace / wax and wane / wax and
found naive to a certain extent and i will never know why / i'm sick of clean skin and painless touches / why can't i just get what i deserve / and to keep me here's to kill off your air and your lungs will be mine as our tracheae entwine

i'd slit my throat with a smile on my face if it meant i could ever get out
at 2 am i woke up drenched in sweat to feel the moths taking up the air
it must be nice not to know exactly how it feels to get raped from the inside out / and i might as well just cry / and i cried / i cried / i cried / on your chest
Track Name: Ghost Cat - A Place To Go
Track Name: Ghost of a Dead Hummingbird - He Used To Be A Dying Coyote

Feeding off the shapes and shifting of the pavement, I tried to find the meaning in the distance. Passing all the dreams of steel, what will we name them? Please forgive me, please forgive me for what I've done...for when I'm sin forma. The crippling speed, white knuckle, drink and leave. One single iteration and I'm crawling back to these things. Forty miles of misery, I'm depending on probability. Too frail, too tragic, I'm crawling back to these things.
Track Name: Godzilla was a friend of mine - Paper Cuts Skin
Track Name: Great Dane - Drought

I feel drought where the flowers bloom
Lie and look her in the eyes
Right through my mind a fucking thief
A being so full of greed is not a father to me
Is it not enough
To cause so much pain with love
You prayed for death
I can't escape the hell that's been

Destroying me
Breaking me down to nothing
I am nothing
Than questions left unanswered
I am endless fucking cancer
Just let me out
Just let me out
My body roams free tonight
But my mind's tied down so tight
Just let me out
I've got to get out

So what are you living for
So who are you living for

Looking in every direction
Searching for grace and perfection
Still nothing
Still trying to escape from nothing
Track Name: Hard To Breathe - Spotkanie

Może początek jest w słowie, ale liczy się pierwszy gest
i chwila przeżyta na nowo - i tak już jest od lat
że mówią: początek jest w słowie, ale liczy się ten pierwszy gest
i chwila przeżyta na nowo. Choć dobrze to wiem
biorę kartkę papieru zapisaną po margines.
Każdy błędny ruch podkreślony czerwienią.
Wiem, że było ich zbyt wiele.
Zbyt dobrze to wiem.

Tak jak Ty mam troski i marzenia.
Może kiedyś się spotkamy.

I już będziemy wiedzieć.
Naiwnie jak dzieci uśmiechniemy się do siebie,
wymienimy spojrzenia.

Tak jak Wy mam troski i marzenia.
Może kiedyś się spotkamy.

Tak jak Wy mamy troski i marzenia.
Może kiedyś się spotkamy.

Naiwnie jak dzieci uśmiechniemy się do siebie,
wymienimy spojrzenia.
I zostaniemy razem.
Track Name: Healing Powers - Nothing Waits For You There
Track Name: Heisenberg - Caporetto

Quella notte si posava su un campo di grano innevato dai nostri sospiri
Stringendoci abbiamo tracciato nuove costellazioni per nasconderle al mattino

Poi non è rimasto neppure tanto
Dolore e gioia ho celebrato
Non mi abbracciare senza un perché

Certezze e speranze che uccidono i forti
Respiri sospesi a metà
Lasciamo i ricordi riposare nei solchi
Che ognuno di noi traccerà
Nei venti profondi che sollevano i morti
I fantasmi della mia felicità
Galassie lontane e lacrime d’odio
L’orgoglio ci separerà

Ho rincorso attimi e spazi infiniti per sotterrare le mie domande
Io e te come due diamanti che si specchiano a distanza aspettando la luce dell’orizzonte per tornare a splendere insieme

E’ una disfatta perché la mia Caporetto sei te
Continueremo a combattere nonostante...

Faremo del nostro meglio in questa nebbia
Non c’è ferita che possa arrestare la marcia d’amore
E quando ritorneremo in queste valli dimenticate rinascendo girasoli
Potranno ancora sorreggerci queste gambe di burro?
Malgrado tutte le certezze continueremo a morire passo dopo passo nell'eterna della spensieratezza

Un intero attimo di beatitudine
È forse poco, anche se resta il solo in tutta la vita di un uomo?
Ci feremeremo alla fine del mondo per riposarci un po'
Track Name: Hercules Rockefeller - If I Don't Think About It, There's Always A Chance It Didn't Happen

I’ll take everything I ever did and pretend it never happened.
Even the things I did right.
I want to pretend it never happened.
Wipe me clean.
Erase, rewrite, repeat.
Track Name: hex - Black Sheets // Porcelain Teeth

i feel like a piece of meat
mind is so cluttered i can't even think
lying here in black sheets
trying to make it until the end of the week

the problem's you and me

lips are parted and i can't even speak
and my mind keep up with my feet
air in my lungs but i can't even breathe
focused on her porcelain teeth

the problem's you and me

and i can be trusted with any heart that's not my own

the problem's me

sink your teeth
Track Name: Hurricäde - Merchants Of Mirages

Into a maelstrom our yearnings are swallowed in. Grasping for air. It is never satisfied. Always incomplete and seeking the missing pieces while like plastic thoughts are being molded. Poisoned arrows aimed at our souls, aimed at our weakness, aimed at our sons. Behind your smokescreen there’s only greed, a fist of iron in a silken glove. Merchants of mirages barter misery. Your art won’t seduce us. Your lies won’t reduce us.
Track Name: In Depth With Whales - Craving For Something That Will Never Happen
Track Name: IWAKURA - A Forest Of Dead Trees

