Ritual Vol. 2

by The Death Of A Modernist

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Hello friends.

This is the second release of 'The Death Of A Modernist - Ritual' mix tape volumes which is dedicated to showcasing 'Black Metal' and 'Blackened' infused artists.

I would like to extend a big 'thank you' to all of the amazing labels and artists who agreed to participate in this project and finally to all of you for taking the time to listen.

I really hope you all enjoy Ritual Vol. 2. Please spread the word, download and share this mix tape with all of your friends.

Lastly... if you enjoy any of these artists, please do support them. Any little gesture will go a long way. They are all amazingly talented and deserve your attention.

Thank you.



released March 28, 2015

Photography :: Duran Levinson

WEBSITE: www.duranlevinson.com
INSTAGRAM: @duranite

Cover Layout :: Uncharted Maps

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/UnchartedMaps



all rights reserved


The Death Of A Modernist South Africa

Founded MMXIV.

Underground music source for the kids.


FREE music always. DO NOT PAY if credits run out.

Credits resume again on the 28th of each month.

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Track Name: Anti-Freeze - I Woke Up From My Dream In Shame

Lost in her eyes,
they pierced my skin and I cried
She was to compliment the ogre before her
The one that cried rivers of blood
I face-

Stay away with those that remind [your are] at peace, lay easy
Her glare faced the sun
I feel warm touch of her skin
I woke up
I woke up
I woke up
I woke up
I woke up in shame
I awoke today and now I'm feeling her ghost
Track Name: Arthedain - Traverse The Path Of Thorns

Footsteps fall on this radiant path in the nightfall
And the hours turn to days hastily.
The whispering wind evokes the name of an intimate
But the next moment fades into the distance.

The horizon beckons with its elegant splendor
So I travel to the water as if I’m in a dream.
The sun turns black in an eclipse as I arrive
And beauty turns to darkness beneath an empty sky.

As I walk this path of thorns I do so with open arms:
I embrace the end, for aeons must rescind.
Wondrous departure from this existence
Soon my eyes will open, consuming light from the other side.
Track Name: Ascendant - When We Blindly Follow The Enigma

Blindfolded we falter with chains around our wrists
We see only through eyes of those who speak

We are the masses we the few
We are the people who were derived by flattering words
We carried the mark, and raised our hands to the sky
In honor of a vision that preached a better world

This is no excuse nor a reason why
This is just a simple confession
We see the blood on our hands
As our eyes adjust to the light

The light of truth reveals our deeds
Our actions, our words, our subtle allusions
The light shines bright at the pain we've created
The torment on the soul, the body and mind
Why are we blind

We follow those who talks as if they see more than us
With promises and encouragement they lead us by hand
While we blindly sing their mantras
We shed our sanity of what is right or wrong

A grand illusionist, working his way through our reason
As we ecstatically glorify his wishes, undoubted
New laws and rules are implemented in our minds,
Who would have known these words became death,
The hungry mob?

When the truth is revealed
Our realities will lay in ruins

Burn the cloths
That blinded us
So that we can see again
And ask forgiveness
Track Name: AST - F.S.
:: F.S. ::

Deine Grenzen erkannten sie nicht
Jeder Schnitt verzerrt
Ohne Obhut im Chaos entzweit
Weder Wandel noch Flucht

Ich kann dich noch sehen: ein Echo, Rückwirkung, Wiederholung und Selbstähnlichkeit

Ein Betrachter ohne Sicht: Prägung einer Existenz, Verbundenheit und Hingabe

Die Lichtflut kehrt wieder
nur die Schatten bleiben immer hier
wo du liegst

Das alles nur für einen Wunsch, nie...
Track Name: Bereft of Empathy - Ash
Track Name: Caïna - Vowbound
Track Name: Cowards - So Easy
:: SO EASY ::

Not Even Two Minutes Of Abuse
And Already Broke
You Made It So Easy
A Bad Blood Transfusion
You Made It Easy
The More You Talk
The More We Walk

