Songs For The Dead Vol​. ​2

by The Death Of A Modernist

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Hi friends.

This is the second release of 'The Death Of A Modernist - Songs For The Dead' mix tape volumes which is dedicated to showcasing 'emotive punk' driven artists.

I would like to send out a big 'thank you' to all the amazing labels & artists who agreed to participate in this project and to each of you for taking the time to listen.

I hope you all enjoy Songs For The Dead Vol. 2. Please spread the word, download and share this mix tape with all your friends.

Lastly... if you enjoy any of these artists, please do support them. Any little gesture will go a long way. They are all amazingly talented and deserve your attention.

Stay Punk!



released December 10, 2014

Photography :: Bryn De Kocks


Cover Layout :: Uncharted Maps




all rights reserved


The Death Of A Modernist South Africa

Founded MMXIV.

Underground music source for the kids.


FREE music always. DO NOT PAY if credits run out.

Credits resume again on the 28th of each month.

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Track Name: Aleska - Passengers
If I am drawn by the water
First, don't forget to keep the fire alive
Water is a trap which reflects ourselves
But if you throw a stone you'll only see
Shades of what do you think you are.

I sink against your cheek like ink.

I'm floating in this eternity.
I fell at the end
My brothers are keeping the fire alive, when I fall
You are our passengers that we can't betray.
Track Name: Amygdala - Punk Has No Room For Closet Misogynists
I stand here with my beer to my temple
And listen to you bitch and moan
About a false kind of love
I applaud your act with rolling eyes
Because I know all that matters to you
Is whats in between my thighs
Do you still sing with a broken heart
When you refer to us as toys
Right before your fucking set
The lovers, the dreamers and I
Have more passion in the songs we sing
Do You Still?
Track Name: Annakarina - Chimeras
Track Name: Aperture - Black Waves
Living these streets in the shadows of the sun,
always asking myself where is my place in this world.
Daylight comes and I will fade away.
I try and retry but every time I fail.
My childhood hit me strong and the high school was a war.
Running away with these old black shoes.
There are so many stories that they can tell you.
Twenty one and I’ve always seen my dreams clearing away like clouds through the sky.
Try, realize, fail.
You Fail.
Try, realize, fail (void eyes).
I see the black waves crushing down on me and I am fading away.
Track Name: Apostles Of Eris - I've Seen the Fnords
It is my firm belief that it is a mistake to hold firm beliefs. If you want in then declare yourself what you wish and tell us about it, or if you prefer don't. To choose order over disorder or disorder over order is to accept a trip composed of both the creative and destructive, but to choose the creative over the destructive is an all-creative trip composed of both order and disorder. There are no rules anywhere.
Track Name: Après La Chute - Le Cimetière Des Vivants
Bienvenue dans le cimetière des vivants,
Parqués d'allées en allées,
Payant notre emplacement,
Dans ce cimetière des vivants,
Structures rectilignes et vitreuses,
Qui ne reflètent que notre vanité,
Je paye le poison qui me permettra de vous quitter,
En toute connaissance de cause.
Bienvenue dans le cimetière des vivants !

Je vois déjà vos plaques mortuaires,
Cachées sous ces linceuls que sont,
Ces sites de soi-disant partage,
Partage de quoi puisqu'il n'y a plus, de valeur,
Même la vie n'est plus valeureuse, c'est un labeur,
Que nous partageons tous, plus ou moins,
Lorsqu'on se croise dans ces allées,
Ces artères de goudron pullulantes,
De transporteurs mécaniques,
Qui nous amènent dans nos cimetières respectifs !
Pas un regard de compassion, pour tous ces gens s'évertuant,
A trouver leur place, à chercher leur place !

Une étrange danse éphémère, tout à fait triviale,
même si on préfère la dissimuler derrière,
une certaine civilité, une foutue civilité,
Pas à pas s'acharner, se débattre pour conserver,
Son bien être, s'il fut trouvé.

S'échapper du tumulte de la ville,
Qui ne nous fait que creuser un précipice,
Chaque jour entre nos semblables,
Rêvant tous d'être Unique on a cru créer des différences,
Mais quelles différences on se les invente,
Petit mammifère primate au cerveau gonflé,
Mais plus vraiment les pieds sur Terre,
Alors je déambule, dans ce coin de béton, qui m'est alloué,
Et je fleuris déjà ma tombe de mon vivant,
Avant que ce ne soit toi qui le fasse pour moi !
Track Name: Aspergers - До встречи
скажи мне, каждый ли миг ночи достоин моего бега в темный омут беспечной души, в место, где мне уже никогда не хватит тебя?

выпусти кровь, мне бесконечно тошно от мысли, что я любил себя сильней. я неправ, я обесточен... мне все равно. проснувшись ночью, я лишь выключу свет.
Track Name: Astrid - Deliverance
Life, you ripped my chest open and put your hands into my heart. You grabbed all the colour that was left, and you pulled all of it out of me. In that respect, you are crueller than death.

Death merely does his job, and death ends this state of suffering you have caused.

Life, you seep out everything I had left in me. You took away everything I ever knew. Slowly, you enjoy the despair I seem to show through my worn out skin.

You amplify the my greatest nightmares and they come for me over and over again.

I’ll drag this dead weight, but I know there is no actual end. Swift sweet pain, death ends my misery and carries my weighted limbs back into the ground where I belong, where depth differs from that you gave, where depth is merely the depth of my bedded grave.

