Ritual Vol. 1

by The Death Of A Modernist

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Hello friends.

This is the eighth release of 'The Death Of A Modernist' and the first of the 'Ritual' volumes which is dedicated to showcasing 'Black Metal' infused artists.

I would like to send out a big 'thank you' to all the amazing labels & artists who agreed to participate in this project and to each of you for taking the time to listen.

I hope you all enjoy listening to Ritual Vol. 1. Please spread the word, download and share this mix tape with all of your friends.

Lastly... if you enjoy any of these artists, please do support them. Any little gesture will go a long way. They are all amazingly talented and deserve your attention.



released October 6, 2014

Cover Artwork :: Uncharted Maps

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The Death Of A Modernist South Africa

Founded MMXIV.

Underground music source for the kids.


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Track Name: Abaton - Metamorphosis
Indecision on the predominant part of myself,
brings everything into an intense metamorphosis,
not knowing of the two fractions.
An internal conflict on my being.
Not anything around me now,
sieve myself at all times.
Buds as two twins, one of which I will wither,
is the process in which everything will run out,
will explain my being when all have the same direction.
Sometimes it breaks my thoughts as if they were tearing flesh.
Tearing flesh.
Track Name: Ancst - Entropie
I seeked light in darkness while I found death in life, we are free to choose our destinations but destined to follow
the given paths, civilized freedom is just one more fucking compromise that keeps us separated in your coded
systems, you choke, I breathe, you cry, I release, is this cure, are we fortuned, our common relief, another wasted
moment within this sea of shit, still haunted by yesterdays dreams we all seem to hate so passionate, still threatened
by the urge of change, another tyrant that claims the throne, still nothing changes, whilst looking at our miserable
lives time still moves on, would it be like all of this never happened?

expl: us humans are bound by the lie of taking advantage through every given possibility in our 21st century society.
however those possibilities are limited. we're not free to choose our sexual orientation or gender. we're separated
as a result of our origins, social or financial backgrounds. we're forced to yield to this common idea of efficiency.
and on the other hand any effort of emancipation is going to be disabled in many repressive actions through isolating
laws or violent reactions from different human macrocosms. this is not about changing society at once. or changing
laws or governments or fighting cops. it's about understanding the mechanisms we're dealing with each day and the
effort to change individually while reflecting the misconceptions that surround us. entropy explains somehow the
disorder of a system. a system which seems to be limited and classifies into black or white patterns.
there is neither black nor white.
Track Name: CAPA - Chains And Garlands
The road to hell is paved with good intentions,
But lined with flowers:
Their warmth preventing
The caress of cold metal from the skin;
And their hue keeping
The glint of steel from the eye.

Yet a prison adorned in splendor
Remains a prison nonetheless.

This is bondage from within and without
Garlanded with the
Cherished illusions
Of a new life yet to come;
A condition of confinement
Undergirded with efflorescent wreaths;
A chain which requires its garland
Lest it cease to be a chain:
The shackle yoking the droves
Together in their masses,
As they labor obediently in
The miasma radiating from their flora.

But when the pedals fall away
(One by one)
The mist recedes to reveal
The vale of tears
They’ve left.
Track Name: Cara Neir - Glorious Genocide
Thrill-seeking, rotgut bigot
A gambling soul alluring to only the greyest of immoral seepage
Was there ever good in you to begin with?
Your transgressions cannot be undone
Every sin will continue to bind you,
You are not free in any earthly sense
Track Name: Deber - Midsummer
Constant dread of my own existence,
finding solace in make believe,
projecting my own image on screens.
Wishful thinking of fictional lives.
Longing for solace and calm,
trying to find it in memories.

When everything is pain,
and each breath a curse.
My mornings are as grey as the ashes in my lungs.
They are as thick as the poison in my blood.

When your every achievement feels like a failure.
And a lack of perspective holds you in place.

I dream of careless youth beneath the perennial hillside.
The feeling of rain running down our bodies.
Breathing summers essence, your hair cutting my skin,
your lips draining me.
It feels like ages ago, but it's barely been years.