Last words:
Crawling in vain, left behind.
Don't kill me please, don't leave me here to die.
We're struggling too, so we don't care. Pumped full of regret until there's nothing left but fear.
I stumble I fall, I'm no one at all.
I call into an empty room,
But my voice just falls dead.
I cry until there's nothing left,
I scream until I spit red.
Track Name: kishote - Mit Feuer Regeln

diese welt erdrückt dich und lässt dir keine wahl in deinem wohlstandsghetto erwischt dich deine eigene qual lass es mit feuer regeln du bekommst nicht das von dem du nicht weißt wer es hat lass es mit feuer regeln was bei dir am meisten brennt findet eh nicht statt lass es mit feuer regeln in der meisten stadt ist nicht genug platz lass es mit feuer regeln
Track Name: Kursk - Losing To A Winning Man

You'll never know the things i did, all over time were nothing fits,
Switching bones from wasted trips, Holy God,
What did you say to me to stop the break inside of me.

Cheat me to your home but i'm not a gambling man,
regret in the tide washed up in a shipwreck.
Is the blame on me? Or is the blame on you?
Sailing home while we were scared to accept the blame
so follow me into the forest.

It doesn't get any better than this but thats ok because that girl needs meat.

Holy God its got to get better than this.
floating ashore how old are you aching away while the leaves are falling with a severed dark so you couldn't see your way.

You were marching in the band growing in the roots of it all,
I may lose my mind but never lose you,
So follow me into the light because home is were the heart is.

Why do you run to give up trying?
Work to play to play away i'd kill you if I could,
Riding on the pieces of your looks the night sky lever looked so good.

Lets survive the dark and forget the past, Here and now.

Draw arms, draw blood, down to your soul,
Till you feel the break and till you've watched it break.
Wait for time to fall with her pain,
Catch the calf don't wake its Mother.
Soldier how brave are you to pour salt in your wounds,
Kneel to the voice of the broken man
and watch him fall apart, once again losing to a winning man.
Track Name: La Haine - W.E. I Get It
:: W.E. I GET IT ::

We can't be saved. Lets play a game. We can't.
Puppets in this throw away(world), it never has to go back to how it use to be. I'll live that cliche.
Keep pretending this is new, I am new.
Puppets in this throw away(world), it never has to go back to how it use to be. I'll live that cliche.
We have darks hearts but what's wrong with you?
Do you want another artist with a gun to his head?
Track Name: La Parade - Doppelgänger

Alma sin ti hermano,
nombro tu ser negado.

Esta desazón dentro en nuestra unión
nos hace abrazar la disolución.

Faltas fiel enemigo,
sobras funesto amigo.

Esta enormidad de separación
nos hace caer en la vacuidad.

Unidos en la aflicción
llené mi sombra con tu cuerpo,
nuestro único nexo el dolor
en el lenguaje del silencio.
Rodeados por el amor insondable
alientos nos llegan,
luces en el vacío,
voces de otro mundo.

Una eternidad
que nos retrató
a los dos
con el rostro del vacío.
Track Name: Le Bain de Maid - 20
:: 20 ::
Track Name: Lentic Waters - A Temporary Quest For Happiness
Track Name: lesserman - Son Of Adam's Missing Rib

“It's a great life if you don't weaken. You call yourself a son of Adam, but where's your missing rib?” You dig your fingers deep into my adolescent side. Any joy I had with you was always uneasy. Your smile only appears with pleasure in my pain. "Don't let anyone shame you and don't you shame yourself. Don't reveal your weaknesses or let anyone take advantage.” I stole more from you than at my age I could count knowing a decade later you saved in part for me. You made down-payments on four houses, paid student salaries, saved an inheritance for grandchildren, among other secret generosities. Sometimes I dream of your approval. You lock tearful eyes with mine to tell me that you love me, that I make you proud though your wisdom never took. I wake unable to reconcile the image with my memory, your expectations and the person that I have become.
Track Name: Lost Limbs - Calm At The Cusp

Wear away this weathered stone
Let these rocks corrode; embrace the waiting sea
Lash upon this battered coast
This body falls onto the rocks below

Never to reach your only goal, but to repeat the glorious failure of old
The near- misses were never consoled with your life spurned, lost, traded and sold.
The cruelty of this sacrifice is meaningless and of no consequence;
Envy is the catalyst and the spark, for this ignorance and stark