Sweet sweet death, come rescue me.
Come save me from this fucking misery.
Sweet swift pain, come destroy me.
Come pull me to eternity.
Track Name: Bastos - No Handle
Track Name: Beaver - Cascades
i want to say that here i stuck in one big mess for days this season is the reason for change this time i will make my own decisions and now all is going to be changed in my mind these words were stronger than me until now now i know i'm no longer that guy who was weak now he's tight but looking back i'm still in fear i'm just men with no chance
Track Name: Black Love - Becker's Leitmotif
A light in the hive, fueled by the fear of death.
Transfixed in the process of plotting humanity.
A light in the hive, bright in the fire of death.
Conspicuously trite aims well beyond commodity.
Walking into traps you spent aeons uncovering.
"Where does a snake crawl once its skin is shed?"
The urgency is nothing but fear of not reading your name in print
"The burden of the perfect life, the burden of the best illusion."
Track Name: Blind Girls - Cycles Of A Last Memory
Our impermissible love now on display suffocated by their standards and realise your empty recognise their spiteful hands crush them they once held her their ugly mouths whisper of my heart concealed and scream disapproval lovers now torn in two in the grey between our houses I sink into the memory you
Track Name: BYMYSIDE - Worthless Life
I wish I wasn’t born
So that I couldn’t hear the world’s empty words
I wish I wasn’t born
So that I couldn’t care of yours empty heads

This poor world always disgusts me
I wish I wasn’t born
To scorn you in the same way

I wish I wasn’t born
‘cause you don’t fit me.

I wish I wasn’t born
‘cause you don’t fit me
and I don’t fit you.

I don’t fit you.
Track Name: CADY - H.H Holmes
There's a documentary on television but I'm barely here
Something about skinless children keeps flickering into focus

I once thought I might kick the ladder out, though now it's just a caustic haze
It's a darkened crawl space, it's purity and spectral

Caroline's soaked in kerosene
I want to join her
Tear open a hole, so I can crawl in
Track Name: Call Me Home, Castaway - Death Hashish
Ti rifugi in false superstizioni senza pensare che qualcuno ti veda. Stai affondando su questa nave di false persone. Prega il tuo signore che nessuno ti abbia visto sbagliare, prega il tuo signore che nessuno ti abbia visto sbagliare.
E ora sei nudo davanti alla derisione e alle risate.
Track Name: Caminos - Cabeza Al Suelo
Cabeza al suelo

¿Puedes ver la inseguridad detrás de lo que siento?
Tengo pánico del tiempo, de convertirme en otro recuerdo

Quiero dejar de mirar al suelo
Quiero dejar de pedir perdón

Tengo miedo de sonreír, tu sabes lo intenté
Tengo miedo de partir, tu sabes lo intenté

No queda nada por hablar
No queda nada por sentir
Me estoy hundiendo con el mar
Estoy sintiendo el fin

Cuando todo muere a tu alrededor las promesas se vuelven vacías
El amor se extingue frente a tus ojos y ya nada tiene sentido

En mis sueños todo es perfecto
En mis sueños todo sigue igual
Quisiera seguir durmiendo, por siempre… por siempre…
Track Name: Capacities - Bumper Sticker Education
Frame the sketch where you're the victim in a ploy to maintain the status quo. This is not your cry for your freedom, this is your move at legislation. The tide is turning. Overcome with fear at a world without your unfounded moral schizophrenia.
Track Name: Carrion Spring - International Adult Conspiracy
Am I mistaken?
Feed on me
I feed off of you
Stronger one
With Much weaker morals
Drain me

But alas I still pay it forward

Shed you from me
Another mask
A faulty maker
Fragments of self
Define the debt I’m in
Drain me

But alas I still…

Fall deeper
Deeper to no end

Deeper to no end

How can I be something more without your guise?
It will become you
It will become you

I’m trapped behind the vines that disregard their roots
Deception clings to you
I’ve mapped out all your ways of disrepair
Still deception clings to you
Track Name: Charlotte Light and Dark - Salvador Dalek
Upon my chest he carved names of
Everyone he ever loved
The canvas was blank
The canvas was blank.

With eyes
Drawn for others
It was hard to see him
For the artist that he was
Lost inside his audience.

Ply your eyes and your smiles for him
With no woven strand, we abound.

Build for hunchback opinion, dirty acceptance
A product of clayman endeavours
Betrayal, betrayal!
The heart screams betrayal!

Compromise is my spine
The audience is my skin.
Track Name: CityCop - This Is War, War Is Hell
Welcome back.
It's been a while since I've seen you around.
And it's nice to have you back, it's alright, I guess we all have a little liar in all of us, it's hard to escape.
You see, The devils got his hands wrapped around my throat,
and he's not giving in, he's not letting go.
When I see him in my sleep every night, I think I'll embrace him.
Because as bad as a figure that he's become,
at least I've got somebody to talk to.
My minds always racing, I can never sit still, I've got this problem and it's making me ill.
But It's three in the morning now, I need to get sleep, cause in a few hours the devil and I meet.
The pressures weighing down on me, it's weighing down on me.
Track Name: Coma Regalia - The Skywalk Is Gone
this brick and glass is not your flesh
so why do i hold it so dear?
it's just where you came from
it's not who you are
those crumbling walls
i drive by them and i miss you

then ignore you when you're right here
always ignore you
Track Name: Concreto Morto - À Base De Convulsões Prévias, Errôneas
A todo o tempo, os fatos nos confundem. (“Quem está sempre assistindo, esperando o que vem depois, nunca age”). O que nos impede de lutar rasteja, ao longo de gerações. Com os pensamentos em chamas, nos deparamos com a desmotivação. E então, nos damos conta de que o que guia nossas vidas não passa de ilusão.
Track Name: Crows-An-Wra - Perseus
Only ten metres high Icarus can fly, before his wings turn to dust. and the air that i breathe isn’t enough. Perseus drowning in oil. to reap, ravage, sack and destroy but the heart that you hold isn’t your own and the body you keep will turn to stone!
Track Name: Dispirited - Sick Of Being Human.
Don't tell me you understand
When i know you really dont
I dont need your sympathy
What I need's an antidote
Who's been looking?
Who's been searching?
Who will sing of me when im gone?
Im out of my mind

Just another sleepless night
Ive gotten used to the ceiling against my eyes
Im out of my mind

Slaughter my mind, conscious to casket
Spending my time looking through baskets
Lost and found, I'm lost and never to be found
Slaughter my mind, conscious to casket
Spending my time weaving these baskets
Im lost and found, lost and never to be found

What do they want with me?
What do they want?
Im sick of being human
Sick of being a human being
Track Name: Druse - Maternal
I can taste the blood in my mouth.
I can taste the wine in my lap.
I can still breathe from inside of a bag.
My face is flushed against the window.