One Time Is All I Need
Just Once Wrap You Up
I See You Through And Through

You Lose, I Win, No Cred
No Remission
A Sad Nod Confusion

No Judge, No Jury
No Executioner
I'll Only Stand There
Keep Pointing Fingers

Take No Stance
I'll Let You All Dance
I'll Be Laughing Your Way To The Grave
Track Name: Crown of Asteria - Isle Royale
Track Name: Deadwood - Burden Of Rememberance

i.t ca.m.e ba.ck i.n cir.cle.s
t.hos.e .mo..me.nts .i w.ant t...o .erase
a w..all o.f re.mini.sc..en.ces .w.it.h
s.cream.s inste..a..d. b.r.i.c.k.s. –
i a.m… t.h.e vo.i.d –.
i ……bear th.e r.eme....mbe..r..ance

ra.in...! wash. .m.e. .a.wa.y
blow me a.way fr.o.m this. e.xi.s.t..ence
i a.m.. paralyse.d .by my o.wn v.is.io.n.s
of. al.l.. th.e w.rong .th.i.n.g.s. I .ha.ve. do.ne
i a.m… t.h.e vo.id –
i ……wi.ll n.o lo.ng.er bear m.y r.e.membe.ran…ce

my l.i.fe is rui.ned l.ike
fa.ll.i..ng .leav.es t.rampl.ed under ..f.oo.t.st.e..p.s
- C.o.l.d. …E.s.c.a..pe....
Track Name: Earthmother - Vermin
:: VERMIN ::

Man, whose ignorance astounds.
Quiet yourselves, Before my teeth find you.
Debased creatures, I've become one.
Forced into obligatory existence.
God has scorned me, branded with anxiety.
Repulsed by vermin who share my same flesh, while begging to rip from my own.
Become one with the dirt.
Decay and let those shy of light engulf us.
Hell's mouth lay agape betrothed to the idea of humanity's surrender.
Begging to escape the confines of my skin breaking my old skins jaw self inflicting pain.
Imprisoned inside the mortal shell.
Punished from archaic sins.
God's hatred eternal.
Forced life slavery.
Blasphemy, slaves are yours and thy ilk.
Now covenant with God's binding chain, the masters whip, lashed upon our backs.
Lacerations, on his property.
To be marked such as thee, anointed in disgust.
How the sick disease irrigates my veins.
Puppet to its humor.
My hatred for our breed grows thicker as well as my fear of being alone.
Genocide, our race.
Let our carcasses decorate the earth, I lust for eternity's embrace.
I wish to hatch from my skin through jaws now broken.
Like the phoenix my ashes cauterize I am reborn.
Become one with the dirt.
Decay and let those shy of light engulf us.
Hell's mouth lay agape betrothed to the idea of humanity's surrender.
Children of god, all so impure, father to our failures is he.
The one true king.
Father of failures, you've failed us.
Like father like son.
Track Name: Ethereal Shroud - Desperation Hymn

Kingdom never comes, your will is never done
May sulphur blacken your wicked lungs, breath deeply
I'll drown your earth in brimstone
Spread wide the engulfing abyss wreathed in embers
Desperation means little if I've nothing to bereave
I fearlessly stand in the wrath of majesty
Come the flood of fire, break the skin asunder

Break me free of earthly chains, cast no judgement of virtue
Without guilt or remorse, bring me purity, bring me resolve
Come the flood of fire, break the skin asunder

Dim the light of day, come the flood of fire
Burn the sins away, bring the end of all

Strip me bare of all I love and bring me pain
Know what life means when all is lost
The wind sings a solemn dirge for me alone
Unsung in tongues, forgotten through the ages

There's no salvation to be found in death's embrace, when the embers die
I fade for nothing, burn for no one, burn for no one
Bring the wind that carries me with the snow, onto hallowed ground
Behold the stones that cradle the ashes cold, ashes cold, dead trees thy altar...
Track Name: Etiolated - Monument To Self Destruction

A razor blade
A thousand yard gaze
All my mistakes
An immovable weight

A wasted life
An empty shell
Black thoughts whispering
Of final release

You wanted more
Than I ever could have given you
But I can't blame you
For wanting someone whole
I am not the man
You and I both thought that I was
Consumed by doubt
I'm paralyzed from the inside out