You stare down the mountain and wonder who has gone
You look on to the foothills and try to scramble on
You stare down the mountain and think of what you've lost
You cling to the cliff face but dream of letting go
Track Name: mayfields - Vicegrips

i've tried to live my life at a certain pace
emphasize the key points and
leave the narrowest trace

i'd draw the longest line to try to circumscribe these minutes i've wasted
all through these years
they've added up to moments, to days, to a lifetime

so i'll rage against the dying light
til my lungs swell
and i'll strive for artistry
to leave my mark
as a serious man

i counted quietly in my sleep
all the steps it'd take to keep
the worst of this from you
but my body's devastated
and my mind's a blur

so i'd rage against this dying light
but my lungs fill
and i'd strive for artistry
but my eyes fail
and my trembling hands
just can't outline your shape anymore

but my silence is not strength
it's certainly not composure
it's just a feeble vice grip
on the place that i've lost in this world

oh i've lived

i've lived my life without a pace
i'm at a loss for talking points
there's nothing left but consequence
oh but i'd swear anything for you

i counted quietly in my sleep
all the steps it'd take to keep
the worst of this from you
but the truth is
i never saw farther than the shoulders of giants
because i just couldn't climb that high

after the life i've lived
won't be anyone's joke
Track Name: Melchior - Valar Morghulis

first of all your views are problematic
and your ideals are fucking dogmatic
to cancel out a gender is fucking pathetic
don't act like this scene is fair and diplomatic
you cannot grow, you cannot advance
when your brain is in your fucking pants
this is me calling you out
i'm so sick of sexists and woman haters
the abusers and the rapists
i want your existence to be replaced with
people who create safer spaces
i'm so fucking tired, i'm not dealing with it
if you ever touch her i hope she snaps your wrist
we shouldn't have to walk with keys clenched in our fists
if you want to hurt a girl you should not exist
and if you ever have i promise you wont be missed
you cannot grow you cannot advance when your brain
is in your fucking pants
this is me calling you out
Track Name: mojapołowa - Zadzwoń Do Mnie I Uratuj Mi Życie

chwilę po tym jak mnie ochrzcili
postawili przede mną
pieniądze, kieliszek i różaniec
i niby co wybrać miałem?
szukałem więc dalej

próbowałem z chemią
wciąż próbuję z miękkimi
nie spotkałem nikogo kogo chciałbym widywać
i bardziej czuję się zużyty
niż jakbym to ja używał

też chcę kogoś posiadać
tak ścieramy się wszyscy
entropia – to można policzyć
już wolę być cyfrą niż okazać się niczym

pomimo oznaczonych lokalizacji
nie znalazłem siebie w niebieskim tłumie podniesionych kciuków
nie spotkałem nikogo kogo chciałbym widywać
i bardziej czuję się zużyty
niż jakbym to ja używał

w tylnej kieszeni dżinsów nie mam żadnego zdjęcia
tylko film do pocięcia
film do pocięcia
Track Name: Mordant - Justines Of The World Unite
Track Name: Moths - Ccaine
:: CCAINE ::

this is only to fuck (up)
everything in a year. breaking down a desire to disappear
spead that disease before it aligns
with a lust of content within
a thousand legs with the ability to strangle all the lives of desperate men. I was such a desperate man.
desperation moments later:
"despite the in depth configuration of our bodies. nothing means anything and you are not worth my time"
Track Name: мятеж - Stunning Advancements In Revolution

"Wink the eye. Rock the boat. Symptoms capsize. Lies are built inside. The walls are ten feet high. You can't topple affluent markets. Today's forecast, "T'will rain knives." Rising from this trap and run we have to cleanse off your lies. You can't shake me, I am everything. Wait, wait, wait for another day. How many days will we wait? The future's shrouded, seen serenading an accomplice of everything we hate. White walls torn down. You born numb? We'll break out. And I've devised a way."
Track Name: MU UR - персона
:: персона ::

со всей силы вгрызаться
в мокрую землю
пальцы руки ломать
пытаясь зарыться
и бояться дышать
своей тени бояться
бояться почувствовать
ветер, колышущий ветви деревьев
которых боишься
которые видеть
ты больше не можешь
не хочешь не будешь
и тошно и мерзко,
и страшно и глупо.
все глубже вгрызаться
в мокрую землю
и метр за метром лишаться рассудка
Track Name: Nanette - Paroxysm

Anxiety streams through me

Like an x-ray

Like a sweat stain

I'm a membrane

I am stir-crazed
Track Name: Nevasca - Elsewhere

will you be proud of me, dad?
I probably won't become a the man
you always wanted me to be
I just wade through my dreams
and wait for a better chance to realize myself

I've already planned my life
but I don't know the end

promise me
you won't forget

no matter where the wind will blow my skin
no matter who I will become
you won't forget me
and when our family tree finally will burn
promise me
you will understand it

and I hope
you could give me a hug

and let me go in peace
Track Name: No Omega - Staying

Blue grey eyes
i misplaced your face,
but this time i wont be forgotten
i will be erased.

What is it i see, love?
I don't know but it could be anything, my dear
a cliff, a dead-end, where it all ends

What we saw was the end of friendships.
we became too distant, I was just never there
And light turned out
To be an illusion
You erased me
And dared to live.