I can see you counting every minute down,
I can hear your back peeling from the seat,
and I’m a drunk,
and I’m a coward,
and I will fight you every day.

I thought I told you we could go when you were ready to go.

A tight lipped kiss goodnight, you face the wall.
I only want you when everything’s taken care of.
‘Cause that’s what I said works best for us.
If you lived here you’d be home by now.
You want to go home, but there you are.

A mother loves her son.
Track Name: ∞ - Antakaa Meidän Nukahtaa
Minun tatuoinnit ovat lakanan jäljet iholla.
Tuijotan eteeni jossa tytöt puhuvat hiljaa
kieltä joka ei kuulu tähän maailmaan

En tiedä mikä surettaa kun katson ulos maisemaan

Junan ikkunasta heijastuu
sanoja kasvoilleni
"Me olemme menneet edeltä, ulospäässeet"

Voisinpa elää näkemättä elämää
Aineettomasti leijailla ja istahtaa vierellenne
kuuntelemaan salaisuuksia

Sänkyni päällä on kuva
joka maalattiin kuolemattomasti
siinä makaan kesän keveydessä
näyttää etten hengitä

Olen lakanan alla
odotan että se alkaa vaikuttaa
myrkky imeytyy kehoon
aion nukahtaa

En tiedä mikä surettaa kun katson ulos maisemaan

antakaa meidän nukahtaa
antakaa meidän nukahtaa
antakaa meidän nukahtaa
antakaa meidän nukahtaa
Track Name: Elephant Opinions - Endless Dream
There will be no truth from you anymore. I tried to reach you, but was always rejected. You are hiding behind the sun and every my scald is stronger. You’re walking around like lost soul and looking for fears again. It’s too late to open all windows and gates, your fear created all ghosts. It’s too late to change your mind, your faith created all gods. Sun will go down soon, it was so easy, without losing life to lose your mind. It’s time to fall asleep in endless dream. Not to live, not to die, not to lose any moments.
Track Name: End Of Maze - Lonesome Road
would you still hold my hand
if a noose will fall down on my neck
or you are the one who will knock off the stand
under my feet. please don't hide your eyes
if you're gonna do it
if you're executer...

since you healed my wounds in the past
and carry my soul through
i'm calm because it ends by you
i'm calm because it ends by you...
Track Name: ENZE - Boira Negra




Track Name: Escapism - Parasites
i do adore my own eyes
they're so decptive
i felt in love with my glassess
let the cracks expand!
more and more and more and more
distortion is such relief
to atrocious compunction
my dissementation
oh sweet dissimentation
i am a scrounger
Track Name: Feverteeth - Inspiration / Expiration
This goddamn routine
will be the death of me
but I cant break monotony
(cant or wont?)
sunrise sunset
sunset sunrise

what difference does it make?
there’s only dirt slipping between my fingers
dust and ash cover these hands
anxiety of self defeat clutches at me
Its grip is too tight

And at night as I try to fall asleep
my dreams, they make it hard for me to breathe
I’ve learned for better or for worse
to keep my lungs full for there’s safety in holding our breath
(we find safety in holding our breath)
but what use is there in living this way
where nothing happens and nothing will change
in entropy we all suffocate
Track Name: Fiesta Minor - Florets
engulfed in the flames of our youth
we are burned by the blackness of spring
restless nights are formed
from lightless days
the smoke sings like children
my eyes quiver with the heat
as light fragments
into the world
your hands felt like eternity
as your lips blossomed against my cheek
stood bathing in the rain
Track Name: Finlandia/Singapur - Y Las Llaves De Mi Auto
Arboles epilepticos
Jirafas explosivas
Las llaves
El auto
Track Name: FlowersxOfxCarnage - Fail-Safe
as we engage
this dance of deterrence
we choose to defend or to burn
regress, trace the wounds, regress
there is comfort in all deprivation

remission, self deconstruction
entrancing this callous disease
escape, seek cover, escape
enforced to believe, left to decay

senses severed, witness the wreckening
this hydra brings blood soaked breath
nearing summation, ignition of flames
embracing the end, and stand ablaze

i will submit, i surrender
cut open, on my knees
my failures, i will remember

i will submit, i surrender
descending into my deepest abyss
ill end this
ill bury you with me
Track Name: Forever Losing Sleep - Trophied
A failure, I was born in your eyes
Your greatest mistake
And I am what's wrong with everything
And I am what's wrong with me
I am nothing, I am no one, I am yours

I'll just pretend that I can be fixed
Because somethings are meant to be broken
And I am one of them
A silhouette of what was never meant
So stay away it would be best to keep your distance
I have come to terms that there is nothing more than this
And every empty word I sent your way was meaningless
Track Name: Fuck, Wolves! - Hermann Prolletzky ... Das Gibt Ärger
Glühende Wirren,
Du, Ich, Du.
Das alles ... kann's denn so weitergehen?
Eindrücke festgehalten in fliehenden Momenten.
Langsam kommt Schwärze,
aber solange noch Luft zwischen unseren Lungen ist
seh ich ein Licht.