Buried under an obsidian monolith
Its weight grows heavier with each passing day
Millions of failures towering to the sky
Mark my final resting place

My blood shrieks for
Release to join
With the products
Of a failed life

All my life's work
Has gone to building
A monument
To self destruction
Track Name: Funeralbloom - Black Shoes

The past is lucidly compared. The future is too much of a burden to caress or evaluate. Drunken nights walking towards a house of noise and I count each step. With each step I draw my breath, with each step I tear up with death. With each step of my black shoes I crush the petals from the roses I gave to you. I still don’t know the notion of home. But, I made “home” on a mattress on your floor. Where I endured two last kiss and felt the difference between dirt poor and lavishly rich. Where the love of your life you let die twice, a stake to the heart with pride as the price. You kept your dreams, I kept my flowers, which I sent to a friend in a letter that said, “I just wanted to tell you that I still love and care for you; yesterday, I saw you walking.” I meet your eyes blankly, a lover and enemy of primal nature: noticing everything, remembering nothing. I tell you I want you, I’ve told you I want you. You reply, “Maybe one day. Maybe someday.”
Track Name: Hæthen - Taking The Auspices

A contrition of soul has torn these fell spread wings asunder.
Through boundless abyss befallen grace by lituus
An aureole horizon of corporeal disillusion.
And with burning in my eyes
The sunlight reflects
But brings melt to the tears they were as snowfall
Within a refraction of myself.

Traversing a time
Where the spirit remains
And acts as the vessel to declare one’s reason
Of falsifying reign.

Behold an auspice of grave uncertainty.

Seeking the eyrie through the darkened dismal sky
The umbrageous strix stretched out his wings and arose.

Aloft a memory where the twilight fell as a distant spell
Cast upon the grove
Of ancient woods buried
And bearded nether hoar frost.

Of ghastly wings a congruous illusion
Is carried by fell wind gale
To where the soul moults its earthly plumage.
Track Name: Hexis - Odium
:: ODIUM ::

It's cut deep in your palm, to the bone, all the way to your fingertip, all the way to your miserable soul. An evolution wrapped in riddles, a dimension of frustation, a dimension of eternal hatred. inhumanity incompatible. fear spreads in your miserable body. The knife opens your veins, it opens another world. Your corpus is carried in the coffin. The final nail is hammered
Track Name: In Search Of... - The University In Autumn
Track Name: Karg - Dekarnation

Wei mas trabig hom, unds höchste Zeit scho is,
De Nocht häng über uns, scho seit a boa Stund.
I hob nimma vua, ois letzas zruck z’bleibn,
gonz alloa in dera valossenen Stodt…

Sollt‘ ich endlich schlafen, wecke mich nicht mehr auf!
Selbst wenn mir der Atem stockt, weck‘ mich nicht mehr auf!
Wir stürzten alle Brücken, versanken bis zum Hals in den Fluten,
was der Malstrom nicht verschlungen, schleppen wir bis heut‘ mit uns…

Seit dem letzten Sommer finde ich keinen Schlaf,
jeder Ort an dem ich ruhe, liegt sich wie ein Totenbett.
Ich kratz‘ die Lethargie von den Wänden, und füge mich den Farben des Herbstes,
in diesen Stunden wird das Licht zu Schatten, und letztendlich Tauben zu Raben.

Beschwichtig mich ruhig weiter mit deinen schimmernden, verlogenen Sätzen,
gib mir weiter von dem Tran zu essen, an dem so viele schon erstickten.
Doch dann gib mir auch den Dolch zurück, der mir wenn stumpf auch die Aorta zerfetzte,
leg ihn mir gegenüber, verscharre ihn mir tief, doch griffbereit im Staub der Welten.