Said that sometimes you have to dare to face your problems
To stay and confront them

But as i found myself in a situation of constant repetition
Where after two years we never reached a conclusion
I started to see things differently

You stayed for two years
Nothing changed
Now you will finally make your escape
Said that sometimes you have to dare to run away
But i will stay. I am too afraid.
Track Name: No Real Pioneers - The End
:: THE END ::

Ar atsimeni kartą, kai bėgom nuo baimės?
Kojos mums kliuvo už visko, mes griuvom,
mes stojomės, bėgom, turėjom mes tikslą.
Ar atsimeni?

Ar atsimeni uolą, kurią tada radom?
Užsilipom ant jos, atsistojom ant krašto
Ir surikę po žingsnio pajutom mes laisvę, pabėgom nuo baimės.
Ar prisimeni?

Ar matai? Ar matai? Ten aukštai.
Ar girdi? Ar girdi? Varnos ten klykia.
Mes skrendam kartu, išskleidę sparnus
Ir kylam tenais, kur juodas dangus
Ir klykiam.

Aš pabėgsiu ten,
Kur jau nieko neliko,
Kur garsas nesklinda,
Kur vėjas pradingęs.
Ir lauksiu, aš lauksiu.

Lauksiu aš ženklo.
Sulaukęs pakilsiu,
Išskleisiu sparnus
Ir viską iš naujo atrasiu.

Ar matai? Ar matai? Ten aukštai.
Ar girdi? Ar girdi? Varnos ten klykia.
Mes skrendam kartu, išskleidę sparnus
Ir kylam tenais, kur juodas dangus
Ir klykiam.
Track Name: nulajednanulanula - Raikkonen Se Zlatou Hvězdou Na Čele
Track Name: Ofiuco - Alba | Hai Preso Il Meglio Di Me

Ὀφιοῦχος | Asclepio, colui che porta il serpente.
It’s my demise.
Places are not allowed to love.
No more feels are allowed to my heart.

Vuoto nel cuore,
hai preso il meglio di me.

A tormento called world.
Like a fish without gills, I swim in this life.
I’m a keeper // per quanto continuerai // of disgrace // a negare?

Passing days looking windows where I lose myself,
but I want continue to dream from this window called mind.
Because is too early to die // è troppo tardi? // A phoenix can’t die // ho fatto il mio tempo?

Once upon a time, someone has wrote:
"a chronovore is standing behind the essence
is the only one who cares about you // sono lontano da te // because one day him will come for destroy everything."

Sono // (god) senseless // lontano da te // (god) lightness;
Solo // (god) cruelness // lontano da te // (god) loveless;

god is damned,
god is dead, you got kill // solo // him.

Bring me the astral, bring me a dream
and I’ll give you back, for you and for me.
These last lights for us,
the eternal:

solo // me without I;
lontano // me without I;
da te // me without I.

Me without I,
me without I // solo;
me without I // solo;
me without I // sono;
me without I // solo.
Track Name: Øjne - Da Qualche Parte, Nel Momento Giusto

E se dovessi ricominciare da zero?
E se dovessi cancellare tutto?
Potrò ancora dire "ho ancora i miei amici,
i miei dischi, i biglietti del treno"?

Per quanto tempo potrò avere la mente piena
di ciminiere e vecchi palazzi
prima che il suo sguardo incendiario
faccia piazza pulita dei miei ricordi,
e quante luci dovrò accendere,
in quanti vetri specchiarmi
prima che anche questo posto
mi sia familiare?

Ma ci vuole più tempo
per nasconder le cose
che non vanno più bene
che per trovarne di nuove.

Ogni notte, spenta la luce,
non resta che il peso
del sarcasmo in cui annego,
come se tu e tutti gli altri
fossero solo dei nomi
scritti su un braccio.

E ogni mattina almeno per un attimo
quel peso è un ricordo lontano,
e se questo attimo diventasse un giorno,
se ogni giorno fosse lungo un anno
forse sarebbe ancora come quando
l'unica preoccupazione era non scivolare sul ghiaccio,
ricordarsi le chiavi e i vestiti pesanti.
Qualcosa che avrei dovuto scrivere
da qualche parte, nel momento giusto:
se la lancetta si fosse fermata
nel punto tra l'undici e il dodici
sarei stato contento così.

Ma il tempo è passato in fretta
e se dovessi cancellare tutto,
proverei quantomeno a tenere
questi biglietti sbiaditi dei treni,
tutti scaduti da anni.
Fingerei che valgono ancora,
che non prenderei una multa,
che al capolinea ci sia qualcuno
in piedi ad aspettarmi,
incurante del freddo e dei ritardi.



What if I had to start from scratch?
What if I had to erase everything?
Will I still be able to say "I still have my friends,
my records, these train tickets"?

For how long will I be able to keep my mind full
of chimneys and old buildings
before their incendiary eyes
will sweep away all of my memories,
and how many lights will I have to turn on,
in how many glasses will I have to see my reflection,
before this place
will become familiar too?

But it takes more
to hide things
that are no longer good
than finding new ones.

Every night, when the light is turned off,
nothing remains but the burden
of the sarcasm in which I drown,
as if you and everyone else
were all just names
written over an arm.