Blistering commotion,
You, me, you.
All of this ... can it go on like that?
Impressions captured in fleeting moments.
Blackness creeps in,
but as long as there's air between our lungs
I'll see a light.
Track Name: Ghost Mother - The Luzhin Defence
bleed me out
"Here we are again, man. We're safe and we're sound."
"Master, master! Come on down."
"Seems very precious, you should take care of it."
"Here we are sir."
"I'll have the soup and the fish."
"That man could be anything. That man is a genius."
tell me you've got a story,
I haven't heard before,
tell me you've got a story,
you're being a bore.
tell me you've got a story,
I haven't heard before,
I would tell you I've got a story, but I can't get off the floor.
check, checkmate, bleed me out
Track Name: Ghost of a Dead Hummingbird - I Don't Think Tonight's A Good Idea
paradise seems further than ever, but paradise has come for you.
at least it makes you feel something.
paradise seems further than ever, but paradise has come for you;
such a quiet place.

i watched your eyes grow darker and darker; glazed with the most dismal shade of blue i have ever seen.

you will always have his name etched into your skin, so i'll just stay bitter.
so you can keep searching and teething for anything to numb;
for anything to numb the pain and put yourself to sleep.

it's not safe to rely on borrowed things.
could i have found a better way to write the ending?

it's been a secret for far too long and i won't say a word, i won't say a thing, i'll cut out my tongue to keep from laughing.

as the pattern gets more tangled, being subtle is no longer enough.
speak up, speaker.

speak up, speaker.
Track Name: Gli Altri - Progettare Un Luogo
La coercizione fisica, l'innalzamento di barriere fra individui,
un sistemico processo teso a mantenerci schiavi di beni materiali,
di sterili bisogni e di stati.
Che determina le vite, costruisce, si reinventa,
fino a rendersi totale, fino a quando lo vorrai.
Non aspetto altro che un pensiero critico, l'unica istanza libera.
Track Name: Home Burial - Grew Up Like My Daddy Did
Violence is coming in droves
Again and again and again and again and again and again and again

No effigy to keep away the crows.
In fallow fields, we live our lives

Rolling in doubt, will i ever know?
Rolling in doubt, my searing loss.
Track Name: House Olympics - Tossing, Turning Treading
And my mind is so restless
A twenty year marathon
With no clear cut end in sight
I’ll never fully be prepared

I'm shedding my skin like you shed your hair
And I'm wishing that you didn't compare
Me to myself, and who I was last year
We all need some time to repair

There is no use, in choking myself
With all of these daunting fears
Should I just fall, out of this window?
Or should I shut the drapes?

Good luck finding, condolences, in masks and mirrors
I'm waking up again, I'm jealous of your blind faith

And my mind is so restless
I will never be prepared

They call it a complex
For a reason, you know
Track Name: Hukkle - Warring Glands
to drown is to experience joy
dead in the water
death is joy

it's the birth-rite
of our people
doomed to be

it's rude to jump your turn
you will be returned to the water
Track Name: Icarus - Tirade
I don’t know where I’ll end up
and I’m not sure where I’ll be living
and if you ask me right now
I won’t rest for a single minute.

If you want to fix this
stand right here in front of me
this is your last chance
for tomorrow will be the death of me.

I’m not whole
a severed soul.

But I’ll be fine
in just a matter of time.

Fix me.
Track Name: Il Mare di Ross - L'ultima Melodia Di Chopin (Sogni E Realtà Non Coincidono Mai)
Sopportare questo peso, affrontare tutto da solo.
Il dolore delle distanze, nessun lutto il tuo è abbandono.
Ripercorro mille volte le stesse strade solo (solo) per (solo) non (solo) rincontrarti mai.
Ho imparato con il tempo a perderti ogni giorno,
lasciami steso qui, solo, solo a me stesso.
Mi hai lasciato al freddo e al buio, solo.
Lasciami steso qui solo, solo a me stesso.
Lasciami steso qui, fuori, fuori all'inverno.
Tutto ciò di cui avevo più bisogno era un tuo abbraccio, tutto ciò di cui avevo più bisogno era un tuo abbraccio. Come nel deserto di giorno il sole, la notte il freddo: è ancora inverno dentro.
È ancora inverno dentro. È ancora inverno dentro. È ancora inverno dentro.
È ancora inverno dentro di me.
È ancora inverno. È ancora inverno. È ancora inverno: per sempre inverno.
È ancora inverno. È ancora inverno. È ancora inverno.
Inverno. Per sempre inverno.
Track Name: January 2nd - The Plane Fell Through Clouds
Headless soaring
Four years
Glowing, glowing
In the dirty light

Kicking heels
Accept conduction

Headless soaring
Four years
Glowing, glowing
In the dirty light

If you really knew how
Much I've clawed my way back
I don't think you would assume
Please forget the last time
Track Name: Kaji - Nina & The Shark
Long tales, tied up into weaves before you’d speak.
Your tongue crawled to meet the shore as he began to weep.
“I tried, I tried."
"I tried to keep such awful things at bay from you."
"Away from you.”

“To keep myself from cutting you loose.”
But nothing could be further from the truth.
He’s not sorry that you were so scared.
He was not there to calm your fear.

There’s nothing to reap, nothing left for you here.
No words, not a single tear.
His ghost will haunt you.
And your body won’t let you choose.

It will grow to resent you, it will grow to despise you.

And as summer began, your voice grew still.
After all this time you should have known.
Why would he expect any less from you.
Any less from you.

Mother came to, and the temper finally showed signs of slowing down.
To seek truth where it did not fit.
Your scars were lines she could not read.

And her heavy eyes can’t remember, was your heart ever aware.
Of the story she kept alive, it was wearing out, lies running out.
and tonight she’ll realize, you’ve given up, you’re bleeding out.