…und nicht weit hinter mir, immer noch die Fluten…

Auf das uns der Schlaf zerreißt und spaltet, wie ich es niemals konnte,
ich nehme alles zurück, füttere mich nicht weiter mit Lügen, ersticke mich gleich!
Track Name: Kvltyst - So Dunkle Flammen

Nach dem Gedicht "Nun seh' ich wohl, warum so dunkle Flammen" von Friedrich Rückert als Teil seiner Kindertotenlieder

Nun seh' ich wohl, warum so dunkle Flammen
Ihr sprühtet mir in manchem Augenblicke.
O Augen, gleichsam, um in einem Blicke
Zu drängen eure ganze Macht zusammen.

Doch ahnt' ich nicht, weil Nebel mich umschwammen,
Gewoben vom verblendenden Geschicke,
Daß sich der Strahl bereits zur Heimkehr schicke,
Dorthin, von wannen alle Strahlen stammen.

Ihr wolltet mir mit eurem Leuchten sagen:
Wir möchten nah dir immer bleiben gerne!
Doch ist uns das vom Schicksal abgeschlagen.

Sieh' recht uns an, denn bald sind wir dir ferne!
Was dir noch Augen sind in diesen Tagen:
In künft'gen Nächten sind es dir nur Sterne.



Now I see well, why with such dark flames
in many glances you flash upon me
O Eyes: as if in one look
to draw all your strength together

I didn't realise, because a mist surrounded me
woven of tangled destinies
that your beam was already returning homewards to the place
from which all rays emanate.

You would tell me with your brightness:
We would gladly stay with you!
Now that is denied to us by Fate.

Look at us, soon we will be far away!
What are only eyes to you in these days,
in the coming night shall be your stars.
Track Name: [lite]sleeper - Saudade

in the deepest of dreams
the distance between us
becomes intangible

depict meanings
that will never surface
illuminated the ideal
a passing gaze
of something you could not feel

entertain the idea
let reality allude me

~ ~ ~

compelled by comfort, in the strangest of places
grieving thoughts, and filled with awe
Track Name: Mare Cognitum - Weaving The Thread Of Transcendence

Descend infinite dream
An unconscious revelation
Light and sibilance blend as one
An eternal mind observes its own birth

Piercing to the core
Boring into nether
An endless reversal of bending time
Swirling neurons into infinite worlds

A skyward gaze is met
With a host of peering eyes whose stoic glares bequeath the moon,
Repeating ever softly verses of alchemic truth
All transfigured into eons

Cascade into brilliant shards
Disperse unto the cosmos
Weaving a single thread
And bringing eternal eclipse

Ascend infinite dream
An unconscious revelation
Light and sibilance blend as one
An eternal mind observes its own death

Time stretches the thread of dreams
And echoes forth into renewal
An unwavering litany of tides
Infinitely, Boundlessly

A skyward gaze is met
With a host of peering eyes whose stoic glares bequeath the moon,
Repeating ever softly verses of alchemic truth
All transfigured into eons

Piercing to the core
Boring into nether
Track Name: nullingroots - Shrouds Of Celeste
Track Name: Plèvre - Déni
:: DÉNI ::

Ils se fabriquent des sou
v’nirs d'une vie rêvée et prêchent pour toute l'insignifiance de leurs actes.
Juste une mort cérébrale due à trop d’abus
Ils n'enregistrent plus rien, Ils n'entravent plus rien, ils régressent, plus de lendemains.
Complètement à la rue.
Le passé n'est plus
qu'une convulsion hystérique de leurs de leurs de leurs de leurs fantasmes inassouvis.
Rongés par l’ennui qui anéantit toute estime d’eux, toute estime des autres, belliqueux et gonflant l’aorte.
Instinctifs, impulsifs, répulsifs, c'est bien leur rage animale qui en a fait baver plus d’un.
Et ils s'obstineront dans la dénégation.
Et s'enfonceront dans le nauséabond.
Alors que plus rien ne trompe.
Parce que plus rien ne compte.
Track Name: Pluie - Pourrir en paix

Un lit d’épines, une couverte de branches ; dans l’fin fond des bois...
“Laissez-moi pourrir en paix dans l’fin fond des bois.
C’est ma punition d’avoir fait chier la population.
C’est ma punition d’avoir chié ma réputation.
Ç’pas d’ma faute... les autres sont cons - tous des morons.
Si j’avais fermé ma yeule, j’aurais pas été pogné à
m’pousser dans l’fin fond des bois.”
Track Name: Schattenlicht - Niemals Vergessen