And every morning, even if just for a moment,
that burden is a distant memory,
and if this moment could become a day,
if every day was a year long,
maybe it would still be the same as when
the only concern was not to slip on the ice
and not forgetting the keys and the warm clothes.
Something I should have written
somewhere, at the right time:
if the clock had stopped
right between eleven and twelve
I would have been happy with it.

But time went fast
and if I had to erase everything
I would at least try and keep
these faded train tickets,
all expired years ago.
I'd pretend that they're still valid,
that I wouldn't get a fine,
that at the last stop there would be someone
waiting for me,
regardless of the cold and of the delays.
Track Name: OsoLuna - La Belleza Del Vuelo

Viajo en el viento enfurecido.
Vuelo tan lejos como puedo.
Vuelo en un paisaje sin final.
El miedo amenaza con cortarnos las alas y nos susurra: no podrás.
No conoces la belleza del vuelo.
Extiende tus alas y salta.
No hay que intentar entender la vida, hay que vivirla.
Track Name: Parmi Les Loups - F r a g r a n c e
:: F R A G R A N C E ::

Awakened by the cold I’ve seen this girl
Alone in the woods, laid down on the ground
By the end of December, haunted by this girl
Alone in the woods, alone until dawn

Ghosts in my eyes
Empty inside

Then I looked to the sky, it talked to my heart
Ghosts in my eyes, blood on my mouth
Haunted by this girl, frozen spikes
Haunted by this girl who put me under oath

I took her snow-white body, so fragile and pale
I held it through the mist, blood flowing from her nails
Haunted by this girl, sublime appearance
Alone in the woods, smelling that phantom fragrance

Ghosts in my eyes
Empty inside
Track Name: Piri Reis - The Devil's Deed Of Donetsk
Track Name: pepi rössler - Shape/Distance

deeper and deeper under my breasts
there’s a place that knows no words or numbers
it’s the distance between us
the shape of a cut rope

shame is the only thing i can feel
Track Name: Politess - Une Douleur Pénétrante Chez Les Dongos

Sitting by the blooming plum tree,
And she blows the flute,
And the stream flows bright.

Rain hits the windows of the jalopy
And she wets her suit,
And the stream flows bright.

Her secrets
Wet the bed
Soaks my hair
Her body fluid
Keep me warm
On cold nights

Sitting by the blooming plum tree,
And she blows the flute,
And the stream flows bright.

Rain hits the windows of the jalopy
And she wets her suit,
And the stream flows bright.

Her secrets
Wet the bed
Soaks my hair
Her body fluid
Keep me warm
On cold nights

Pissing all over the land
Dripping all over my hands
Show me the way to milk your glands
Squirting all over my plans
Track Name: Pride And Ego Down - Making Wheat Out Of Tares
Track Name: Rangka - 四
:: 四 ::

We're only temporary
We're here for tonight
We are the burning paper
That you see at the side of the road
Let the rain wash down the ashes
From ashes to ashes to ground
This is what we all expected
Disappearance without sound
Das ist Verbrennung dritten Grades
Diese Haut wächst nicht mehr nach
Das ist alles was nicht wahr ist
Und es auch niemals war
Der Brustkorb bricht auf
Der Schmerz stellt sich ein
Die Knochen verbrannt
Das Ende des Seins.
Track Name: Raum Kingdom - Barren Objects

I wait for a savior,
Forever under night,
Black Mirror,
Hold it,
Deliver my redemtion,
Open minded,
Close fisted.
Waiting learning, from the distance,
Destroys, Whats inside,
Take it all, from your body,
Just enough, to feed me blind,
Broken bones, and open wounds,
Are all, that i can hide,
Tears of pleasure, roll down your face,
How does it feel, to be disgraced,
Welcome to this, barren place,
Time to, reflect and face..
Save your own skin.
These are your sins.
Deal with them.
Track Name: Ravin - Stigmates

Des discours, des assonances de liberté
Des décisions saccadées,
Prier à ta perte, prier encore
A la désacralisation.
Tes stigmates de vérité
de la poudre, des clous,
De la couleur sur des toiles fanées
Vivre, voir pour vouloir être
Rien ne se passe.
Le jugement,
Arracher la page.
Track Name: Riccardo - Kraków
:: KRAKÓW ::
Track Name: Roanoke - Hunch
:: HUNCH ::
Track Name: Saatleri Ayarlama Enst. - V
:: V ::

extinction begun
evidible and precisely
take a head of harbinger
there wont be a second ark
apathetic nerves makes you numb
you are eating your tail unconciously
when last bite reach your neck
it will be too late
why you want, always more
when will your hunger end
unnamed tombstones are slowly appering
is sucking you inside, you're not shinning
you names are appearing
you are rotting
Track Name: Saligia - Phoenix

tell me if you know what it's like to burn!
kindled, your self in flames.
a life lived in fire.
Track Name: Scared of Everything - I Love My Dog More Than You

How can you pretend to love those whose torture you're so blind to?
I hate to break it to you, but humane meat is a fucking myth
I know it's difficult to hear but the truth always hurts