Oh heavy eyes.
Oh heavy eyes.
Track Name: Killeur Calculateur - Mess History
Go back to the times to reset/Discard the books,wash it down with gasoline/Burn heavy papers/Printed facts,spoon-fed knowledge
Unlearn what you know/The truth is a cancer, make it grow/Past tensed futurecomplex/Careless poison Western whispers
Crooked daggers,what democracy?
Submit to the plague,from across the sea!
Misled masses,fall into a trap/Segmented classes stereotypical pride
Unwritten in stones/Tales shape cultures we live in/Why can't we rediscover?
Track Name: kusto. - тонул
время вода
в никуда

секунды гибнут, минуты кричат
ты куда, ты куда
секунды гибнут, минуты кричат
ты вода, ты вода

торопись, ещё миллионы часов, а ты один
неравный бой, а ты - непоколебим
ты умело сражался, секунд всё меньше
поздравляю, ты победил

да, ты получил, чего хотел
Track Name: The Life Of Our Arrangement - Nothing's Lost
It’s not running away It’s not running backwards in the slightest way It’s not their call, they have no say Taking the easy way out is the last thing that they’ll take away We still control Our Eternity
Track Name: Locktender - The Thinker
Reflect! Watching… waiting… a life indentured, the alpha/omega. Lost in solemn rumination; muscles actuated. The Gates of Hell are watched with weary eyes. A modern world built on a tired titan’s back.

They rise to seek the light, but their aims are met with failure, because the sun has cast them down and riches cloud their luminous minds with fable and with narcissism. A heaving brain baptized in bronze. The bane, the blight of humanity, is waiting to erupt. They rise, and lay waste.

The weight of this burden falls solely on his back. What miracle is meant, suggested by this frame relaxed and bent?

Can we still find the light at the end of the tunnel?

Those who live by hope alone will end up watching their own lives fade away. -Attente tourmente.
Track Name: Lonely Animals - Dead Birds Don't Sing
"All I the the bring to this world, misery. Like a raven That Brings sickness, or a crow Who WOODWORKING death. I am hatred, impurity and selfishness. I'm a black bird of misfortune. Goodbye. Everything I undertake is deception. Anything I feel is depression. All I have left is the realization death That's my only obsession. I'll fly up high, fall down, and never get back up. Lifeless like a flower that got His root cut. It feels like I ' m the last leaf of a dying tree. Colorblind, I see life in gray. Days Become nights, clear skies turn to rain. Contact is lost with this world, I'm gone for good. I hit the ground, my heart stop, I am dead. My rotting carcass on the ground, everything's over. I am nothing and I've never-been anything. Let the vultures eat my corpse, let em wallow, let em delight. "
Track Name: Lume - Built A Home
Do you ever run out?
Bare feet, eager steps across the cold, wet ground?
Something in the air that night crept down our throats
It built a home and kept our words held tight

This was bigger than me
Refracting light bent in ways I could not see

Calloused eyes burst wide with wondrous view
A painted mind fresh with light and a sight thats new

This was bigger than me
Refracting light bent in ways I could not see
Track Name: Mojapołowa - Mercedesy
jak matka boska
jest nieobecna i wszechobecna jednocześnie

z wielkich obrazów
spogląda na mnie uśmiechając się zalotnie

idę ulicą i widzę ją wszędzie
a raczej jej poszczególne elementy
kobiety porozkręcanej na części
jak kradzione mercedesy
niezużyte w dobrym stanie
części zamienne wyrwane powykręcane z ciała
wstawione gdzie się da z czym się da

poszczególne kawałki naszego ciała są w cenie
poszczególne kawałki naszego ciała są w cenie
poszczególne kawałki naszego ciała są w cenie
poszczególne kobiety naszego ciała są w cieniu

giniemy w tłumie sztucznej kobiety
przyklejonej do produktów i usług
Track Name: Monte Ida - Tauri
We are born to hang on life / Dead for nothing / We don’t know how hard it’s to focus on / Go down, resurface / Help me, leave it / Because those steps were made out of choices / Back to the step that youth was hiding with several choices of pain / Born to be going through the obvious meaning of what you accept then finally reject / And finally pay for the steps that others have skipped / Now look, others have managed to go back, to burn and to choose the time of their death / Born to hang on life / Dead for everything / For the red giant you want to reach / For the red giant you want to be burned by / For every wind that have slowed us / When injuries have appalled us / When eyes have seen horror / When the dust has made us thirsty / When the sun has dried us up / When the light has appealed us / When shadows have deceived us / Your help has remained the best kept shut secret / I want to stop denying it / Beyond what could persuade me to keep the secret buried, hidden, hurting and lying / To burn in front of the truth bearers, the truth seekers and the honest ones / The blind hatred leads to failure and you‘ll fail / Take it on alone / Let this go, you won’t be missed but hated / Take it on alone / Let this go, you won’t be missed but condemned to take it on alone
Track Name: Moonassi - Head Full Of Miracles
One day you wake up with a new face in the mirror, one day you wake up with a new color in the sky.
Still my dreams hold onto me;
Today a bluebird hit my door and died.
Track Name: Nausae - There Be Dragons
All little things lurk
Surrounding slowly
Lungs filled with dirt
Wandering towards horizons
Upon the ebony surface
Scars beneath
A landscape edged by teeth
Meridians,dividers, unfolded maps written by fear

Unrest - belonging - sear
Dissolve home

Leading the grasp to submission
And speak of it, as they would know
There be dragons

Builder behind hidden walls,
Drive me to my stings and claws
Track Name: Nora Dates - Witches & Honey
at very best i'm not good enough for anyone
and i know you'll figure this out
i have value as a food source for these bugs
and not much else

i am an asshole and i don't matter
Track Name: Nous Étions - Bleu Et Violet
Qu'est-ce qui t'arrives ?
Les loups ont quitté ton regard
Depuis la nuit des poignards
Fracture du myocarde

Un filtre indigo assombrit St-Lau
À chaque bouffée d'air expirée
Un nuage se transforme en halo
Au-dessus de toi

Sans chaleur, sans couleur
Toutes les choses que tu adorais
Bleu et violet
Substituent le reste du spectre lumineux!