In the heat of summer I've never felt more cold.
In a crowded room I've never felt more alone.
Track Name: Deuil - Deny .​.​.
now I bow
now I beg


Since you've departed
All I was is

closed walls
fake smiles

The world is collapsing
all the thoughts will

a farewell
into tide

reality torn
stripped away from my

my wishes

I can't bear to hear those lies
those lies

But then I started to dream
then I started to dream...

That you were dragged apart from me
And as the trail is fading I struggle to find a way
a way

And as I fall, it all becomes
clearer than I ever thought

and as the trail is fading I struggle to find a way
a way

to catch a glimpse of your shadow
to lay your head on my chest
will this path lead to my demise?
will this path lead to my demise?
will this path lead to my demise?

All is now lost
Light has forsaken me
A thousand needles
Burst trough my skin
Revealing my weaknesses
My most vicious side
Dry as an old river
I feel nothing inside
Yes all is now lost
Before my eyes I see your ghost

All is now lost
All is gone
Track Name: Dust Sculptures - Lies The Youngest Mountain
It was like I left something back in the snow

You on the other side, tell me I'm still a part of you
If I could reach you through the air I would
I would reach you through the wind

My voice pales in the wake of your silence
Lacking the light of day in a sea of open air

I left something in the snow
When I ever get to you, I fear what I may find you left below

And I fear what you might leave below the pines
Though the climb was steeper then, we were side-by-side

I will find the tether I have to you, and I will follow it to its end

And I fear what you might leave below the pines
Though the climb was steeper then, we were side-by-side
Track Name: Heathens - Morning
Through the mist they tread
Fearless eyes lead the way
On the horizon sits
The land we all seek
No one has gone before
No one will go again
Be still in your waiting
Be calm in the taking
So sound your horn
We summon the earth
In this our song
And raise your arms
We're one with the earth
We're free at last
Set your sails
To the sky and beyond
Wake to the morning
Breeding beauty
Track Name: Heron - Venus Swallowing Torments
Venus bare herself In plague ridden arms to me. Temple of void summits unconquered. Reveal the lie stalking in shades crimson and black dagger in hand chalice the other. Swallowing torments of grieving prayer. The hands of broken men cast forth seed to the ground, life extinguished for a fleeting moment of relief. Semblance of guilt suffered alone shacked in memory refusing death.
Track Name: Hexis - Exanimis
No visions, no breath, no future.
Depressed, lost and alone, like the night before
Looking for the joy, like the night before
Torn from the inside and lifeless in front of the altar.
Track Name: Imperial Triumphant - Gomorrah
I am the opponent
The three faced god
Whom cries forth crocodile tears

A megalith of whores
Caress my yellow skin
Mine is the voice of nothingness

The heir of true desecration
O' sacred bread of shame
Take us down the path to hedon
Doth we begin the ceremony?

I light the ritual pyre
I lead the whimpering lamb
into the holy orgy
I am Gomorrah!
Track Name: Implore - Thorns Ov Devotion (Black Svn)
Mouth full of lies
Preaching the word of love
Among the strongest
Weakness being your crown
Divine illusion
Has come to an end
I owe you nothing
We’ve torn separate ways

You are also guilty
Being part of the lust,
being part of the filth
Hypocritical subterfuge
Holding you down
One more lie
From your sins you can’t hide.

Free myself
From the curse of your nights
Path of the righteous,
For most the unknown.
Track Name: Kastchei - Days Of Iron
The holy mare
Cast out from heaven

The empty palace
The blackened streets
A dark age

From southern sea
And northern planes
Come raging hooves

Brutal strangers
New hierarchies

The old gods
Toiling in hell

High priestesses
As demons

The sacred kings
Condemned twins

Through cryptic myths
We half recall
A forgotten past

Days of iron
Born from collapse
Civilisation redirected
Track Name: Lesser Life - Cursed Under Cloud And Sky
Death: “What can be more absurd than choosing to carry a burden that one really wants to throw to the ground? To detest, and yet to strive to preserve your existence?” You reek of hypocrisy. I hear the creak of your bones and sense their longing to be released, betrayed to me by your own body. Lay them down, let them go. I feel the depth of your sorrow and marvel at such absurdity, an endeavor marred by failure and strife held yet so sacred. Go hence unto a swift and bitter death, released from the tyranny of cloud and sky. Go hence unto a swift and bitter death with prayers of thanks upon your lips. There is a rift in humankind that nothing in this world can fill, a chasm that beckons to come embrace its deepest trench. And from this void I summon thee with tender voice and cold caress to fling yourself with joy into the maw from whence you came. The harshest trial you will ever face is continuing to live. The sweetest bliss you’ll know, to overcome your hesitance.
Track Name: O - Di Vita E Altri Veleni
Di vita morire. Sentirsi svanire tra i raggi
di un sole che apre le porte al dovere.
Cadon al suolo i sogni senz’ ali lanciati
nel nero velluto… un’ altra notte che non ho vinto…