Eat, wear, love? Hypocrite

A child born into a factory
Denied true life, and a family
Mankinds lust for destruction knows no end

I will not subscribe to such a blatant lie
It's all fucking false
Track Name: Shizune - Vesper
:: VESPER ::

ignoriamo troppo a lungo
che un attimo
è perpetuo nella memoria
dove ogni evento
scorre tra le macerie
del più antico dei ricordi
trascinandone al volto il bagliore
di orizzonti eclissati
ovunque, altrove, ancora

non distogliermi
dalle immagini
non puoi costringermi
a rinunciare

ostentare la mnemonica
non è il risultato del procedere
senza digerire i resti dei giorni
che crollano nel silenzio
dei nostri limiti
confini fragili
posti tra lacrime e sorrisi
riducendo lo spazio
aumenta il vuoto
a colmare
le nostre vestigia

di ogni istante
conosco a memoria
la sua fine
dimmi cosa c'è
oltre il tempo
che non ho scorto mai
io comincio
dalla fine
Track Name: SiFulan - Mirrors

Our reflections
An emulation glass

Distorted figures
A vision no one
can imitate.

Hash. Bash. Crash. Thrash.

(Bagaikan melempar batu ke danau. Di hatiku riak air meluas. Tak bisa dengan yang lain. Apakah ini tak boleh?)
Track Name: Sivie Sue Mori - Sanctuary

I hear the hail rain beating your window and roof
Seems that in your little wooden house nothing can scares you
You're so cold and then I keep an eye on your face
Can't say if you're waiting for a kiss or wishing me away
The welcome carpet on the room says
"Sanctuary of luck and happiness"

We weren't used to the good weather approaching
it's fake any reaction of a emotion
your sickness is my weakness, your fearless way to go to bed to sleep
what happened to you or maybe happened to me?

And I imagine us together rebuilding this house
Cleaning the floor and painting some walls
Changing the dishes, buying new clothes, watching the movie you like most
Hiding our body for the cold, cold wind touching lovely each other skin
But it's so hard to work hard on this plan
We already thought about it I won't it say it again

Your sadness is my sadness too
This black and white landscape as it used to be
As you, as me
When you fight against yourself it's impossible to win

I hate the smell of this cowardice
wake up, wake up!

Sometime I'd just like to act with this impulse of violence that lives in my heart and mind
I think that it could help us somehow
Track Name: Soul Structure - Dovedale
Track Name: Synecdoche - Hole (The Band)

October 10th I saw my breath for the first time, and it scared me to think how something held down deep was seen so clearly.
Desperate I try to take it back in
But it froze
And I choke
I choke it back down
And it shook my bones
I fear how much the cold can show
Track Name: tantetimbuktu - Firewall

mit jeder träne, die du ehrlich weinst
kehrt ein stück von deiner menschlichkeit zurück
und mit jedem lächeln, dass du ehrlich schenkst
bricht die maske die du trägst

ich habe keine höhenangst
ich hab nur schrecklich angst davor
zu fallen

und die argumente haben wir doch
alle tausendmal gehört
auch die ausreden und schuldigen
wiederholen sich im minutentakt
und du hast wieder nichts gesagt
und keiner redet, keiner fragt

ich habe keine höhenangst
ich hab nur schrecklich angst davor
zu fallen

und was mich am meisten stört
ist das es einfach immer weiter gehen wird
ausgrenzung, ablenkung,
präsentieren von „lösungen“


und die kraft in unseren herzen
schafft sich raum, macht uns stark
bringt die träume an die luft
nie mehr angst, isolation!
gib nicht auf
ich geb nicht auf
gib nicht auf
ich geb nicht auf



and with every tear you cry honestly
a piece of your humanity returns
and with every smile that you are giving
another crack appears on the mask that you are wearing

i don`t have a fear of heights
i`m just terrified of falling

and those arguments
we heard a thousand times
and the excuses and culprits
are repeated by the minute
yet again you didn't say a word
no one talks, no one asks a question

i don`t have a fear of heights
i`m just terrified of falling

it’s the fact that it will simply go on and on
that bothers me most
exclusion, distraction
representing solutions

and the power in our hearts
creates space and, makes us strong
brings our dreams to live
no more fear, no more isolation
don`t give up
i`m not giving up
Track Name: Tantive IV - Learning To Play The Violin

I remember hearing you name
i thought I'd never forget your voice
But that must have gone first
Shatter me

Every failing day, i worked hard
Starting with bricks and mortar
Around my heart, I've become unbreakable
But sorrowful and locked in my own prison

I need an escape
I need to breathe
i need to feel
I'm ready to scream and dissolve my world

Could you be the one to shatter my defenses
Could you be the one to open my eyes
Could you be the one to help me escape myself
Because my heart's starting to beat again lying next to you
And my defenses are melting away looking into your eyes
And I'm starting to scream again
And my hearts pounding at full speed
And I'm starting to believe in things just as if it was like for the first time
Track Name: Tarkovsky - Смежные Комнаты
:: Смежные Комнаты ::
Track Name: Tdoafs - Day Off
:: DAY OFF ::
Track Name: The Tidal Sleep - The Valley Dweller