Die Geschichte geht weiter, die Zeit bleibt nicht stehen
Die Fehler wiederholen sich, dass sollte doch jeder sehen Neues Gewand selbe Scheiße, Hass bleibt Hass und Tod bleibt Tod

Wie kann man die Zeichen nur so übersehen
Ein Mensch liegt am Boden und keiner bleibt stehen
Sie sehen zu wie die Freiheit vergeht
Der Aufschrei kommt wie immer zu spät

Wo bleiben die Taten warum bleiben sie stehen
Diskussionen statt Taten und alles bleibt stehen
Ein Menschliegt am Boden und keiner bleibt stehen
Menschen wollen die Einfalt und bleiben einfach stehen
Der Mensch ist sich selbst am nächsten, er bleibt einfach stehen Warum soll man denken man bleibt lieber bequem

Tote Tyrannen sind vergangen doch man kann sie immer noch sehn Der Mensch will vergessen und nach vorne sehen

Doch sieht der Mensch nicht über die Schulter kann er ganz schnell was übersehen
Ein Mensch liegt am Boden und keiner bleibt stehen



History goes one, time isn ́t standing still
Errors repeating, that should everybody see
New robe same shit, hate remains hate and death remains death

How can you ignore the signs
A human lays one the ground, everybody passes by
They watch as freedom fates away
The outcry comes always too late

Where are the actions, why they stand still
Discussions instead of actions, everything stands still
A human lays one the ground, everybody passes by
Humans want simplemindedness and everybody stands still
Every human is self-absorbed, they stand still
Why should they think, they like their comfort

Dead tyrants are in the past, but you can still see them
The human wants to forget and look ahead

If humans don ́t look over their shoulder, they can overlook something easily
A human lays one the ground, everybody passes by
Track Name: Seagrave - Harvest In June

Dear Mary, annually
I waited for a sign of life
Every knock at the door
Every face in the streets
I thought I‘d discern you

As the summers passed, one after another
I never lost confidence, since you always meet twice in life
But I wrecked my brain to the pate, every fucking single day
What could be the reason you are still gone…
…and won’t come back

Trembling eyes keep on starring the suns light
Dazed and dried up, willing to close forever
Somehow I couldn’t refuse the impact
it‘s warm embrace tried to mislead me…
…once more

I never trusted the blithe times, no faith hereafter
No reliance to no one, always supposing outrage

Treasures unlocked, but buried in flooded chasms
Fairly close, but beyond my reach
Call me a lost soul, call me a gloomster
But I won’t trace you a free world I can’t imagine

Come on Mary, sow the seeds
Hope for the best, hope that they sprout
Bountiful harvest just thrives with vigilance
Take Care! Take care! I wish you well!
Track Name: Seventh Circle - Deathtrap

wake up crying, torn from the womb.
life runs through us like an hourglass.
all our life we walk the tunnel towards the light.
we’ve watched our coffins being made.
Track Name: Soul Grip - Ormliknande

When the third cross falls, the serpent emerges, devouring half of the world. It will wrap its body around the ribcage of the earth. Bones perforate lungs, torn limbs decorate the dirt. "In silence we scavenge. In welter we swarm. The serpent shall ensure our children will be stillborn." The effigy of the idolator.
Track Name: Sovereign - Wolves
:: WOLVES ::

Feel the grim inside, watching days elapsing one by one
hundreds bleeding eyes that peer
to an aimless existence, bland
a clenched fist around your neck and trembling knees
in vain looking for a way to escape
walking on the streets and feeling pushed against the walls
a perpetual fall on your knees
looking for the strength to raise again.
Fight like wolves, riding your own demons
the death of being a number, between million others written on a book
to forgive all other's miseries and feel the need to be individual
between the insipid flowing of unworthy existences
taste the freedom of feeling no more victims,
Track Name: Trna - Morning Trip