…e ahimè son vivo…

Mattino mi uccidi con lame accecanti… non vedo, non
voglio ascoltare i tuoi canti… son stanco di andare
avanti… unirmi alla coda con gli altri… subire
me stesso e tutto il resto…

Niente. Anche oggi niente.
Per altri è neve…
Per me è cenere.
Track Name: Recluse - Psychosis
I can't tell the difference between night and day. I try to stay but nothing feels, nothing feels the same. Choking on the ghost of someone who is no longer there
Everything has lost it's color.
Nothing has a shape.
Gnaw at my wrist to keep myself awake. Colder than I've ever been.
No one in my corner, head in my hands. Cursed to live in this skin.
My empty chasm, this hollow body,
fading desire to breath.
Living for no one not even myself.
Death, take my empty hand.
Fuck my head, take what you need.
I could never let myself believe a single thing.
Erase me.
Track Name: Rorcal - II
Track Name: Sept of Memnon - Amongst Fire We Remain
Wreathe scorched horizons, there beggars pray
Usurpers of tomorrow feast on faith
Irrelevant time, when beasts breed decay
Proprietors of ancient times resurrect the waste

Coerce the fires, beset the light, guide Colossi to his throne
Coerce the liars, beset the night, guide the chosen to their home

Fire scoured as wings of damnation
Cowards fall to their knees
In judgment they kneel and they pray
Enlightened they beg and they slave
Track Name: UNRU - Die Welt In Der Wir Sterben
- "Sterben, ich glaube das könnte ich, aber leiden, nein, das kann ich nicht."
- "Sie haben Angst zu leiden?"
- "Ich habe keine Angst davor, ich kann es nicht, ich kann es nicht."

Die Realität der Tränen,
abgelöst von universeller Leere.
Grenzenlos ausgedehntes Vergessen.
Unmerklich vom Leben gleiten,
durch weiße, feste Mauern.
Absenz des Schluchzens.
Dieser Ort ist fremdartig; fasziniert.
Er ist:
das Verschwinden selbst.
sich vollbringt;
sich behauptet;
wächst und bezaubert;
jene bezaubert;
die es verflüchtigt.
Ambivalente Bewegungen:
in der Welt in der wir sterben.
Allein ein Wir dauert fort:
In der Welt in der es nichts gibt,
was sich nicht verliert.

"Ich konnte fühlen, welche Verzweiflung in dem plötzlichen Schrecken lag, der Sie aus jenem Augenblick der Nacht auffahren ließ, da ich Sie berührt hatte. Jedes Mal wenn ich darauf zurück kam, empfand ich erneut den wunderbaren Charakter dieser Bewegung in mir, die Empfindung der Freude, die ich verspürt hatte, als ich Sie wieder umfasste, der Erleuchtung, als ich Ihre Verwirrung umklammerte, als ich Ihre Tränen fühlte, und ich empfand, dass Ihr Körper kein Bild war, sondern eine von Schluchzen geschüttelte Intimität."
Track Name: Wildernessking - Reveal (Nightfall)
Track Name: Xenotaph - Vitae Iactura
This is a prison
That you choose to create
A feeble life of servitude
Your subservience perpetuates

And you are a slave
Bound by the shackles of your ignorant
Refusal to refuse to act on the whim
Of faceless voices that proclaim themselves good

How can you live,
Live a life so methodically wasted
Your life is an unlocked prison
And you are an unshackled slave

Slave to the bodiless eyes
That cast you in the shadow of their glare
Blanket you in the illusion of warmth
But all you've ever known is cold

Here you stand
Doomed to grow
Digging yourself into the ground
Patiently awaiting the harvest