Sans chaleur, sans joie
Sans lui, sans toi

Pourquoi poursuivre?
Elle s'interroge avec une arrière-pensée
Parcourant les trottoirs gelés
Les rues l'étreignent
Comme un millier de nœuds coulants
Pourquoi lui?
Édenté par l'innocence
Comme dans l'enfer de Dante
Track Name: Nouveau - River House
Tune in to the pulse in your head
The winding around your arms
The tangled wiring in your head
Is momentarily disconnected
Another day I've found myself here
Beneath the old bridge
Sailing down the creek on a pocket of air
On a ship of dirt and animal bone

This can't remain
This will change.
Track Name: Orchard Cycles - Robbing Banks(y)
Poetry written in blood cannot be outdone by your cookie cutter prose
Save your breath for the lemmings who can't wait to compare theirs to yours
Slap me on your easel doll, show me off, I'm yours
Kitten, I'm smitten, for all the time I think you've put it

If I have to see one more piece of attention art
I'm gonna shoot myself right in the throat
You won't notice till the pools make your installation float
Charcoal your eyes bring up the price
Market value doesn't atone for the shit you don't give

All the good fascists sell out
Track Name: Ordinary Neighbors - The Way We Weren't
I see grey blinded by your lies
I'm so afraid
What have we become
Bad taste in my mouth
Swish and spit
Your trapped in my mind
And here we go again
I'll Sail away I'll be okay
A place that's safe and no one is around

I see grey
Deceit was in your name
Broken frame to occupy a space
I'll Sail away I'll be okay
A place that's safe and no one is around
Track Name: OsoLuna - El Poder
Orden sin amor es mezquino
Poder sin amor es violento

Donde el poder se impone falta el amor, todo es sombra, todo es frío.

Orden sin amor es mezquino
Poder sin amor es violento

Cuando el amor es la norma,
no hay voluntad de poder.
Donde el poder se impone
todo es sombra, falta el amor.
Track Name: page of concrete - Introverts Masamune
your arms are submachine guns relentlessly pummeling bullets from each jab but i see the rust on your gun-metal heart the chambers have begun to wilt she is not the idol that you tear down with your fists why would you ascribe to a culture that allows you to heckle like hyenas salivating at the mouth encapsulated by a culture of hatred that shames those into an other
Track Name: Parents - Bored / Boring
We are all the same. We all could just complain. It will just ruin you. Just express all your pain.We are the bored. You’re so boring I can't take it, your sharp tongue I can't take it, all this shit I can't take it, all your pain I can't take it. You’re bored? You’re boring.
Track Name: Pride And Ego Down - Our Great Desire
Heavy heads hit beds heavy of dreams with backs heavy of fears. Fog filled with my thoughts. Empty days in empty mountain sheets still warm from our heat. I fall back in me. I guess I must be invisible you are blind. I would find you if I tried. If you tried. If we tried. Bring storms. Tell them to fade the footsteps I made. Now.
Track Name: PSSGS - Oh Joy
Up and down the room I stride
Everything vanished, everything altered
Her pale face appearing
She: severe and ingenuous
Me: finding comfort
I should have hated her smiling.

I was not long in coming to myself
Something rousing me,
exciting me,
making me restless.

Wide open eyes
Staring and I
Start to feel uncomfortable.

„I am a sick man
I am a spiteful man
I am an unattractive man
I believe my liver is diseased.“

So, where are you from?
How’s your dad and mom?
And why did you leave them?
Come, my dear, come closer
I am, perhaps, even worse than you
I will, in any case, be there for you
Come, my love, come to my home
I will be there, waiting for you ...

„I am not your saviour
I am a blackguard, a scoundrel
I am an egotist, a sluggard
You all should go to hell -
I just want to drink my tea.

Save you from what?
I wanted to wring out your tears
Your humiliation, your hysteria
I shall never forgive you.“

(Lyrcis adapted from Fjodor Dostojewskis
„Notes from the Underground“)
Track Name: Raw Blow - Buzzards
Do you know how it feels to walk through a crowded room and not hear anything at all? It takes everything inside of me to peer out from under my shell. The excitement from everyone is deafening. I try, I try; I swear that I try. Constantly numb…

So I'm checking out. Back to bed to avoid everyone…

If you need me I'll be here sucking this bag of trash and tonguing the insides, ‘cause you've gotta’ treat yourself sometimes.
Track Name: Riviera - Camminare Sui Muri
quelli che ricordano di ogni momento,
son quelli che fan finta di sapere tutto.
ma quello che di certo ci darà il domani a volte,
a volte credimi…

son storie strane che rinforzano,
fan scena ed alla fine sporcano.
ho messo all'asta tutte quelle cose che ti do,
non è di questo che hai bisogno per star bene.

coi lacci rotti ho fatto un nodo che mi servirà,
da traccia per il mio ritorno,
sembra stretto.
Track Name: Roanoke - Snow
Half full or half empty, don't they feel the same? Can you endure the pain of life and be content with no gain? I ran for 300 miles in search of something beautiful. Nothing can compare to the terrain of home. I wanted to fade away, I didn't want anyone to notice. I traveled through four feet of snow retracing my steps to figure out where I went wrong. The answer was right in front of me. I am finally home.
Track Name: Saudade - Drone Distance
take a closer look
can you believe to what you see?

what do you see?
of course nothing you're one damn blind bitch

no you can't see those wounds
fucking asshole

you can't see me whole
die whore

i'd recommend you
my special oculist
it's called suicide

just waiting
on the crossmark
fire on my neck
waiting for you to give up on me
Track Name: Screen Wives - Gorgeous Asphalt
It’s tough to be tender with broken hands and calloused fingers. It’s hard to be soft with a man’s head and heart, staggered, born from a wish, made in haste, a joke in bad taste, feral and caged. Made from mistakes. The door’s on the latch. There’s luxury in loneliness. There’s mileage in misery. There’s glitter in everything. We love everyone. Our phone is always on. You’re mistaken, some doors are always open. My heart belongs to Georgia. Georgia on my mind.
Track Name: Second Guessing - Bark From The Trees
My legs were always bruised in better days
And my clothes were always stained by the bark from the trees.
I remember it all so much brighter
I don't know how to describe it.
But everything here has changed over time,
And so did this place and so did I.