There’s a burst full of memories.
And a piece full of tragedies.
It takes courage and a broken heart,
to destroy all of this part by part.
I think we hit the ground.
Because it doesn't feel like flying anymore.
And to be honest the last bit felt more like falling, falling forward.
Into the irrelevant.
Into this.
I had a dream about this.
I had a dream about us.
I had a déjà vu in the middle of a crash.
Now I need to stomach some well known facts.
The highest heights became the lowest lows.
Rotten mass mistaken for gold.
You’ve lost your grasp on reality.
We’re going through the whole rigmarole again.
You don’t care, so i don’t care.
Falling forward.
Into the irrelevant.
Into this.
And since day one we were bound to an oath.
For aught I know it didn’t work out.
And we keep hitting the ground just for that special soothing sound.
That’s still ringing loud in my ears.
That’s still tingling my fears.
And turning into white noise in a room full of strangers.
I want to be deaf and blind.
I want to lose hearing and sight.
All the collisions we tried to avoid.
All the illusions and daydreams we fueled
We were colliding.
And dodging the facts which kept swinging back.
And fixing the fractures that kept getting cracks.
Track Name: Tempano - Ballarat

¿Por qué esta agresión potencial, truncando el destino ,
con nuestras manos?
¿Por qué este ausente silencio, secando el suelo,
bajo nuestros pies?
¿Por qué esta incesante acción?
La tierra gimió dolor.
El brillo, el rio perdió.
La vida parece desierta.
¿Por qué esta agresión potencial?
Suben en busca del aire,
pero alejamos su aliento.
Convirtiendo en naturaleza finita
cualquier forma de vida.
Caso omiso del futuro,
decisión que no nos pertenece.
Padeciendo irreversibles cicatrices,
convertidas en ruinas sin retorno.
Track Name: Tentacles - Ambivalence
Track Name: Terry Green - Rich A$ Fuck
:: RICJ A$ FUCK ::

my lips can’t speak your foreign language
my eyes used to see but we forgot ourselves
where will i be when i get lost
where will you be when you are gone
it’d be better a year a from now

the same ringing flaunts my ears
our voices on repeat
we’re screaming violently

with that being said
we’re finally dead
when we ascend
we’ll finally meet again
Track Name: Things Fall Apart - Grey Hair

It's so hard these days to be yourself
originality collects like dust on a shelf
I think that I've become part of this crime
like the less fortunate I've become blind
no one knows me for me, I've buried the truth
and my father always said be true to yourself
but my fathers ashamed every day
so much that his hairs gone grey
So lustful not for beauty but for acceptance
so much that human emotion is absent
My friends now call me an acquaintance
so I'll reflect on myself with words
words you'll hear in this song
I can only put on a front and act calm
but we all know that it won't last long
like father like son they say
but my father is ashamed of me everyday
someone ignite the match and set me to flames
so that I'll be the one to blame
Because I am way off track
this is not where I want to be
and so I'll continue to sing
forget me just leave me
I'll continue to live in this dream
times have changed and so have I
why can't I feel alive
my life is a lie
and so is yours
we are a dying world
Track Name: Thisismenotthinkingofyou - Death From Above
Track Name: Treehouses - Soft Voices

thoughts of what we've lost and gained
are twisting this allegory
onto itself
always tired
never resting
time was never an ally

we talk in soft voices
making efforts to push time
the inevitable forgone conclusions
slightly further out of sight
it's working from where I sit
even sadness is warm and familiar with you

the numbness is gone
instead awakened is dormant passion
unfamiliar enthusiasm
appreciation for mundane drones and routine
i've never been so fucking happy sitting next to someone on a bus

i see four stars from where I’m sitting
please tell me you can see them too
remind me you’re on this earth with me

we hold on to
each dying second
savouring moments
sticking memories
on our walls
not forgetting
not forgetting

when waiting vacant expectations
pull my nerves
the complex puppetry of trembling limbs
in continuum
every second away from you
i'm consumed
mesmerised by memories
tripping over expectations

wasting time never felt so productive
bright lights masking past struggles
Tendencies for melodrama foster apprehension

I remember lies I told myself to create fantasies
where all happiness is fiction
naive pursuit leaves me depleted
deconstructing feelings
thinking about thinking
and writing about writing

but time is fluid
thoughts come easier
like cones were stoned stones you've thrown
away and further than I thought

no longer do i easily find inspiration
defaulting to self pity
fuck wallowing in tears shed
over an unwillingness to let go
step outside
come with me

we hold on to
each dying second
savouring moments
sticking memories
on our walls
not forgetting
not forgetting
Track Name: Trueth - By All Means Follow Your Heart
Track Name: Truman - A Dim Light Amidst The Darkness Of Despair
Track Name: UnaxManoxAlxCuello - A.M.(H).O.R (Anquilosados Misteriosamente Hacia Obediencias Remotas)
:: A.M.(H).O.R (Anquilosados Misteriosamente Hacia Obediencias Remotas) ::


(Ludus, Eros, Mania, acotando el amor y la sexualidad con etiquetas no llegaremos a ningún sitio.)