I'm just a kid anyone would agree
But I just don't see the similarity
No pressure, relief
Isn't that what it's supposed to be?

But then I found out
That my eagerness has never left
There was complete silence
When I rediscovered it.

It's been ages since I felt alive.

Or maybe that's just how it seems, 'cause the motorway sounds here disrupt my sleep.
Maybe I'm just growing up too fast or I have trouble with how to deal with it.

Whatever it is, it is shaping the mold of the future me.
But I can only find out when it's cooled down and set.

Cuts on my fingers, is all there's left.
My clothes are always stained by the ash of cigarettes.
But everything will change overtime.
And hopefully this place, because then so will I.
Track Name: ['selvə] - ɛnkloʒər
Time has come for me to leave you all behind. Even last star is no longer part of my empty sky. No words, just happiness and sadness in a single tear, once more. And for the last time, admiring this void I'm feeling warm. I know I’ve got back home.
Track Name: Short Stories About Their Distance - Hand Hooks
It’s flown,
out of his chest and into your hands.
Your arms the scales, unfairly balanced between what we can’t have.
But they’re crushing weights held over your head.

It’s flown.

Harden you heart; it’ll leave you lifeless
Harden you heart; it’ll leave you lifeless
Track Name: Skullkid - Cascade Failure
Torn out
from the rose bush
The thorns might just
sting a bit

Embrace the comfort of no choice
These steel hands might feel cold
but at least they will hold you forever
At least there's no more prickled edges

Cold steel and bone meal dusty souls with hollow goals
What if you had no choice?
From the dirt / Now the dark / Inside / For shame / All inclusive command / Erase / Swept away / Through shock / Pull the plug
Track Name: SMNTCS - Note #5 (Ruderi)
My head in my hands
My arms on my knees.
There’s not enough space,
I’m stuck in this place.
I’d stop to figure out expectations
and amplify them back
Running away, losing the sound.
Sounds overlap like rain
Wrong season pain,
Sounds overlap like rain
There’s no structure in chaos.
We make sense of it
by feeding our sense of duty
Always trying to build up stories to tell.
My head in my hands
My arms on my knees
There’s not enough space
I’m stuck in this place.
Track Name: Sorta Lonely - Shirt Gets Tucked In (Shit Gets Fucked Up)
My left hand was caught in the gears, my right hand was stuck to a live wire, my feet were stepping on a razor blade floor, and I had never felt so fucking afraid. I’ve been frozen solid for my whole life. I can never act on what feels right. I choke up every time I figure out what to say. Every time I think I’ve found an answer, it goes away. I don't wanna talk and I don't wanna listen. I'm not gonna fight this. It's not gonna do shit.
Track Name: Tall As Trees - Verblassen
Wir schreiben tausende Zettel
kritzeln auf Handgelenke
ritzen es tief in unsere Haut
Doch alles verblasst, alles verblasst, alles verblasst.

Wie können wir Momenten und Menschen, die uns einst so wichtig erschienen, wieder Beachtung schenken?
Doch alles verblasst, alles verblasst, alles verblasst.
Welche Einheit hat der Erinnerungswert?

Doch wie überwältigend der Inhalt eines Lebens,
wenn uns alle Hochs und Tiefs zu jederzeit bewusst wären
und würden wir alte Fehler dennoch erneut begehen?
Track Name: This Too Will Pass - Maps
when the sun began to fade and amber filled the air we stopped and had the chance to take a look behind our shiny masquerades. all the words that have been said did not mean a thing and so we closed our eyes. together we drove through the streets of our empty hometown. in an old dirty car. to the bay in the dark. confessions were made. of love and regrets. but what does it count when all of us lie? we are fading away. slipping off our lives. restart again. trying to keep what we can. we are fading away. slipping off our lives. trying to keep what we can while we are all just tapping in the dark. I still do love this place and all our memories but we cannot hide forever from the world. the sea around our feet. a suction and a beat. can't you feel our hearts drifting apart? we draw our maps with distant destinations but maybe we should just run into the night. right into the brake. let's head for the stars. to fight our way through wolves and thorns. we would run as far as eyes cannot see to find us again under a purple sky. we got to learn to love our scars.
Track Name: Viva Belgrado - Báltica
Flor de carne que naces en mí
Nutre mis mares, anega mis puertos
“Yo no elegí vestir la herida”
En el pálpito de mis sentidos
Puedo sentir tu dulce sombra:
El barro corriendo por mis venas

Y ahora, tu recuerdo es un joven continente a la deriva, la marea báltica
una negra latitud que apresa mi dolor transcontinental
El cansancio de quien no pertenece a ningún sitio
Y no hay gloria, es solo ceniza, mi voz quemada encontrando justicia en tus ojos
Venciendo el salitre de los muertos
Sé que mi cuerpo encendido aprende lentamente
Pero ahora no puedo dejar de sangrar
Track Name: Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket - Leva Som Snö
Jag är en årstid och jag förändrar allt. Det händer nya grejer, jag är varmt och jag är kallt. Jag stökar om i ditt statiska liv. Sen smälter jag mot våren, sen lämnar du mig.

Hur kan jag vara något annat än den jag är, på gott och ont? Hur kan jag ge dig något annat än allt jag har?

Jag är ett äventyr. Jag är en resa, inget mål. Jag blir mer och mer ensam och åren bara går. Allt jag vill är att dela mitt liv. Men det slutar likadant, jag är ett tidsfördriv.

Hur kan jag vara något annat än den jag är, på gott och ont? Hur kan jag ge dig något annat än allt jag har?

Det fanns en tid när jag somnade vid din sida och vi vaknade likadant. Det finns en mening i att leva ett liv tillsammans. Det kan vara svårt, men vi har varandra. Livet är fattigt när man går genom det ensam och varje steg är tungt att ta.

Jag försöker vara en person som är bra, men det räcker inte. Men jag räcker inte till.

Jag försökte vara den person du vill ha, men det räckte inte. Men jag räckte inte till.

Jag är livrädd för att vara ensam, för att vara själv.

Jag försöker vara en person som är bra, men jag räcker inte till.

Jag försökte vara den person du vill ha, men jag räckte inte till.

Varför måste allt vackert dö? Leva som snö.

Live Like Snow

I am a season and I bring transformation. New thing happen: I bring warmth, I bring cold. I stir things up in your static life. Then I melt into spring and then you leave me.

How can I be anything other than what I am, good or bad? How can I give you anything other than all I have?

I am an adventure. I’m a journey, not a destination. I become more and more alone and the years go by. All I want is to share my life. It always ends the same: I am just a way to pass the time.

How can I be anything other than what I am, good or bad? How can I give you anything other than all I have?

There was a time when I fell asleep by your side and we woke up the same. There is a purpose in living a life together. It can be hard, but we have each other. Life is barren when you go through it alone, and every heavy step is a struggle.

I try to be a good person, but it isn’t enough. I wasn’t enough.

I tried to be the person you wanted, but it wasn’t enough. I wasn’t enough.

I am terrified to be alone, to be by myself.

I try to be a good person, but I am not enough.

I tried to be the person you wanted, but I wasn’t enough.

Why must everything beautiful die? Live like snow.
Track Name: Waller - Under Pressure By Queen
Call it off
The bullets shattered skulls
To the count of
Unless we forget
I will come to
And march in rhythm
Left, right, kill on sight
Track Name: The Weight Of Water - Waves
there’s a silence
you will never hear
i’m sinking
and drowning
in waves of endless fear
beyond the mask
of this raging storm
my every memory
is lost and reborn
you’re hoping to find
what you need
you’re trying to breathe
you’re trying to feel
but the sea takes
everything from you
it swallows you whole
and you’re trying to
grab onto a rope
you want to see
a chance to live
a chance to be
that person
who survived
just someone
who survived

this feeling you long for
your compass
is somewhere below
the surface cuts
two worlds atwain

their ship sails away
and the tide rages on
the coast is in sight
and the ocean
is calming down

but still you’re afraid to let go
you want to drown
you want this storm
your rope is pulling you down
and the struggle is over
there’s no need
for a new beginning
drowning was the only way out
this was your last gasp for air
this was your last chance

and the waves
will carry away
my soul and the fear
i held so close
the weight of the water
has set me free
Track Name: The World At A Glance - Pace Back
I had a dream i was born with eight arms
armed to the teeth to stimulate train track harm
tear me down left on the minute hand to bear the strain
dragged through darkness as the path begins
path begins to bend!

in dreams i suffer subtle shifts
we're born to, stumble and fall
again into durac sea
negative and positive

step back
get back
about face
turn away
Track Name: Wounded Knee - Carcosa
I guess that I was born this way. I became a product of my environment; complacent and submissive. But give a wolf three walls, and he'll eat his own child to escape being trapped. I was deaf to their cries for mercy. But at least I'll go on living, losing searching. Golden throats become red so quickly that I barely notice the change. When the world turns upside down, a pawn becomes a king. (But at least I'll go on; living, losing, searching)
Track Name: Yo Sbraito - 28​.​VII​.​1914
il fumo nero dei camini il cielo sopra gli occhi non avremo più tetti sul quale trovare riparo l'inizio la tua fine non coincide con la mia crescere altri fiori saremo in grado di voltarci nei nostri passi non ci saranno più orme salteremo sulle strade verso tetti senza case l'inizio la tua fine non coincide con la mia
Track Name: Young Mountain - Hildedal
The walls are bleak as you lay your head to rest,
My dear if there is nothing to fear and you'll have somewhere to go.
Then how come you cry every night since she left you all alone in that house.
My hands are aching,
As I walk through empty streets.
The rain is pouring down, but I don't even mind.
I guess i’m past, the phase of even caring at all.
I am a ghost with no name.
Forever longing after your voice.
"Atleast you know you tried, And thats better than having regrets"
Do you remember how we said that things never change?
But I think you grew out of those words.
You took it all, nothing remains,
But memories of someone i once was.
You took it all.
I’ll keep my distance from hospitals and funerals.
from the traces of your fingertips I could sense the imminent.
I’ll keep my distance, from memories.
I’ll keep my distance, from being me.
Track Name: Yumi - Lithe Paralogue
A gaze that seared
Utter; unsaid
Blemished sky, wraithing kites
A deafened cry, a heavy sigh

Reaper with scythe
Trough of blood

Yelled; it yearns
The only thing with shine
The scythe in fading light

Reaper with scythe
Black cloak engulfs the sky

Hopeful thoughts we keep
World without a choice
People without voice
Sleeper, dreamer, hoax
Track Name: Yusuke - If I Had A Quarter For Every Time You Were Inconsistent
When I see that look on your face, I’m reminded why i’m such a waste.
I need you more than ever, but memories fade and take the people with them.
Remember as I was, not as a few years.
Because to me it felt like an eternity.

I die tonight in your arms to be reborn once more in the palms of my hands.
I feel you slipping away, drifting away into past tense.
My love goes out to you but not my hand.
Life will go on without you, I wish I could say the same.
If hell froze over, would it even you flinch knowing our home is destroyed?