Storge, Agape, Pragma, con libertad cariño y pasión para destruir este universo
Track Name: Us Pàlm - Mask Youth
Track Name: the verlived orchestra - Part I: New Year

It isn't your wish, but you should leave. And drown all your dreams to march forward. It will never be right. Also your 'one-year domination' seemed so short. The stars will be something you always want to catch. But, you always get grounded. You wish you were born many years after 1998.
Track Name: Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket - Illusionen Om Oss

Jag lever när jag är med dig. När jag är ensam är allting tyst. 
Och tystnaden den skrämmer mig. I tystnaden försvinner jag.

Vi föds ensamma, vi lever ensamma, vi dör ensamma. 
Bara genom vår kärlek och vänskap kan vi skapa oss en illusion om 
att vi inte är ensamma.
Ge mig illusionen, det är allt jag vill ha.
Du är illusionen, det är allt jag vill ha.

Alla stunder vi går miste om, på olika håll. Alla dagar som passerar, 
på olika håll. Ögonblick som förlorar sin mening, på olika håll. 
Det är inte så jag vill leva, på olika håll.

Jag skulle ge dig allt. Min morgon, min dag, min kväll, min natt.
Jag skulle ge dig allt. Min vår, min sommar, min vinter, min höst.
Om du vill ha det, är jag din. Om du vill ha mig, är jag din.

Du tar fram det bästa hos mig. Den person jag vill vara. 
Och ensamheten försvinner.

The illusion of us

I am alive when I am with you. When I am alone, everything is silent. And the silence scares me. In silence, I disappear.

‘We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone.’
Give me the illusion, it’s all that I want
You are the illusion, it’s all that I want

All the moments that never happened, since we’ve been apart. All the days which have passed, since we’ve been apart. Moments which lose their meaning, since we’ve been apart. It’s not how I want to live, being apart.

I would give you everything. My morning, my day, my evening, my night.
I would give you everything. My spring, my summer, my winter, my fall.
If you want it, I am yours. If you want me, I am yours.

You bring out the best in me. The person who I want to be. And loneliness disappears.
Track Name: Virasay - Send Us All To Sleep
Track Name: Vmgnovenijah - Golden Mistake
Track Name: VRIL - Disillusion/Unveil
Track Name: Всей юности итог - Молоко
:: Молоко ::
Track Name: We Had A Deal - Agnostic Manifests Pinned To A Thousand Trees

It seems like we communicate through stories
So I wrote a thousand essays about standing beside myself, all in my head,
I counted every leave of a thousand trees, all in my sleep,
Drew a thousand pictures of the whale inside my head that’s weighing me down,
All in one blink, nothing changed.
Halfway to depression I ran out of breath, opened up my ribcage
And let Goya’s nightmares eat my insides out until they ate their fill
Despite all I just couldn’t unravel this knot inside my chest.
Licking wounds and trophy scars, useless idols, unemployed gods,
All my pretentious and quite predictable wannabe-poetry won’t help me,
Speechless, fumbling for words, to say what we mean and mean what we say.
So keep your hands where I can see them (this is a robbery).
This show of scars is over (don’t even try to call for help).
Now empty your remote controls,
I’m collecting batteries for my flashlight at the end of the tunnel.
Hand them over, nice and slow, no use losing any sleep about it,
Because rewind buttons don’t seem to work and “fast forward” is useless anyway
(Don’t play the hero, keep your hands where I can see them and) count to 1983 and I’ll be gone.
Track Name: we watch clouds - Birds Will Shit Over Your Bleeding Gums

we’re walking backwards
we never look up the sun
vivid beams spoils sight
we discard our hope
and find joy in loss
investigations closed
no clues were left, no traces to track
this one-piece puzzles dumb
pull yourself together, Beverly Hills decay,
movie screen hum, circumstances lack

and so we’re wandering instead of hunt,
“stay sharp” they say - straight way to bleed out.
Track Name: Whane - Per Poi Vederti Diventare Nebbia

Ripenso al silenzio e all'aria bianca attorno a te,
dimenticami spesso in questo ricordo che non c'è.
Mi addormento senza sonno per tornare a quell'istante
riassemblerò tutti quei frammenti e poi resterò qui ad aspettare
con quell'immagine sempre meno viva.
Track Name: Whenskiesaregray - We Passed Each Other Quietly
Track Name: Wisdom Tooth - Suffer
:: SUFFER ::

No man lives a good life til he's dead
No man lives a good life til he's dead
Well how do i talk myself into believing
That i am already dead

Wallow in your suffering
Swallow your pride
Like running through mud
Up to your eyes
Track Name: Youth Crush - Youth Crush Anthem
Track Name: zato ino - Just Like A Running Horse

'love - death'. i say these words repeatedly. these are just waste of thoughts. your bare body approach me every night. i cant decide, if its just a dream, or something else. as you push your knife on flat ice. flat and cold ice. what a waste of just being. what a waste of just being. what a waste of just being.